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  1. Vinyl Express R Series 2 - VE LXi Expert 12 on a Windows 7 Home Edition with Tripplite Keyspan Adapter and 9pin female/male serial cable.... Have matched with mostly all Com ports, when i send item to cutter goes from cutting... 7% until done, but doesnt cut anything? Is there specific port and production manager settings needed or something else if missing Thanks for any help!!!
  2. just purchased the Tripp-Lite Keyspan Adapter https://www.walmart.com/ip/Tripp-Lite-USB-High-Speed-Serial-Adapter-DB9-to-USB/5934005 it doesnt fit my "Vinyl Express R Series 2 -31" would this other one https://www.walmart.com/ip/Tripp-Lite-USB-1-1-Serial-Cable-Adapter/11077941?adid=1500000000000038180300&veh=eml fit Thanks!
  3. Alright thanks for the help! Will check it out... Im using the VE LXi Expert 12 on a Windows 7 Home Edition Blessings! PK
  4. Same issue sends item to cutter says (Cutting... 7%) moves and then goes offline w/ red blinking! Com ports are matching... Never used that Keyspan adapter- cable, will this be the answer? are all Keyspan adapter- cables from Walmart, Target etc. equal? Thanks!!! =/