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  1. Flightrider

    Pattern upside down Cutting with Laserpoint 2?

    I upgraded to scapls 4 pro and it seems to be fine now. Thanks
  2. Flightrider

    Pattern upside down Cutting with Laserpoint 2?

    @slice&dice... Thanks for your response. I purchased SCAP when I bought the printer. I take it from your comment that you recommend VinylMaster for the LaserPt2 over the SCAL? Dave
  3. Update... Last night I removed the blade holder on the LPT2, set it to "just cut" the vinyl when cutting by hand, then reinstalled into the carrier. Tried four cuts of Oracle 651 on the machine, increasing the pressure each time. At about 250g, she's cutting the best I've seen. Seems to be consistent and very clean. This was before reading @JLS Design's comments above. Sounds like we're about on the same page. In reading @MS SKEETER's comments, I recall now that at the longer blade length, I was getting what now I realize was probably a lifting of the vinyl; it for sure wasn't impressing me whatever was happening. Experience counts.
  4. @MZ SKEETER... Thanks for the input. I had actually done exactly as you state, trying several cuts and adjustments with the cutter out of the carrier on vinyl test pieces -- by hand. Seems fairly straight forward and I tried several different settings until I got consistent cuts (by hand). After arriving at what I thought was the proper depth... just cutting the vinyl and with hardly, if any scoring on the paper backing (at moderate hand pressure); I placed the blade holder in the carrier, set the pressure at 100g and tried several small pattern cuts with the LaserPt2.... Only to have several lines not quite through the vinyl of a couple of test pieces. Remember at this point, I had experienced quite a bit of inconsistency in upward motion of the solenoid on the carrier -- and quite honestly, I'm still not sure that carrier is working correctly. So.... I extended the blade to the above reference and increased the pressure to 110g. That seems to be working -- although I'd really like to get where you suggest. What I will try next is going back to your above procedure and then upping the cut pressure until I get consistent cuts.... hopefully. I'm glad I'm doing this for "pleasure" and don't have a customer waiting for something. Certainly, if I were doing this to put food on the table, I'd seek out a local dealer and pay for a more "qualify" machine; along with local support. Hopefully, however, this will get to be more "fun" once I get the bugs worked out and I can get some good results with this machine. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  5. Ok.... so I'm new to this... and I apologize if this seems trivial.... When previewing a print to my Laserpoint 2, the top of the layout appears on the Bottom in comparison to the feed direction of the LaserPoint 2. How does one change this layout direction in SCAL? Otherwise, I have to continuously adjust items on my layout to the opposite end of the matt in order to get them to print... Can't seem to find a way to flip the direction... Thanks, Dave
  6. @Datkotagrafx... I admit, I was a little bent when I wrote that. Having cooled off a little now, I appreciate your response. Realizing you're not their keeper, I DO think USC could pay more attention to quality control though. So onward we go. I appreciate this forum; people like yourself, and looking forward to learing more about the cutters, software, etc. Thanks again.
  7. Trial and error, basically. Finally, settled on something between 1/2 and 3/4 a credit card thickness -- as best I can guess.
  8. THANK YOU for saving my fanny! I've been a MONTH waiting to get what I paid good money for. So, a month ago, my first Laserpoint II arrived. I spent a couple of hours fiddling around with assembling that stand only to THEN plug the unit in and find out it would not boot up.... no display.. NOTHING. So called customer support; received an RMA four days later. Was also advised USCutter would REQUIRE me to ship that darn stand BACK. So disassemble the mess; packed it up (fortunately had the original box, big PIA... .. had to ship to WASHINGTON state... (Of course, not Memphis.. that would be expected). So that was almost a month ago... meanwhile, USCutter had already run my card....They of course, would wait to receive the unit BEFORE shipping another.... FINALLY, the 2nd Laserpoint II arrived last Friday. This time, I had the foresight to plug the unit in.... yep, powered up. So .... I proceed to assemble the stand for This unit. So 2 hours later, after re-loading software, etc, I loaded a piece of 12 x 24 oracle 651 in the new machine; turned her on and hit the test button... AFTER spending 1/2 hour studying USC's scattered instructions, videos, etc. .. how to load a blade... So.. hit the Test button --- and the carriage runs back and forth, the feed runs back and forth and the blade carrier does nothing.... NO movement up & down... Not a lick on the vinyl. So.. I've just spent 3 days waiting for these idiots to return from the long weekend... anticipating the answer and staring at that shipping box -- dreading packing this thing up and already anticipating how I'd convince PayPal to possibly return my money! So, I come home tonight --- long day in my real office --- too busy today to call USC and ALSO be at the machine......and find this thread... screw the warranty; I need a machine that works! So, I took the carriage off; adjusted the magnet and presto -- IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING. ALL I CAN SAY IS 1) Thank Goodness SOMEONE had the kindness to publish this.; 2) I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING from US Cutter again. This has been a ROYAL pain in the ASS and no one should EVER have to go through this much b.s. after paying $500 for anything. 3) If I can adjust this thing in 10 minutes, why the hell didn't US Cutter do that BEFORE shipping the unit. For ANYONE considering buying ANY machine from USC, I HOPE you read this in advance. So burn me once guys, and I WILL spread the word! DAVE C / North Palm Beach, FL