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    Hello everyone, just wanted to join the forum and say how much I appreciate all the information on here. I purchased an sc 25 over the winter with the hopes of starting a little side business. I am currently using Vinylmaster Cut and Inkscape for design. It has been quite the learning curve but I enjoy new challenges. I can be found @PerformanceVinyl on Facebook or you can just follow this link: There isn't much for content at the moment but I will be updating it regularly.
  2. I am working on a quote template and I am looking for a few examples of Terms and Conditions from established businesses. To start, I will be asking for a 50% deposit prior to the start of any work. The balance would be due on completion. Instead of a signature on the quote, would it be acceptable to put a term in that if the buyer pays the the deposit they accept the quote, Terms and Conditions and agree to pay in full at completion? A few others: Approval of proofs is required on any custom design. This quote is valid for 30 days. Performance Vinyl is not responsible for errors or damage on customer installed graphics. Performance Vinyl's liability shall not exceed the price listed on this document.