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  1. The edge of the vinyl was too far from the pinch roller apparently (almost 1.5")
  2. Figured it out...kinda just sits in a tab by lifting up and sliding down while pulling back towards the cartridge...
  3. I stepped away while it was cutting and the feed was off a bit, second row the blade holder hit the side of the vinyl and now the belt is moving but the cutting head is not ... how does it attach? Any instructions anywhere?
  4. Hear works wonders on vinyl and curved surfaces. Laying flat, vinyl has a "memory" to it...heat relaxes the vinyl and should be applied to help lay it down and then again once the vinyl is stuck down (also helps with removal to get the adhesive softened up). Btw, I do car wraps and other graphics installs all day long.
  5. I did submit another ticket to uscutter...I'll see what they say...again
  6. I think it's a program issue, either on the board or something in SCAL. Like I said, the test cuts have a reasonable difference in speeds...once I send it from SCAL I've got turtle or various speeds of race rabbit.
  7. Are they running Mac too? I'm wondering if it's something that can be traced to SCAL and mac (search sucks on my phone right now in limited reception area...)
  8. I'll give that a shot later this week! Great idea
  9. Having issues with not much speed change on my LP2 100 is slow 200-600 are almost the same as measured on a design that took almost 5 minutes to cut out. Test cuts from the machine show significant changes in all speeds... from SCAL pro 3 and 4 on a Mac...not so much
  10. I'm really confused as to how the machine doesn't control offset but does control speed on these things. Any speed changes available in the software?
  11. Seems like a simple programming fix but...
  12. No weed lines this time... even if I do the word "TEST" in 1" letters there really is no speed difference unless I drop down to 100
  13. It changes fine during the test cut setting on the cutter
  14. Yes I did and it's hooked up and running. It was still leaving tags until I upgraded SCAL though. And that was reinstalled twice before the upgrade.
  15. Well...everything is good on the cutting side now. Maybe it was just SCAL 3 pro??? Now about the cutting speed