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  1. Hey y’all, my current needs are getting more and more weird! I have a very high volume item that is cumbersome on my plotters as the backing material won’t feed and is siliconized so it won’t stick to a carrier mat. My solutions seem to be due cutting or a flatbed plotter. Anyone have experience with kids cutting on a die cutter and a solution under $7k?
  2. I usually use solid color 3m 180mc (I think that’s it) and it has a higher tack than most once post heated but even my reflective wasn’t sticking. I paid for a template when I first started doing it but I have my own style now and don’t do it as much anymore... just for a few special peeps in that industry. Leave it to apple to take the most tacky surface in the world and make it have low surface energy now... jeesh
  3. Kinda want to keep them as customers so... might pass on convex... cause it’s on there forever!!!
  4. Ok guys, I usually do some custom skins for my favorite customers when a new phone comes out. I got my 11 pro max today and that matte back glass seems to be adhesive resistant... no bueno! I have a few brands heated and sitting for the night! Suggestions?
  5. Guys, I’m distraught...ok, maybe just a bit bummed because I found a clear transfer tape that worked great for the release liner on 5100 and was clear which is what my customers want in my niche. But...R-Tape changed it up to some textured opaque thing in their 75.1. What Elise is out there that is high tack and clear and will work to stick to the release liner for transportation purposes?
  6. MrJoel

    Clear reflective vinyl???

    Just got asked for a clear reflective vinyl for a unique ghost application... does such a thing exist?
  7. Just wondering what I don't have set up right. I send one job to my fc8000 and it starts cutting. The next job I send to my ce6000 and it sends it to production manager but then it disappears and ends up cutting on the fc8000???
  8. I have been wanting a flatbed cutter for a while but the prices have forced me to use my redneckedness to get by on the couple of jobs I need it for. A friend from a shop a few states away offered me an Ion 300s for a couple of beers and some range time. While the price is good, I can’t find out much about it and don’t know what cutting programs would even work with it... any suggestions? Anyone ever use one?
  9. Trying to do it from The computer and the cutting controller program. I can update it from there and it changes on the cutter but when I hit send, it reverts back to condition 1???
  10. Odd problem tonight. I sent a job through on condition 5 (my setup for reflective) and when I hit send, the plotter decided to revert to condition 1 (indoor vinyl). I tried fixing it on the control panel, then in the pc control panel program but every time I switched it, I hit send and the plotter switched it back to condition 1. I’m at a loss tonight. Whatcha think? What am I missing?
  11. MrJoel

    shape cut outs without spacing in between

    that worked great! thank you!
  12. Bingo, kinda. I did have a thicker material on earlier that I had to adjust down for but it still doesn’t make sense. That means the force is somehow getting increased during the copy???
  13. It’s an amazing feature I use all the time on the big one... this job is just a ton of the same item that has to be done on a cutting mat. Going back to the computer is just an extra step in the 500 pc process
  14. Ok, this is weird! I can send the same job over to the cutter multiple times and it’s fine. If I cut it, then press copy on the control pad, it still cuts a single time but it cuts through the backing paper... what is going on y’all?