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  1. Hi, I'm trying to press some numbers on some Dri-Fit uniforms for a team. Because they have seems I am putting a pillow underneath the Garment but when I press the numbers on to the Garment you can see the square of the pillow. It appears as though the part of the heat press that touches the Garment is changing the color of it. I tried washing and drying to see if that would remove the discoloring but it 7 changed it. I am also using the paper in between the heat press and the Garment. Here is a photo. You can clearly see the lighter-colored square. What is causing this and how do I remedy it?
  2. Making some 2 color vinyl stickers but the transfer tape I am using is a little cloudy and not as clear as I'd like. What is the most clear transfer tape? Thanks!
  3. I've bought a bunch of 2" numbers from Stahls. The bottom line is that each digit cost me .23 cents. How much would I charge a good customer to press these onto shirts? Do I charge "per digit" or it doesn't matter if their number is 1 or 10, it's all the same price? This is about 60 shirts and 60 Shorts so it's 120 pieces in all. What do you think? THANKS
  4. Powerboss

    Advice on Stickers

    Hi, I know this isn't Cutter related but I know a lot of you do this work as well. I have this paw that I'd like to create into stickers to put on hockey helmets. It's obviously going to get wet and will be packed in a hockey bag getting bumped around. What would the best way to create these stickers be? With a vinyl cutter? A printer? Sublimation? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Powerboss

    Hi, New from Arizona

    Just sayin' hello to everyone. Pretty new to all this and learning by the day. Started up a side business to hopefully make a few bucks. GCC Expert 24LX, Epson Artisan Printer, and a heat press Is what's currently in my arsenal. Thanks to Primal Decals for the invite.