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  1. Hey guys, the sea of vinyl options is not one I sail on often (99% of my stuff is reflective) but I have a large job doing large graphics that simply requests air release. It will be white gloss at 28” so a 30” roll possibility would rock. I don’t want to laminate it but it will be premasked so think is ok as long as it’s up stable. Suggestions? It’s only for an 18 month campaign too
  2. It doesn’t actually move but I guess a growl describes it... errrrrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrrrrrrr
  3. Hey y’all, my fc8000 seems to have the motors slightly engaged while the unit is inactive (like between cuts). It just makes a noise kinda like when you advance the rollers but in super slow motion. If I flick the belt it stops for a few minutes but then you can feel the hum through the belt when it starts back up. Any suggestions?
  4. MrJoel

    shape cut outs without spacing in between

    I really am does make life interesting sometimes!
  5. MrJoel

    shape cut outs without spacing in between

    Yeah, I mixed up the 5/8 with the rounded up .58
  6. MrJoel

    shape cut outs without spacing in between

    See, this is 30”x10 yards of reflective 1/2”x5/8” hexagons... if I can save half the cuts and reduce the waste then I’m saving 10-20% of material too. I do a lot of little hexagons!
  7. MrJoel

    shape cut outs without spacing in between

    This is a peel and stick application. if i can do it without a gap between then I don't need to weed it. I do a lot of these and eliminating the weeding would be amazing for me time wise, but it has to aesthetically pleasing for the end customer as well.
  8. hey y'all, just need some help figuring out how to revamp a design I have. It is currently about 4"x6" with 57 hexagons that are 1/2" x 5/8" I currently have a .10" gap between all of them but I want to design this so that there is less cutting going on and that there is no gap between them. I'm at a mental block on how to do this
  9. I sent the control board up to my brother who owns a computer repair shop. He de-soldered the old button and put a new one on. $10
  10. MrJoel

    Weeding suggestions

    I wish I could find some of those locally... I just picked about 4200 1/8” ovals... can’t feel my fingers now!
  11. I got the ones you recommended for me...both for the Titan and the Graphtec. This was a different brand though. It was one in my CB15 holder (I was having issues with the aftermarket CB09 holder so I switched over to the big guy...turns out it was just holding the holder cocked a bit making for some really goofy offset looking issues) graphtec holder is ordered and on the way
  12. I’m barely kissing the backing paper on this stuff. I accidentally left it on making copy of a smaller job I had just cut. And wasn’t sure if I had enough vinyl on the roll for double the large job I was cutting so I stopped it and measured. When I restarted it I think it broke the tip... I’ve dont that on the Titan before because pausing doesn’t actually pick the blade up like the graphtec... but.. I guess that’s where i thought wrong. The cost of errors is well priced into my products but it still hurts
  13. I jinxed myself... tip broke half way through a cut job... lost about 6ft of 30” reflective! Lesson learned
  14. I’ve worked with a couple programs from various shops I worked at... a couple of them would tell the time remaining for the cut job. i do have to say I like the cut quality of the graphtec over the Titan 3. Corners are a bit sharper and cuts are more consistent. I basically run that thing 3 days a week for 6 hours at a time in 5100 series reflective and it just eats it up. The blades are lasting quite a bit longer (same company, same degree...)
  15. Just wondering if there is something that tells you time to complete the cut job you send... trying to perfect my workflow I guess