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  1. Good-ness... humming along today on a very large run and switched out my vinyl. Started another session and knew almost instantly something was up and hit the reset button. Took me 10 minutes to figure out what was wrong then another 20 to figure out my blade was affected (little chip). The new blade was slightly different so I had to go through the full blade depth/offset/overcut dance...and what a dance it was... but, thankfully it all went smooth from there. Always start Saturday with 2 cups of coffee!
  2. I figured it out quite a while ago, should have posted that. Just select the entire design and merge it, then duplicate by rows and columns.
  3. I’m keeping my old mackbook and the software but it sure would be nice to have a wireless cutter and digital printer where everything is just touch and go... just a step this side of subbing it out :0
  4. Thankfully, y’all have helped me out with all my issues and that Laserpoint 2 is making its keep!
  5. Hey guys, my old mackboom Pro has lived a long and dutiful life but I’m thinking of switching over to an iPad Pro 12.9” for school reasons and others. I’ll keep the old mac book around for its current duty of design and cutting but... when will this be possible to switch over? I currently use scal Pro 4 and I know they have an app but it is strictly design, no cutting... when what how... let’s talk
  6. Check the Teflon strip the cutter goes over when cutting. I had a creation cutter a few years ago that the Teflon strip had something under it on one end and cause all kinds of issues. I also had a friend who botched a job and let the vinyl run through while it was still trying to cut...that really messed up his cutter strip on one end but not the other. Remember, you are taking fractions of a millimeter so the slightest burr along that strip can cause havoc
  7. hey just wondering if anyone has any leads on a template with all the cutouts and whatnot... maybe even a keyboard template thanks
  8. Weeding suggestions

    So, after about 1 quadrillion stars, I have found that if you roll the vinyl slightly it loosens than and makes life a lot easier
  9. Weeding suggestions

    So I went and got a pair of needle point tweezers, but they didn't work. So I took my sharpening stones for my knives and went to town on making those bad boys fine and sharp. The result was a pair of tactical weeding tweezers
  10. Weeding suggestions

    I"m well covered in price, unless surgery is required to fix the eyes after this first, they are chrome... second, the chrome I had at first had a protective film over it that I didn't remove prior to cutting third...i'll snag a star with the ultra sharp weeding tool and then I find out it's just the protective film that came up, not the actual vinyl. I ran some R-tape chrome that a friend had and It is much better. Trying to decide if I want to continue with further batches or not. on my reflective stuff I generally just take a larger piece of weeded material and gently dapp it on the smaller stuff...that pulls it right up, the larger chrome pieces don't pull it, maybe some reflective could do it?
  11. Weeding suggestions

    Taking the stars out of a solid pattern
  12. Weeding suggestions

    Ok y'all, I have an order of 50 small (4x6ish) us flags... my eyes are hating me on the stars! Any suggestions? I'm not opposed to explosives at this point
  13. Fidget spinner template

    I'm going to go ahead and purchase the spinners today. I was playi around with the trace feature in SCAL pro4 and I think I can get it...I'll give ya a Hollar if I get stuck. Thanks Primal for your continuous contributions and offers for help! You rock man
  14. Fidget spinner template

    Hey y'all, got a hands on project coming up for a group of guys and gals with Down Syndrome (my little guys both have DS too). Fidget spinners are all the rage at our local advocacy and training center so, hands on wrapping is what we will be doing. I suck at design so any help for the standard 3 sided spinners would help thanks
  15. The edge of the vinyl was too far from the pinch roller apparently (almost 1.5")