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    Cutter Receiving but not cutting

    Sorry, forgot the software/hardware info. I'm using Inkscape on both Linux and windows with the inkcut 1.0 extension. On Linux i'm connecting to ttyUSB0, which is the one detailed in dmesg. On the windows side I'm connecting it to a generic raw printer and selecting that printer in Inkcut 1.0. Also on Linux I've tried sending the HPGL file directly to the com port using cat 'filename.hpgl' > /dev/ttyUSB0 I've also tried write a small file to just move the head with the pen inserted. IN;SP1;PD100,100;PU0.0;IN As I said the cutter receives the file because the screen flashes up with 'cutting .......' then it just goes off.
  2. I've got a Liyu SC631 cutter, which has not been used for some while. I came to use it yesterday and it will not print/cut. I've tried it from Linux and Windows 10, using a direct USB cable, Prolific USB to Serial cable and an FTDI cable. all but the FTDI cable display on the screen of the cutter display ' Cutting .....' and then goes back to the menu, but the head doesn't moved and nothing comes out on the cutter. Any ideas?