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  1. Fixed the problem!!!!! Mz skeeter , Dakotagrafx, So i get the crazy idea of restoring the cutter to factory settings and that did the trick i guess some sort of setting. anyways I'm cutting with my cutter !! perfect timing i need to cut 3 jobs a total of 1000 decals 2x4 inches. thank you all!!
  2. Mz Skeeter, Setting are set at Offset 0, Speed 20, Acceleration 1 Cutforce 15, As for the blade depth my buddy who has a graphtec came and adjusted it. Pinch rollers are good . Man this is frustrating for having a new machine
  3. Just purchased a graphtec ce 6000-60 i own a mac i downloaded graphtec studio and plug in for adobe i have this 2x4 inch eps file which im trying to cut and i have others with the same issuesits just not cutting the small details look at the e on USED CARS on Martinez and the cut outs on the o,r,a don't even cut out correctly seems like it can't handle the curves. 45 degree blade i tried slowing it down the last pic is the actual eps file pic its clean . please help