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  1. Ok, I have attached the sign that I'm making, the NO PARKING part will be cut out and applied to a white a4 sign board, the driveway in constant use part I will weed out and will show the white back ground colour of the board, this works in signcut perfectly, but I need to learn how to do it in sign blazer.
  2. I have had a go with sign blazer and all seems well so far, but the next problem is, I don't know how to cut the sign all in one go, it seems to want to cut each part separately, there are two colours red and white, I want the red lettering cut out and fixed to the sign and the white lettering I will weed out to show background colour of sign board and I need it cut out as one piece, its as if it trying to make two separate parts like you would do it you are making a two colour sign, hope this is understandable I cant see any options to do this and the help files are not there
  3. Thanks for the advice guys I will give it a go
  4. So can anyone suggest a vector design program, I have illustrator, artcut, corel draw, and sign blazer elements, what would you suggest to be the best to use.
  5. Not sure if it was traced, I just copied and pasted it into vector magic then just hit the fully automatic button, I always seems to have problems with letter being out of shape, everything else I do is ok
  6. Yes, they are in the track and working ok
  7. Hi, I am having some issues with letting not cutting out clean and sharp, I have a liyu SC631E machine that cuts pretty good, its just lettering where I have problems, as you can see in the attached pictures, the Q, S R, AND E are out of shape and not good, any help or advice please.
  8. Yes, sorry your right, I mean weed boxes
  9. I seem to be wasting lots of vinyl cutting my stickers, I have looked at the help files on how to make the tiles smaller, but when I click and drag the tile it just springs back to where it was, if I'm cutting a sticker of say 100mm x 20mm then I have a tile which is cut out also, the sticker sits in the middle with a lot of waist vinyl around it, is there a way of reducing the tile size ? buy the way I cant contour cut these as I cant calibrate my cutter in signcut, using usb
  10. I'm having problems trying to calibrate my Liyu SC 631E, I'm using a USB cable and when I try to calibrate by using on screen arrow keys or keyboard, the cutter only moves in one direction, to the left, if I press any of the other keys it still only moves to the left, any ideas, I'm using signcut v 107 on windows 10 32 bit
  11. thanks for that you were bang on, one of the wheels was out of the track, god knows how that happened, thanks very much
  12. I have just replaced the cutting strip on my cutter and only just noticed that the cutter is not positioned over the strip, its actually about 25mm forward of the cutting strip. is this normal or has something moved?
  13. I have Liyu SC 631 E cutter and having some issues with cutting with signcut, its not cutting a perfect path on the vinyl, to try and explain better lets say I try to cut a letter O, whats happening is the circle is not joining up and I am having to use a blade to complete the O, this is mainly happening with circles and oblongs, I'm not sure if this is a signcut problem or a cutter problem, I have calibrated the cutter, the problem is only slight but its leaving small tags attached and makes weeding difficult, any help on this much appreciated Not very good at freehand drawing but basically this is what I'm getting.
  14. Thanks Guys, got it all sorted now, been on the live chat with signcut guys and they showed me how to save the file in inkscape, its all perfect now
  15. I cant find that for $60, I can only find basic at that price and it doesn't do tracing????