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  1. ShaneGreen

    Vinyl Cuter Cutting Sloppily (Circles look like Ovals)

    On a lot of plotters you can substitute a pen adapter by wrapping some masking tape around an ordinary pen until it's thick enough for the carriage to hold it firmly. Ultra fine point Sharpies do a nice job.
  2. ShaneGreen

    Vinyl Cuter Cutting Sloppily (Circles look like Ovals)

    Looking at the ovals/circles, they look to be uniform. Are they all turning out the same? If they are consistent, but not accurate, then that rules out a lot of possible issues. For instance, if some were almost round but others were egg shaped then it might be a problem with the material feeding, but if they are all identically egg shaped then it's not a material feed problem.
  3. ShaneGreen

    show your picture

    The wife, I and both kids this Christmas. Emptynesters now, so it was nice having them home!
  4. ShaneGreen

    Noob Questions

    Slice&Dice, I use 60 CleanCuts on everything. They make a much better cut then the 45s.
  5. ShaneGreen

    Noob Questions

    White is my nemesis. No matter what brand I try it takes more pressure and just doesn't leave as nice a cut as the other colors. I've noticed I can cut a 24" x 60" red or black 3M reflective in two passes and it's a nice clean edge. Cut the same design in white reflective and there is so much drag that the 1st and 2nd cut don't always line up...frustrating. As for the Greenstar, I bought a bunch with my cutter for practice. Didn't care how much I wasted or gave away at the price. It was a great learning experience, because once I got good at cutting and weeding it I switched to 651 and it was night and day different. The 651 cuts, weeds and lays so much nicer! Can't imagine how much time and headache I would have saved myself if I'd just started with 651 and a CleanCut blade....but think of all the lessons I wouldn't have learned.
  6. ShaneGreen

    shape cut outs without spacing in between

    Design it as though you were weeding out every-other octagon. Then weld it all together. If two shapes are next to each other then it cuts both outlines, so the adjoining side is cut twice. But if every-other image is removed/ punched out / whatever-your-softwared-calls-it and the cutting program thinks it's empty (weeded) space and then welded, there won't be overlapping cuts....I think.
  7. ShaneGreen

    Titan 3 start up

    When you are in the vinyl spooler and tell it to cut, is it showing the square on the image of the plotter?
  8. ShaneGreen

    Newbie needs help...

    The type of blade you're using can have a big affect on not lifting the center out of those letters in the future (I know you eliminated them on this project). A lot of folks on here kept preaching the value of a good quality blade, especially the CleanCut brand. I finally listened and it's made a huge difference in the ability of my LaserPoint II to handle detail. Check out this topic from last spring for info and examples.
  9. ShaneGreen

    Stay safe everyone

    Sure is a small world. Growing up we had to go to Morris or Ottawa if we wanted fast food. . .or anything. I only get up there now for weddings and funerals.
  10. ShaneGreen

    Stay safe everyone

    mfatty, I grew up in Seneca. College in Decatur and then lived in Mount Prospect and the Rockford area before running away from the snow and ice! Dakota, I'm with you on the humidity. Spent New Years on top of a mountain in Colorado a few years ago. It was cold, but comfortable. Got back here to 25 degree warmer weather and felt chilled all month. The humidity gets you down deep. ~ I used to have golden retriever that would burrow down in the snow like that and do everything he could to stay outside. The Vet said not to worry, that he'd let me know when it got to cold. . .still couldn't bring myself to let him stay out very long.
  11. If you're using VinylMaster, I went to their YouTube channel and watched EVERY video. Grab a pen and paper and make notes. I listed the name of the video and the minute and second they started talking about the thing I was noteing. Not everything will apply to you, but you'll start to pick up little bits and pieces that will later be second nature. Videos that I knew were important I watched multiple times. Then take a cheep roll of vinyl and practice. Then practice some more. Just learning to properly set the blade to Mz Skeeter's instructions eliminated a huge chunk of my headaches. I probably used up over 200 square feet of cheep stuff before trying my first roll of 651. What a difference a good vinyl made! By starting with the cheep stuff and a factory blade I learned a lot of invaluable lessons. I've burned through yard after yard of 24" vinyl learning before ever attempting to sell anything. It's a long process to get decent at what you're doing. Be patient.
  12. ShaneGreen

    Stay safe everyone

    Grew up in a small farm town an hour south-west of Chicago and sub-zero temperatures weren't that uncommon. After 30 years living in the South I can't wrap my head around being that cold. It's 22 here right now and I worry about the dog when he goes out to the bathroom. My thoughts are with all of you up north. . . stay safe!
  13. ShaneGreen

    eps files viewed as thumbnail??

    Give irfanview a try: It seems to show most common file formats and there are plugins for obscure ones. It also has some handy tools for bulk renaming, etc. I used Adobe Bridge for a couple of months and kept running into problems with it gobbling up resources and hanging up.
  14. ShaneGreen

    Cuyi Vinyl Cutter CTO630 not showing

    I'm with Mz Skeeter on this one. The error box even says "CutspoolerVM3.exe." VM3 as in VinylMaster Version 3. The layout of the pages looks just like a stripped down version of VinylMaster. Well what do you know? Went over to the Signmaster website and it's owned by Future Corp, the same folks who own Vinylmaster. I learned something new today and it's not even noon yet!
  15. ShaneGreen


    I've also got string, a spray bottle with a little soapy water, a sprayer of rinse water, window cleaning squeege and some rubber covered magnets.