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  1. Looks like I will most likely be purchasing Vinylmaster. Just downloaded the demo to see what it can all do and seems to be equivalent enough to work.
  2. That would make sense. Now that you mention that, I think what I have been doing is selecting "break apart" due to not being able to simply "ungroup" when I open the .eps in flexisign. I believe the ungroup option is grayed out. Is there another way to separate the different designs from each other without breaking it apart when the ungroup command is grayed out? MZ SKEETER, you said you cut 2 of the designs that I posted earlier just fine. How did you separate those 2 designs from the others? Was your ungroup command grayed out or no?
  3. I've been cutting 24" x 10ft length designs no problem with it, thank you very much. By unlimited I meant larger than what SCAL and some other programs allow you to.
  4. From what I am reading about vinylmaster, it may the the way to go for the time being. The question is, can I use vinylmaster on multiple cpmputers? Or can I still design in inkscape on my work computer and open the files in vinylmaster once I get home after work?
  5. Never knew that. The computer came with the cutter when I bought it since it had the software on it already. Never heard of a software needing a dongle to work. Looks like I got screwed, huh? Crap! Well, I guess flexisign is out of the question now since it's way too expensive to purchase "again". What other software can do large format (30" x unlimited length), but doesn't cost close to $1k? I've heard Sure Cuts A Lot is good, but it limits the length you can cut to 72". Is this true? Sorry for all this. Glad I am aware now that this software isn't legit. Gotta do some research on other software now...
  6. Sorry. Had a work meeting till late last night. I know its flexisignpro 10 and I am using a yescom 34" vinyl cutter (shown below). I know it can't be the cutter itself since when opening the .eps file in flexisignpro and "breaking the design apart, it shows all the individual lines that were created for some reason. So it has to be either the way I am saving the .eps from inkscape or the way flexisign is opening the .eps
  7. Here is also the settings I use in Inkscape when saving as an .eps
  8. Here is the Inkscape .svg file along with the .eps file saved from Inkscape as well. Thanks <files removed my moderator >
  9. I've had good success here with finding answers to issues in the past, but I can try them too.
  10. Yes its a subscription. Would this have anything to do with the issue I am having with opening inkscape .eps files in flexisignpro or?
  11. If you mean that the actual program itself is on a thumb drive, then no. Its on my personal computer at home and not "portable" in a sense.
  12. I dont use a thumb drive. When I do a design in inkscape at work, I have been saving it as an .EPS file and emailing it to myself. Then I just download the .EPS from my email on my personal computer. Then open it in Flexi.
  13. I have flexisign pro on my personal computer at home (where I do the cutting for my side business). When I have a little down time at the office for my day job I do design work in Inkscape (since I cannot download Flexisign on my work computer). I will get the flexisign pro versio for you tonight when I get home. I run Windows 10 on my personal computer.
  14. Hey guys. I have been looking for a solution to this. have even contacted a few places and still haven't heard anything back. Hoping someone here can help. Here is my issue... I create a design in Inkscape, save as a .EPS file, and open it up in FlexiSign Pro. It shows up fine on the screen in Flexi, but when I go to cut it on my cutter, all the lines that make up the design have been broken up into even smaller lines. This makes for a pretty bad cut, visually and for weeding since there are so many breaks. For an example, instead of doing one smooth pass to cut out a circle, Flexi breaks the circle up into 10 or so curved lines. Now the cutter has to start and stop 10 times to cut of the same circle, causing breaks and not so smooth cuts. What am I doing wrong between Inkscape and Flexi for Flexi to open the design up this way and send it to the cutter this way too?!?! Thanks.