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  1. I have been wanting a flatbed cutter for a while but the prices have forced me to use my redneckedness to get by on the couple of jobs I need it for. A friend from a shop a few states away offered me an Ion 300s for a couple of beers and some range time. While the price is good, I can’t find out much about it and don’t know what cutting programs would even work with it... any suggestions? Anyone ever use one?
  2. Figured it out... see, my 8 year old was by my computer in a certain screen while I was cutting last time... seems a dropdown menu got changed ... good thing I’m a forgiving guy but that vinyl is coming out of his pay! Haha *that needs to be at none!
  3. Trying to do it from The computer and the cutting controller program. I can update it from there and it changes on the cutter but when I hit send, it reverts back to condition 1???
  4. Odd problem tonight. I sent a job through on condition 5 (my setup for reflective) and when I hit send, the plotter decided to revert to condition 1 (indoor vinyl). I tried fixing it on the control panel, then in the pc control panel program but every time I switched it, I hit send and the plotter switched it back to condition 1. I’m at a loss tonight. Whatcha think? What am I missing?
  5. MrJoel

    shape cut outs without spacing in between

    that worked great! thank you!
  6. Bingo, kinda. I did have a thicker material on earlier that I had to adjust down for but it still doesn’t make sense. That means the force is somehow getting increased during the copy???
  7. It’s an amazing feature I use all the time on the big one... this job is just a ton of the same item that has to be done on a cutting mat. Going back to the computer is just an extra step in the 500 pc process
  8. Ok, this is weird! I can send the same job over to the cutter multiple times and it’s fine. If I cut it, then press copy on the control pad, it still cuts a single time but it cuts through the backing paper... what is going on y’all?
  9. Hey y’all, I have been in negotiations with a large pocket knife company retailer about doing skins for their most popular knives. The first one was hand cut with the vinyl already applied, the other was crudely patterned then painstakingly outlined, smoothed, holes resized, moved, moved again, nodes nudged, eliminated, added, and that took about 12 hours. I need to figure out a faster way to accurately scan and scale. I’m open to suggestions and have been leaning towards a 3D scanner like the einscan SE but I know that some education from 3D to 2d would be needed. I have at my disposal so far, coreldraw, the graphtec studio plus and scal pro5. Throw me some ideas if you would! Thanks
  10. Hey guys, the sea of vinyl options is not one I sail on often (99% of my stuff is reflective) but I have a large job doing large graphics that simply requests air release. It will be white gloss at 28” so a 30” roll possibility would rock. I don’t want to laminate it but it will be premasked so think is ok as long as it’s up stable. Suggestions? It’s only for an 18 month campaign too
  11. It doesn’t actually move but I guess a growl describes it... errrrrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrrrrrrr
  12. Hey y’all, my fc8000 seems to have the motors slightly engaged while the unit is inactive (like between cuts). It just makes a noise kinda like when you advance the rollers but in super slow motion. If I flick the belt it stops for a few minutes but then you can feel the hum through the belt when it starts back up. Any suggestions?
  13. MrJoel

    shape cut outs without spacing in between

    I really am does make life interesting sometimes!
  14. MrJoel

    shape cut outs without spacing in between

    Yeah, I mixed up the 5/8 with the rounded up .58