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    Any trademark experts in here?

    I JUST WANT TO DRINK COFFEE SAVE ANIMALS AND TAKE NAPS" Different person registered this. I JUST WANT TO DRINK COFFEE & MAKE PRETTY THINGS Different person registered this. I JUST WANT TO RIDE BIKES WITH YOU Different person registered this. I JUST WANT TO GET IT WET Different person registered this. How is he able to claim "I Just Want To" when the trademark office is allowing others to use the term on their marks? I think the guy that contacted me is trying to bully me for his own gain.
  2. I have a guy with a trademark " I Just Want To " I have some clothing with sayings like "I Just Want To Sleep In" I Just Want To Drink Beer And Fish" He contacted me and said I can't use anything that starts with "I Just Want To" Is this ok for him to claim any saying that includes his mark? Not sure how this trademark stuff works for things such as this. Thanks.
  3. I want to make Mugs and mouse pads but I have no idea where to start. I have $700 to start but could save more if I need to. Can anyone list me a Printer, The Ink and a Press. Or in other words list me the items I need where I could get started today if it was delivered. I don't want the best of the best, but like most people i want the best for the lowest price. This won't be high production just something to go along with my shirts. Thanks.
  4. Last 2 orders of Siser Easyweed (black) rolls have not been wanting to stick to the t-shirts and they are extremely hard to weed from the film. I have to tug and fight it. I've never had this problem before and all other colors weed easy and press great. After wasting 4 t-shirts i finally found a solution that works by mutli pressing 4-5 times while cooling in between and then peeling cold. It's like the sticky glue just doesn't want to take and the vinyl wants to melt before the glue sticks. Very tricky to finish a t-shirt. I thought the first roll was a fluke but now a month later the new roll is the same way. Has anyone else ran into this problem or am I the only one that has recently bought black siser easyweed? I'm hoping it's a bad batch or something.