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  1. ShaneGreen

    Decal Storage

    I like that idea. There should be an accordion folder laying around here somewhere, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks! Now to find something for these longer ones.
  2. Thanks Haumana, but that's what I'm doing and it's not there. Even tried pulling one from the Font Manager and it doesn't show up.
  3. Often when I'm setting up a cutfile in VM I'll have some room left over so I through an extra decal in there rather than letting the vinyl go to waste. It makes great samples to give away. I'll also use the extra space to test if a design can be cut that small and still easily weeded. My problem is storage. Apparently throwing them on top of the filing cabinet doesn't really qualify as proper storage. I thought about a flat file like I've used for blueprints, but they are way to big. Anyone have any great storage ideas? If it's portable you earn extra points!
  4. I went to Future Corp for the VM support. Hopefully they will be quicker than US Cutter. I haven't had the best of luck with them. Love the products and pricing, but customer service seems to be hit-or-miss.
  5. Yes, I think I'll have to send a support request. I looked and some of the files have Saturday's date on them, so it did update something.
  6. Yes, ran the exe.
  7. LOL. . .Dakota. I read that and went "well crap, I did reboot...didn't I?" So just to make sure, I've rebooted and reopened VM. No change
  8. I went to the website and downloaded the latest. Still says V4.0 and "updated 12/19/17." Is there another way to update it? I thought it updated automatically.
  9. The blue arrow to activate the menu doesn't appear until you start typing text on the arc.
  10. ShaneGreen

    Text Flows

    You also have to start typing some text on the arc before the blue arrow appears. It's not exactly intuitive, but it does show up.
  11. I have VM Pro V4.0 and can't find that heart shaped button.
  12. ShaneGreen

    Hello Fellow Beings... :0)

    Reverse graffiti is just starting to catch on in the US, but it's been going strong for quite a few years in Europe. As long as you aren't slandering, advertising for profit and you stay on public property it's usually not considered vandalism by the courts. I've been looking at doing some to promote the local public library.
  13. ShaneGreen

    VM, SCALP?

    I went to VM's youtube channel and whatched EVERY video, even the ones that didn't apply to me, and took a ton of notes. Rewinding and watching important parts over again. Then I upgraded to VM Pro and haven't looked back. It does have a bit of a learning curve, but it's a well thought out piece of software. It also has a number of features in Pro that are great when you're cutting multiple designs or copies. It seems to be focused on you running a vinyl business vs crafting. Just my 2 cents. . .
  14. ShaneGreen

    holographic vinyl

    I got a bunch of Greenstar interior and exterior vinyl with my cutter and burned through a lot of it learning. Then I ordered some Oracal 651 and couldn't believe the difference. The 651 is 10x better to work with. It doesn't stretch as easily, it cuts smoother in curves, finer details hold up, etc. Do yourself a huge favor and stay away from the Greenstar, and cricut and any of the other low-end "house brand" vinyls. The little bit of price difference will pay for itself in how much better it cuts.
  15. ShaneGreen


    Love this idea Haumana! I just did some temporary and it was a royal pain to remove. Next time I'll use your trick!