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    sc cutter

    I look thru craigslist quite often to see what cutters are out there. Once in a while I see a nice Roland or Graphtec 24" cutter at a really decent price. I just saw a nice Roland GX-24 for $850 over by Detroit. It looks to be in pretty decent shape. Not sure what you'll find in your area but It's worth a try.
  2. I guess I just figured that the noise this stepper motor cutter is making, is just a characteristic of a stepper motor. I am used to the quietness of my Roland and Graphtec cutters I had at one time. As far as the problem I had with the eps file, cutting part of the design twice..... well, that was my fault. You see, I used to have to make the cut line a hairline sized cut, in Corel, for the cutter to know what to cut. It didn't matter what color the design was, it only looked for the hairline. I used to make each hairline a different color if I wanted to cut only a part of the design. Well, this cutter and software acts different. What I was doing was making the hairline one color and the design a different color, and when VM looked at the design it saw two things to cut. lol Live and learn. I stumbled across what was going on, last night while cutting a sign. I had sectioned it off by hairline color to cut only parts of the sign. It started cutting twice, and I sat there and thought about what was going on.... I guess this VM doesn't look for a hairline to cut. Just looks at the color. Thanks for your help guys. I really appreciate it!
  3. I did, twice. The guy said neither he, nor another fellow could see it. Here's a quote from the email he sent back to me. I find it odd they can't access their own " Phillip a download link or cloud option maybe an alternative for attaching the file directly through email if it exceeds the limit. Unfortunately I am not able to access that forum information. I also had another associate attempt to access that page, and they also could not. So I am not able to evaluate what specifically you are referring to with the carriage. "
  4. Hey guys, I took your advice and contacted support at uscutter. They asked me to email them the video, but it's too large to send via email. They suggested a download link or cloud option to attach the file instead of sending it as an attachment. I sent the link to this thread, but for some reason, they say they can't access the vid. What the heck should I do? I have no idea what to do as far as a "download link" and I'm not familiar with the cloud....... lol
  5. Thanks guys. Anyone in particular I should try to talk to at I have heard that some are better than others to work with.
  6. Here's a couple of pics of a decal I did, the other day. They don't look too bad.
  7. I typed the text and made the rectangle/circle right in VM Cut.
  8. sorry the video isn't as good as I'd like. the pic shows what the cut lines look like.Do you guys think there's something going on, or am I imagining things? BTW , Thanks a lot for all the help you guys have given me IMG_0202[1].MOV
  9. I'll see if I can't figure out how to load a video from my iPhone to my pc so I can put it up here. Any special format required for attaching videos?
  10. It jerks even if I make circles, or squares in VM then cut them. You can really see how bad the lines are, when using the pen. I thought I read somewhere to adjust the tension on the carriage belt. I might take a look at that too. I know this is only a $300 cutter, but my Cameo was $250 and it cuts fine. It's a little noisier than the SC, but it has clean lines, and it cuts the same files, without the problems the SC has. lol
  11. Thank you. I have a logo for my photography business that I've made numerous copies of, in different colors. I export them as png files so that there is a transparent background when I use them as a watermark. I think only one of them traces out the whole graphic, while the other ones don't trace the car. I noticed that if I export one as an eps file, it cuts right from the get-go, but cuts the outline of the car twice... It's not a big deal. I can work around it.. My biggest concern now, is that the carriage jerks horribly when cutting. I've been trying different speed/pressure settings thinking maybe that's the problem. I quit using vinyl, to try to figure out what's going on. I stuck the pen in and just use paper now. I read somewhere that I should go thru the keyspan adapter instead of the usb port. I have one on order. Any other ideas, on how to smooth out the cut, if the adapter doesn't do it?
  12. Exactly. I can cut directly from an eps file. Import it into VM then tell it to cut. It cuts, but some parts of the graphic get cut twice. I thougth I might have told it to, but I didn't see anywhere where I clicked a box telling it to cut twice. I even went back into corel and pulled up the file to see if I accidently layered two pieces of the same object and it was trying to cut them.. No idea what's going I just got to thinking maybe it's the VM software doing it.
  13. Thanks for the inkcut link. I read about inkcut a couple of weeks ago. on thing that is happening is that the carriage produces terribly jagged lines.. the other is, that some png files I import and trace, parts of the graphic don't get traced. They are all one color too, so I have no cluewhat's going on.I'll try to find the VM section and take a look. Thank you for the help. Much appreciated.
  14. I import the png then trace it. The eps files will cut without tracing, but either one of them give me fits. Sometimes the program won't trace all of the png objects, and some parts of the eps file get cut twice. I design stickers using CorelDraw and just started learning Inkscape, but I guess the cutter won't cut unless I import them into this Vinylmaster program that came with this cutter. I used to used Coreldraw when I had a Graphtec, and Roland. I wish I still had those cutters. You're just east of me an hour or so. I'm over west of Niles about 20-25 miles.