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  1. MH 871-MK2 and Windows 10

    Is this Driver for the Windows 10 for US Cutter? I downloaded and Extracted the file. In download in my computer it has 3 files when I open it. amd64, i386, & ia64. How do I install it?
  2. How do I configure my comm ports? 

    How do I setup SCAL4 to use the correct comm port? 

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    3. Karebear


      MZ Skeeter

      I have a computer with windows 7 on it. I need step by step directions for driver download for US Cutter MH 871-MK2 Cutter. 

  3. MH 871-MK2 and Windows 10

    Trying to Cut not print
  4. MH 871-MK2 and Windows 10

    You're going to have to provide a bit more info. It doesn't work, doesn't tell us what your actual problem is. Have you installed the Tripp-Lite drivers?Yes Have you configured your comm ports? I am not sure about that. How do you do that? Have you setup SCAL4 to use the correct comm port? How do you do that? Are you using a null modem cable? Yes Are you getting an error of any kind? No What exactly is happening? It just freezes my Sure Cuts Alot 4 in the print stage.
  5. MH 871-MK2 and Windows 10

    I have a MH 871-MK2 and I also have Windows 10. I also bought a USB Serial Adapter (Tripp-LIte). I have Sure Cuts Alot 4. I can not get all of this to work together. Please help. Thanks
  6. MH 871-MK2 and Windows 10

    I think that the Sure Cuts Alot 4 is not responding with the Cutter. I have everything set and all the right Drivers. Maybe I don't have something set up right on the Program.
  7. MH 871-MK2 and Windows 10

    I am using the cable that came with the cutter
  8. MH 871-MK2 and Windows 10

    My Keyspan is for PORT 5. How do I make sure the Cutter is on Port 5?
  9. MH 871-MK2 and Windows 10

    i did and i still can not get it to work
  10. MH 871-MK2 and Windows 10

    I also have a red light next to the Reset on the Cutter. Should that light be something different.
  11. MH 871-MK2 and Windows 10

    Ok I bought a Keyspan to try and get this to work and I have windows 10 and need the Driver for the Keyspan for Windows 10 and I can't find one. Please help. This is really frustration. I have spent alot of money and want this to work so bad.
  12. I just bought a MH 871-MK2 today from a friend. I have Windows 10 and I am having problems getting the Driver to Download. I might be using the wrong one. Any Help. Also I want to know if there is a way you can use Sure Cuts Alot 2 on this cutter? I was told by the friend that all i needed was Sure Cuts Alot. Please help... I dont want to have to sell this Cutter because I can't use it. thanks