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  1. BigHE

    Cannot Cut Middle Details/Only cutting solids

    I have Inkscape (I cannot remember why). I'll give it a shot. I can vectorize images in Illustrator using the trace feature. Is that what your'e talking about? So something like that I would trace (hifi photo to keep colors, expand), export as .jpg? Save as .svg or .eps doesn't seem to work for me. I bring into Flexi as .jpg and the trace to end up with bitmap flexi file. I will try with Inkscape tonight. Thanks again.
  2. BigHE

    Cannot Cut Middle Details/Only cutting solids

    Thanks. I'll give it a shot.
  3. BigHE

    Cannot Cut Middle Details/Only cutting solids

    I have no issues cutting, or loading or anything like that. My only issue is the one I stated in that particular situation. I appreciate all the help. Are we still trying to diagnose the issue? There is a lot of windows, Flexi versions and dongle stuff in these post. I just want confirm that some of this stuff I'm checking could potentially be the issue?
  4. BigHE

    Cannot Cut Middle Details/Only cutting solids

    I do have a dongle, so I'm guessing that's not the cause. Not sure how that would have been causing though? Has to be something else. Any thoughts?
  5. BigHE

    Cannot Cut Middle Details/Only cutting solids

    Got ya! Kind of moot point now though whether it has it or not. Won't be home till later to check. Didn't know about dongle and all that. I know I paid "real" money for the bundle. I bought from a business. I guess the thought never crossed my mind. Not saying it isn't legit. I won't know till later. I got a bill of sale so I'm not stressing it.
  6. BigHE

    Cannot Cut Middle Details/Only cutting solids

    Sorry. I should have specified. I am not at home. The keyboard does not have USB slot. I'd have to pull pc out and look behind when I get home. I am not sure what is back there. I'd imagine its legal as I have gotten some support from the company before.
  7. BigHE

    Cannot Cut Middle Details/Only cutting solids

    Not sure about dongle. I'll have to look. This is the pc that came with the cutter. Its XP. I bought out a bunch of stuff from a sign business that the owner was retiring and they came and set it up. I can cut out simple things but wanted to try something more complex. You helped me a lot with the auto sensor and graphtec controller info.
  8. Hello. From time to time, I have this issue where Flexi will only let me cut the solid shape of a particular color. I think the video will explain it better. Thanks for looking.
  9. Hello. I would like to use my Graphtec 7000-75 to cut shirt vinyl like Siser Easyweed, Stahl's Super Film and printable vinyl like JPSS and Jet Opaque II. So far all I have tied is Jet Opapque II, 11x17. All the cutter does is shoot the vinyl out before I can cut anything. I am not using media or roller sensors. Should I be using a carrier?
  10. That might have been for me. I'm going back through and jotting down notes. I think it may be because I said I'm "trying before I buy". I should have clarified. I am legitimately using the company's demo from their page. Its the one that cuts lines through your design until you pay. I'm still looking at the options. My old machine with Flexi 8 should be back next week. I did like the demo you ran me through with SCALP though. Seemed super user friendly. Gonna mess the VM demo some more too.
  11. Exactly!!! What ever it was. I hope it doesn't come back.
  12. HOLY CRAP!!! Found it. That is the BEES KNEES! Thank you.
  13. I saw you mention that before. You say the controller should have come with the cutter? I'll have to see if I can find it.
  14. First two are SCALP, rest are VM
  15. @MZ SKEETER I was having the scaling issue in SCALP. I did nothing. Today its just working. I tried doubling the mat size to compensate yesterday. That kinda worked. Today, the only thing I did was was return to a 30 inch mat and everything was good. I changed nothing else.