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  1. Will do, I've also made minor adjustments on overlap which helps a little. I'll report back after I've cut a larger sample. Thanks Skeeter. This is a great guide, going straight into the keep file! Thanks Wildgoose.
  2. This is actually quite reassuring! I'm happier having a machine that is working correctly but just has less accuracy than I expected, rather than a broken machine! These marks exist at all sizes, though they don't scale up, so I guess my original image is somewhat misleading :/ Sorry about that. So if you're confident it's not a fault, but a limitation of the cutter, I'll take that. Thank you!
  3. I've just done a cut preview in SignCut and it appears the extra cuts are happening right at the entry point of the blade for each shape. Is this at all helpful to any of you cutting gurus?
  4. Thanks MZ SKEETER, all help is massively appreciated! So I took your advice and adjusted the blade height again, thanks for the useful method. Unfortunately that had no affect the problem though. I also tried adjusting the offset in the "cutter options" in SignCut Pro, anything other than 0.0 just makes a mess, so I assume the EH721 is already compensating for the blade offset? About 4mm tall.
  5. Hi kysign, it doesn't look great does it :/ The offset is set to 0.0, any idea what it should be set to? Sorry for being such a newbie!
  6. Thanks Wildgoose for your advice, I've had a look and the "tangential emulation" is not checked. I had wondered what that was for! I've attached the SVG (created in Inkscape) I'm working from, the image in my original post is cutting just the dark green layer and the size was reduced to 55mm in Signcut before cutting (that might explain the rounded corners?). As for the blade length - I previously had waaaay too much protruding (as most newbies!), but these days it's just the tiniest amount and I even tested putting it in so far that it was just scratching the vinyl and it still makes those marks. Do you think it's the file causing the problem? It seems intermittent, which might suggest some bad files? Thanks slide&dice, it's a new machine (well, couple of months with very little use). I checked the clamp and there are no cracks or damage I can see. Worth checking though, that's for the suggestion. Logo.svg
  7. Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help me solve this little mystery.... My EH721 plotter is great, except it keeps making little cuts outside the lines as you can see in the photo below: I've tried adjusting the blade height and cut speed, neither help. I'm using SignCut, if that makes any difference. The cutter appears to be on the track and moves smoothly, any advice greatly appreciated!