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  1. Ok, business is growing as is the need for a new PC... I’m a Mac guy and have no idea what I need but hope y’all can point me in the right direction. This will be a desktop setup to run the plotters, design software and doing some video editing.
  2. I even saw this fc8000 used on amazon for $900 with free shipping!
  3. Well, ran the test again at 0 offset and...perfect!!! what are you running under tool settings? I have 1 for step pass, offset force of 7, and offset angle of 30???
  4. I’ve seen a few threads on here over the past few days as I have been trying to figure out the new to me, $500 Graphtec FC8000. The offset triangles looked horrible! After fiddling with the offset in Graphtec Studio and then switching to the control panel adjustments with no success I reached down to readjust the blade and noticed a bit of front to back wobble in the carriage unit...and a bit of up and down wobble! so the screw removal process started for the top cover and the control panel. The previous owner said it was great for large jobs but not small ones and this was why. The top roller assembly was loose on the left side because the factory screw had been put in cross threaded and wasn’t seated. It broke as I took it out so the 20 minute job took about 2 hours as I tried to find where my taps were, then where my little screws were (we are in the process of moving so it’s a mess). anyway, the vide explains what I did and it works amazing now! I’ll get some post repair offset test pics later tonight! Here is the quick video on what I’m talking about
  5. Going to get this thing up and cutting Monday. Just wondering what speed and pressure settings you are at MZ SKEETER for like 631? I want to start in the right ballpark!
  6. MrJoel

    More scalp 5 issues

    Ok, seems that the step size doesn’t match on the cutter and SCALP.. cutter runs at a standard of 1016 and in cut settings on scalp you can click the settings menus beside the model and see step size at the bottom of the pop up... mine was set to 508!!! Boom baby! (Ok, I’m just going off what I read somewhere else and will try it tomorrow!)
  7. MrJoel

    More scalp 5 issues

    The FC series is listed as compatible in the drop down menus for cutters in scalp, and yes I could adjust the scaling but it doesn’t seem right. Moving a design from scalp to Graphtec Studio (Pro isn’t available on Mac) is a pain. I have to take it from an svg in Inkscape and then change it to an eps then open it. I may go nuts if I have to do that for all my files while trying to remember to scale them correctly... as for the cutter, it’s butter! So smooth and quiet and fast. I have a blade and holder on order from amazon (hope it’s right). Part of the reason for the cost was the guy had no idea how to use it and didn’t have the time to learn. He got it from a sign shop that got auctioned. The blade is toast, ran it across the vinyl I brought and the vinyl laughed as it refused to be cut. The pen holder worked fine though. it didn’t have the fabric part of the basket but have the skeleton.
  8. MrJoel

    More scalp 5 issues

    So I picked up a second cutter today, a Graphtec 8000. I haven’t messed with it other than test cuts while examining it but every design I cut out was 1/2 the design size. I can’t find any variations in the settings for my titan 3. So then I exported it and opened in Inkscape. Size was off again! But by 30%??? What the heck?
  9. MrJoel

    SCALP 4.074 just screwed me

    did you get this solved? I just added a used graphtec to my lineup and it is doing the same thing on scalp 5
  10. Just picked one up...$500!!!
  11. Well, by “we” I meant the peeps in the shop. I just do installation there. And, of course, they are out of town this weekend...
  12. So, I found a used fc8000-75. It’s a couple hours away but the owner says it works great. What should I be looking for in regards to problems or concerns?
  13. I did find one for $800 same as yours, fc8000-75... debating if I should take the 3 hour drive to go check it out
  14. Other applications with scalp open. If it ain’t on The screen, the machine ain’t movin