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  1. Saving as a plain SVG did not help any. if I had more time, I'd dig deeper myself. I'm not above hand-coding SVG for testing. I'm sure Inkscape does a few weird things (but likely has 1000% compliant SVG) but I'd like to stick with it as it fits well with my workflow. Previously I was using Make the Cut which works well with Inkscape but not with US Cutter. I'm not upset at moving on to Vinyl Master as it has some nice extra features but more compatibility is always better. It hasn't been a deal-breaker so far as I have been able to find work-arounds.
  2. OK, it's been a while but I upgraded to the latest version of inkscape (0.92) and I am seeing the same issues. This is with stock system fonts even. The most important one is the issue with the fonts. In addition, if I cut from Inkscape and paste into Vinylmaster, only one of the cut objects makes it. If I group the objects in inkscape first, they all come across. This is with Vinylmaster Cut v4.0 Also, if I import the file, it is not to scale (like 1/4 of the linear dimension)
  3. Thanks. The discrepancy is weird. If I don't change the page size in VM, it appears to paste fine but if I change it, the paste size changes. But point taken on the Inkscape version. I will definitely try that and the saving as the plain SVG. I'll let you know how it goes. Edit: Saving it as plain didn't help.
  4. Another thing I just noticed. I was preparing my work on a 60x12 inch page. When I pasted it into Vinylmaster with the default page, it looked about the right size. However, when I increased the vinylmaster page to 60x12 inches and *then* attempted to paste, the pasted item was many times bigger than it should have been. The paste method also results in the text becoming individual letters which is obviously less than optimal.
  5. I like to work in inkscape. I have just started with the Vinylmaster with our new cutter and I have noticed that when importing SVGs, the text is missing. I am not doing anything complex and this was even with plain-old-arial at a reasonable size. Any other paths added to the SVG appear correctly. I'll probably dig in and see if there's anything I can notice but thought I would post here first. I also tried having the text with no fill but with a stroke and it didn't make any difference. Interestingly, if I select-all in inkscape and then paste into Vinylmaster, it works OK but I would like to be able to import correctly. I did try converting to paths but that resulted in some strange behavior with shapes inside of letters appearing in strange places for a couple of fonts. I'm not sure what that's about but I'll try and reproduce it and make a separate post on that. I also tried working with some artwork with cloned items. That didn't turn out too well (the cloned items did not appear and the item cloned from appeared in the middle of the document), That is an advanced feature though so I'm not too concerned about that. drawingdel.svg