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  1. Did some test plots with my 25" SC cutter and I've discovered that it's enlarging the image quite a bit - a 52" long image comes out at almost 54". Is there a calibration in VinylMaster or the cutter itself to adjust the cut size?
  2. Yes, once I changed the holder it was easier to set the proper depth and the test on the scrap vinyl worked fine. Thanks.
  3. For those googling this problem, the issue was that I had the blade in the pen carriage, so that's why it was sitting so high. Digging through the box I found the proper carriage and now the blade is at the right height and it cuts properly on both ends.
  4. Here's some photos of the issue. When I push down on the cut head while it's off, on the right side: Then on the left side, it doesn't touch the cutting strip at all: I checked the level of the cutting strip and it's fairly consistent all across.
  5. No, since it was cutting perfectly on one side and not the other. I'll check that too.
  6. Anything less didn't cut anything for me, but I'll try your technique. Thanks.
  7. I used a credit card to position the blade at just under the same thickness. I'm running 500/200 on the settings which cuts perfectly on the right side. How do I check the carriage head? It seems like a sealed unit.
  8. I'm using my SC-25 cutter for the first time and I'm having a very unusual problem - it cuts perfectly on the right side, but then when it cuts on the left side, it doesn't cut as deeply. This is on 24" vinyl masking, specifically. So the 12 inches on the right are fine but the 12 inches on the left are too faint to weed. I could increase the pressure but it's cutting fine on the right and I worry it'll start cutting the backing.