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  1. cool idea for shirts

    Many towns have watermain shut offs along the streets or sidewalks that are anywhere from 3"-8". Most of them were sand castings so it was no big deal to customize them with the cities name or even their logo. Like "Seneca Water Auth." or "Brookfield Addition". At an art fair in Batesville, AR last year they were printing the watermain on the shirt sleeve and the manhole on the body. I think it was a $10 donation to the Arts Council. It was really cool.
  2. Guillotine Cutter

    Has anyone tried using a guillotine cutter for trimming vinyl? If it cuts cleanly you'd have nice square corners. Don't know if it would save any time. Just one of those thoughts that's been gnawing at me.
  3. My LPII has a different cable than that, with a different part number. E256404
  4. Turning off the vinyl cutter between cuts

    I run a LPII off of a usb cable and have no problems (but others have) and VinylMaster Pro. It will run a 45 minute job (a dozen different decals set up as one cutfile), I change out vinyl colors and run another cutfile, multiple times, without needing to reboot anything. The same computer may also have 4 or 5 other programs open at the same time. Now I did have one issue I've ran into a couple of times you can look for. While it's cutting I've gone to another screen like File Explorer or Inkscape. When I go to cut again it either appears locked up or wants to cut the same thing again. What would happen is that VM had given a pop-up alert box but since I had another program open, the pop-up was buried and I didn't see it. The program couldn't operate until I took care of the pop-up. So next time it locks up look down in your task bar and see if VM may have an extra screen open that you don't see.
  5. New guy 1st post

    I wonder how well the vinyl rolls will hold up sitting in a vehicle for days. The heat can get pretty high. They ship UPS | FedEx | USPS so they can handle it for a couple of days, but I wonder about longer term. Anyone have any experience?
  6. Under "Tools" there is a "Weedbox Offset" that controls how big the weedbox is around an image. I forget what the default is, but I changed mine to 0.05in. I could swear there is a setting for how much room it leaves between them if you are cutting multiples, but I can't find the setting. In the cut spooler you can click "settings" and "tight packing" and that will reduce the space between multiple images....but only for this cut. You'll have to reset it each time you go to cut something.
  7. Sample display boards?

    Slice&Dice, you're right, "smooth" probably wasn't the right word to use. It has the long lines from the ribs, but the surface has no other texture so the vinyl adheres really well. From 5 feet away it you don't really notice the corrugations unless you're looking for it.
  8. Sample display boards?

    Sheets of coroplast. Lightweight, smooth, relatively cheep and holds up to handling.
  9. Small Lettering

    I had to adjust the offset to 0.25 and it had been at 0.40. The difference was incredible. You won't regret going with Clean Cut!
  10. Blade choices?

    Recently there was a thread where we discussed the merits of different blades. I cut the same image with a standard 45 and then with a Clean Cut 60...HUGE difference. I'll never go back.
  11. Loss of pressure while cutting

    Try making an image that's full width and an inch high (so you don't waste a bunch of vinyl). Make a box with a repeating shape or letter in it. If it's a mechanical problem, you should see the issue start to appear as it moves to the left.
  12. SC2 Cut examples with photos

    Once you have the "test" pattern showing nice square corners, open up VinylMaster and create a new file. Add a circle, square, and triangle from the pre-designed shapes. Then put some text in different fonts and sizes around it. Try cutting that. If you're using one of the fonts supplied with Vinylmaster then you can be assured that it's not the file. I fought with really rough cut text and found that the files I was using were just poor tracing like Mz Skeeter said. To make matters worse, when I created a testing file I picked a "hand drawn" font the first time around....stick with something straight and universal, like Arial.
  13. Dirt Bike Template KTM 250sx

    Wildgoose, do they use that same plastic finish on atvs? My wife had an Arctic cat that wasn't a problem, but everything would fall off my Polaris after a month. We don't 4-wheel anymore, but have lots of friends who do, and they've talked about getting some decals made.
  14. VM worksheets

    I sure appreciate the help. The worksheet is way better than cutting and pasting a bunch of images to a proof sheet.
  15. VM worksheets

    Thanks skarekrow! Wow, that's a round-about way of getting to a command, how did you even find it? I wonder why they took it out of the toolbar and menu.. As far as adding notes, in the video he just uses the text tool and adds text,