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  1. thank you for all the input
  2. i have it up to 3.00mm and it still doing it
  3. i will say it definitely better but not completely gone IMG_4058.MOV
  4. lol i use 2 of those
  5. what should that be because its set to default which on here is 1.00mm
  6. i tried or what i thought was the half the credit card depth. heres a video IMG_4056.MOV
  7. tried my best with the photo lol
  8. do you mean how far does it stick out of the blade holder ?
  9. i also don't know if the setting are changing when i change it on the computer to the cutter is there anyway to let if they have actually changed ?
  10. it doesn't seem so i was on the default setting 0.30 then went to 0.20 and nothing changed.
  11. thank you for that but it didn't help me fix the problem i applicate the attempt tho.
  12. Hi Everyone, i am semi new to the vinyl cutting thing i use to work with it at my old job, but that has sense gone out of business. So My brother and have started a business doing custom stickers and apparel. we purchased a titan cutter second hand not knowing how far we are going to with this. but it came with no instructions. i have it setup but overtime i cut a test with the test botton on the cutter the test has these little like dog ears on it in one side of the inner triangle and another on the bottom of the cutter most cut. is there any way to fix this ? Thanks for the Help Connor