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  1. Anetski

    Contour cutting phototex

    what blade do you use exactly? I have a graphtec 6000 and a CB15UA-5 blade. Its not doing well with intricate cuts.
  2. it depends. its normally shapes of different things, dinosaurs, whales etc and so many little bits on them and it just frays in the tiny spots. Drives me nuts. So do you cut original fabric? what blade do you use? I was told by another person to use CB09UA-1 but I cannot find that on the blades list. It has to be a 60 degree blade right?
  3. Hi I have a Graphtec ce6000 cutter and I only cut phototex (original NOT opaque) but I have been using a 45degree angle blade (CB15UA-5) and they just cant do the intriquet cuts. I have now been told I need a 60 degree blade. Could anyone thatcut phototex help me which blade is the best for the original material. The blade list on the Graphtec website confuses me. Help pls. Thank you
  4. HI I am using a Graphtec Ce6000 cutter and I cut the Aqueous version of Photo Tex. I have absolutely no problems in cutting squares but everytime I cut circles or anything else but a square angles it leaves a tiny piece not cut through. It is the spot where it starts cutting and where it finishes that is left unfinished. It drives me bunkers. I have the special needle required (CB15UA) and I have slowed down the speed to 10 and also played around with the force and the Offset and nothing works. Help please.