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  1. It is not a temporary, the price part of the sign is on velcro, so next house, I can do a new price (if necessary) and he can use again. The 10mm Coroplast was $35 for the 2 24x24 sheets so actual cost was $35. I actually bought 24x36 of $35 and cut 1 foot off, but since I only charged for materials, I didn't think it was necessary do deduct the 1 ft I cut off I probably could buy the 10mm for less if I shopped around more or a larger quantity, but the job is the job, and that's what it cost. There are 2 sings, double sided, so 4 sides. IDid you mean $60 for each sign 2 sided, so $120 for 2? Is that using 10mm, and how much might you add for the velcro addition? Also I had the 951 already, so rather than order 651, and since it might be used long term outdoors in Florida, I thought it was worth the extra $$
  2. I was hoping for some input? I think to make it worth my time and effort, I would want to charge around $200 for 2 signs, 4 sides. Is that in the ballpark? This was for a guy I owe a lot to, so I only charged for materials which were $75...$35 for the board, 8' of 951 @$3 per =$24, $35+$24=$59 +$10 worth of velcro and a little 4mm board, app tape and such roughly $75 It took me quite awhile to get it done, but I'm sure 3/4 of that time was due to inexperience
  3. steved13

    Measure your items!

    If it's going to be off by an inch or so it should always be in the customer's favor. The per foot markup is huge, the customer should never get cheated. I've been in retail for 4o years, you always error in the customer's favor.
  4. steved13

    Returns and shipping

    Update. UPS confirms delivery of my return on 8/25. I haven't seen any refund or heard anything so I gave a call this AM. My return is still "waiting to be processed, and with the holiday it will take a while" "It could be a couple more weeks" I've never heard of taking a month to get a refund. Maybe it won't be 2 more weeks, but the seeming lack of any caring or customer service is very surprising. Don't forget this was a "refurb/demo", when I bought it, it had a couple of issues out of the box, and I have replaced it with a much more expensive unit from them already. I'm taking a 20% restock fee hit, and paid $100 to ship it back. When a company has good service, during the purchase process, as IMO USCutter does, it tells me they are capable of providing good service. Then when they fall down on the return process I have no choice but to believe they could be just as good at returns if they wanted to, they just don't want to.
  5. steved13

    my logo decal, 1st layering

    my first try at layering...actually my second, the first one, missed a little and the black was off from the white...this second one came out pretty good. I found X's work better than diamonds for me as reg marks.
  6. steved13

    Doing business with customers

    It;s all about salesmanship, and salesmanship is about attitude and choosing the right words. Think of something like this and with this kind of attitude. Being a good customer and like family, I'm sure you can understand what a burden it is on me to have to put up money upfront and have to wait for the end product to be picked up. A deposit helps me out immensely. If they are "good" customers, and "like family" what "good" "family" member wants to add to your burden? The "good customers" have every intent of paying you and picking up their stuff, so whats the difference between paying now, or later?
  7. Is that 4 colors or 5, 1)white, 2)black, 3)red . 4)blue and a 5?)different blue? The blues on the screen are different, but I am thinking you may have cut them the same? Sorry, I am too new to this to be of any help answering your question...but your question can help others like myself. Edit: I think my inexperience is showing, maybe this is printed, and not a mutilayer cut?
  8. Being new to this I am trying to get a feel for pricing. I can't find a price using the 10mm only the 4mm. This sign is 24" x 24" on 10mm (the heavier stuff) corrugated plastic both sides and 2 of them (4 sides altogether). What would you suggest as the price for this job?
  9. Ahh ok, that makes sense, keeping it off the floor. I'll have to decide if I need the space or off the floor more. LOL Thanks again guys.
  10. LOL, I was typing the question about the catch basket when you posted...but other than that?
  11. Totatally new subject, but same newbie ignorance...any reason I shouldn't remove the media basket? I could use the room and I really don't see it's use for me/
  12. OK will do. I doubt I will be doing anything like it anytime soon, but I am wondering what you guys do when you are cutting something large and need 10 feet or so? Thanks for the I said I figured it was something basic I was missing.
  13. steved13

    borders with SCALP4

    I looked around and couldn't find a tutorial on doing a simple border. I'm thinking a smaller square within a larger square should work, but is there a better way
  14. This is a very minor annoyance, but I would like to get it right, so I thought I would ask. I have a feeling there is either something simple I am missing, or this is normal. I put the vinyl supply roll on the rear rollers, and it falls off the rollers into the catch basket. These are not full rolls, but 5-20 feat of "sample" it the lack of weight of a more full roll? Or am I missing something? The tutorial that I found that shows it, just shows him dropping it on the rollers. If I space the rollers further apart then it just falls through...closer and it rolls off.
  15. steved13

    Returns and shipping

    I have the 28. Kind of a funny story. Due to me being brand new to this, once I got the correct blade holder for the SC, I must have gotten really lucky, because it did a great job with very little tinkering on blade depth and pressure and such. The titan2 came in, and at first I thought it didn't cut nearly as well...but after quite a bit of fiddling it does a great job. Either the Titan2 is more finicky than the SC or like I said I got really lucky with the SC. I found on the titan, the tiniest adjustment on blade depth, (I mean barely moving it) made quite a bit of difference, and a little adjustment on pressure (the SC didn't seem to make much difference) I got it dialed in. Sometimes the adjustments seem counter intuitive, some a's and s's (with this particular font) were pulling off, so I thought it wasn't cutting, and applied more pressure, and it didn't help. Dialed the pressure back and it got I kept lowering it until it seems about perfect now.