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  1. Got it all figured out. Just let the pros deal with it. Though it is amazing how little info there is on the internet about this entire process.
  2. I just installed my new mother board and now it says it is a ce6000-40 when in fact it is a ce6000-60. Someone said pins or jumpers may need to be changed but I don't see anything. It also gives me an alignment error every time I try to set it up with a new roll of vinyl. It is so weird.
  3. So I replaced the mother board in my ce6000-60 and now it comes up on controller as ce6000-40 and has a pinch align error code e05004 every time after it reads the materials edges. Update firmware. Any one have any idea on this. I matched everything with the motherboard that was taken out. Not really sure whats up and hate to have wasted so much cash.