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  1. Help ID this vinyl

    I’ve seen the red pattern on the back before but wasn’t sure who has that
  2. Help ID this vinyl

    Hey guys, anyone recognize the brand of vinyl this is? Has a white adhesive too
  3. Help ID this vinyl

    Actually looking for the brand of vinyl, color isn’t that important right now... why do I get all the odd requests? Haha
  4. Hey guys, good cheap fast...pick 2... right? i have a customer with some very large applications that will be matte black but he is doing the install and is probably the worlds best bubble installer. It’s all long stuff that will be premasked but I don’t want to go witha wrap vinyl. Is there something similar to 3m 180mc at a bit better price?
  5. Guys (gals too) I have a huge issue with my Mac and scal... I don’t update or have hacks as often as my Pc friends... I really like to have more of everything so is there a way to make my Mac update more often and have patches added while having scal update with new patches more often? I mean, I’ve had my MacBook Pro for 10 years now...all my PC friends get a new one every year or two and usually pass me in forced update totals within that timeframe...I mean I think I have done 7 updates in 10 years and haven’t had to pay for any of NT was great but... this part of the forum looked a bit sparse so I thought I would hit it with some straight up Mac vs Pc fire!!!
  6. Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Pro Update 4.068

    Any huge fixes you are aware of?
  7. Because, let’s face it... decals are mostly an impulse buy... sometimes you have to put that bait in front of the fish
  8. Most of my sales are on amazon in my niche. But I have been getting Bette faith Facebook market place and Facebook ads to drive customers to my amazon products. The nice thing about Facebook ads is the targeting you can do, age demos, gender, hobbies, page likes, family demos, etc. if you know the people buying your stuff it’s fairly cheap. Lots of podcast and videos on how to do it.
  9. Text on path just looks... off...

    just tried getting text to path on an oval...what a mess!! then it won't even attempt at typed text being selected, then the oval and then moving it to path... what a pain.
  10. Ok guys, I've had a friend who owns a gun/self defense youtube channel with millions of subscribers ask me a question. He wants to know if I can cut a self adhesive textured rubber (like talon grips) with my Titan 3. I have no idea if it will cut it (I do have clean cut 60 degree glitter blades) and If i can, where to buy it. Any suggestions?
  11. Wanting to see if anyone knows the manufacture that talon buys their stock from or something similar. I know it used to say 3M on it
  12. Ok guys, we have a special young lady who my wife wants a design put on a special coffee cup. I've got the design work done but since it tapers (2.75" to 3.50" at the top and 4.50" tall), and I want the text to read horizontal, how do I set the curve for each line? I'm done with the semester, my brain hurts, and I'm a fella out
  14. Came out pretty good for the first attempt!
  15. F05860CF-82C4-4B72-9824-BDE2D85738AE.MOV
  16. ok, searched youtube and came up with just selecting everything in SCAL and selecting the "wrapper" function under the "effects" tab. enter your diameter at the top of where your text will be, then the dia at the bottom, then the height of the taper....then all kinds of mystical stuff happens and it makes it curved at the right taper.
  17. There should be a calibration setting in the program. I had to do my Laserpoint in scal, made life easier.
  18. High temp vinyl

    3m 5100r ... r is for removable (kinda)
  19. Ummm...asking for a friend or something! Why prefeed your vinyl before cutting? I understand wanting to check tracking but a good 6” should tell you all you need for the majority of jobs and long jobs seem like having to pull 8 feet of vinyl from your catch basket would be more work for the feed system.
  20. Mac not updating enough for PC friends

    Ps... never mind the two updates to iOS 11 on my phone and iPad Pro this month...I call “those don’t count” or A[?] call...
  21. Hey guys.... I’m torn, mostly based on cost and a bad roll of 5100 I got last shipment. I have a large job coming up in black reflective and they actually asked if I could use the Enduralite and I said that I hadn’t heard of it, much less used/cut it! 75% of my business is reflective so I’m curious. A 50 yard roll of 5100 is $470, the Enduralite 15x50 yard is $260... it’s gonna take 2 rolls so $500 vs $1000 is what I’m looking at... if it reflects as good and cuts as good I’ll do it, if not then I’ll pass and suggest 5100. What say ye?
  22. Mac not updating enough for PC friends

    I’m just kidding about wanting more updates
  23. Hey y’all, just wanted to see how many other amazon sellers we have on here and give a little advise and get a little if you don’t mind sharing. ived been selling on amazon since May this year. I started by checking an old business account and realizing I had been gettin g amazon affiliate money that I had forgotten about (nice $200 find around Christmas last year). I didn’t think anything of it unit one of my install videos went viral and I noticed I could sell the same kit I was linking to and make $15 profit instead of the 4-6% as an affiliate. I went from kits to decals in a tight and specific niche and now I’m making more in 4-5 hours a week as I am working as an installer 3 days a week (during the semester I work 3 days installing then go back to 50 hour weeks between semesters). I have steadily built my brand and under produced for q-4. I have learned most of this info from 2 podcasts, “The Amazing Seller” and “ silent sales machine radio” I am almost convinced of keeping my install work part time and working the two days a week I was using to study after the semester ends. I love the freedom of being a business owner (I’ve owned 6 businesses and have grown two into multi-million dollar per year businesses...God has me on a different track now as seminary is about 1.5 years from being over and the pastoral job hunt is on). I’m thinking of starting a Shopify store next and maybe trying out ebay again if I can find a reasonable fulfillment option (I hate to mail things). what say ye other online sellers, any success stories, hints, tips, podcasts or books you recommend?