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  1. Thanks guys for the suggestions. Last weekend I set the stock 60° blade back to .25mm offset and it ran fine,???? Ran 600 decals in reflective and the only issue I had was forgetting to pull out some vinyl from the roll. It didn't like pulling that for some reason and jacked up a few decals before I noticed... no biggie there
  2. So I switched the blade back to the 45° and hit the test button. Even that is a little off now! I took the holder out, took it apart and removed the blade, made sure there was no debris on it, put the 45 back in and did the test again. Same issue (not as bad as what I started off with last night). So I just switched the 60 in and it was cutting just like the 45 now, still slightly rounded corners. I hooked up the Mac and reset the values back to factory (.31mm offset) and it improved ever so slightly. I ran my file that I was having issues on with the 45 and this still isn't as good but I really need to look at depth or pressure again. It didn't score the backer. I'm toast today after a physical 12 hour day outside doing installs in the heat/sun. I'll report back tomorrow night if I can get it dialed in!
  3. It isn't that small but the 45° blade was pretty much at its limit as to the depth of cut I think. 7 mil is pretty tough and the 60° seemed to be more applicable.
  4. It was cutting reflective fairly good with the 45 just couldn't do some of the smaller stuff on one design. And yes, it is a 60 for sure
  5. I saw that but if you look at the picture of the roland 60 degree blades you can see that there is a 60 degree cut on the front side of the blade and a cut on the back side of the blade....the one that came with my cutter doesn't have that back cut and just goes straight down from the edge of the shank. it would be a beautiful thing if it was the same offset as the 45! Unfortunately, it isn't for me. I'm beginning to really think i somehow got a refurb unit with some wonky stuff. the stand was a bit banged up, it was missing the power cord (still don't have the one they said they were shipping out a week ago, had to steal my wife's laptop cord) and the security stickers on the bottom of the unit were cut like the bottom had been opened... I'll see what they say in the morning when I call. Gotta get some sleep now. Thanks for the help guys!
  6. tip is good, cuts very well out of the plotter/by hand
  7. If you look at the profiles of the blades above this 60 looks much more like what would be a "green cap" with a .50mm offset as there is no double cut on the blade and it just comes straight down the shaft to a point. anyone know what clean cut part number would go in the LP2
  8. followed your steps on depth set up (the pic was on a piece of laminated reflective where the depth was a bit shallow but subsequent tests were done on excess pieces of gold...I mean my main vinyl, 5100 reflective and the blade just kissed the backer)
  9. on all my old plotters the blades listed the offset, I can't find it anywhere on these, and forget trying to look at the spec on anything on the uscutter website, just takes you to the specials pages.
  10. this is getting ridiculous! I've tried every offset from 0.00 mm to 1.25mm and we are closest at 1.05 but the overcut is not right and I've gone from 0.00 to 1.4mm on that. 5 hours playing around on this...sent a support ticket in so we will see what they say.
  11. I'll head back out after the boys are asleep, been a rough few days with my lovely Mrs being sick. I did manage to find this on the ole internet while waiting ... a uscutter guide to laserpoint blades and offsets??? It is old but the blade cap colors are right... however the cuts should have been right on if both the red 45 and the blue 60 really had the same offset amount.
  12. LP2 states that offset is changed through the cutting program...
  13. Stock setting was .31 mm and was perfect for the 45... you would think it is a simple mathematical formula and might be listed on the blade box as to the difference between them. So how does one do a test cut with the new offset? Is it stored in the cutter or do I have to test through the cutting program (SCAL pro 3)
  14. Hey y'all, just switched over to the 60° blade to try some detailed reflective work and hit the test button...needs more blade offset. Just wondering if anyone had the correct value to enter right off hand. I haven't hooked up the Mac to it yet as I have to get the boys in bed soon. Also wondering if the plotter will save those values if the mac is unhooked and I hit test again????
  15. Brilliant and we are in kentucky...unfortunately most of the coal mines have shut down. During the day I do fleet installs and wrap, during the rest of the day I am in seminary, then the rest of the day...well, we are raising up hard working boys that like to have fun making a little spending cash. The key to vinyl seems to be finding a niche for the part time guys doing this...oh and free labor (not factoring in the amount of food those little laborers take in right now...ouch my wallet just screamed again)