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  1. On 8.5.2017 at 4:44 AM, Koldnrg said:

    Thanks!  Yeah just started, layering vinyl is nerve racking, assembling it all before applying.   Starting to wonder if layering it on site wouldn't work better.  Then again if I mess one up at home I can just remake it.  On site kinda screwed.  

    Layering? They look printed :o Nice job.

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  2. 19 hours ago, Sal316 said:

    Everything in the US is bigger, including our egos. 

    Nice job on the install. Looks nice and clean like Dakota said. 

    Thanks man! I envy your huge food portions though :rolleyes: 

  3. 14 hours ago, Go-C Graphics said:

    Quit thinking dude and look at the facts.   You didn't make any money off this deal.   You wasted your time.  

    You're not a business.................  You're a Charity.  Not a bad thing if that's what you're going for.    

    I'm sorry......   can you please point me to your references that state if you're self taught your time isn't worth as much. I don't believe I've read that book.  

    Considering I'm self taught also I might need to read what you are.  If you're producing high quality work it doesn't matter how you learned it.  

    Read your quote above........  You're working for free.

    I charged him 350 dollars for this job and it was a very easy job so I did make decent money. But the thing is, other companies in Norway would charge 800 dollars minimum for the same job.

    I am self taught, not to brag but I believe my work is worth a lot more than even what those companies charge. It is impossible for them to compete with my skills without paying their graphic designers a ton of money. I know they have a collection of clip arts they use, and download from Google. 

    I would love to charge more but cant risk losing a potential customer and earning 0

  4. On 3.5.2017 at 9:36 PM, Dakotagrafx said:

    shop rate here is $50/hr - at the rate you are charging you will hardly be able to replace equipment and supplies as needed.   think ahead about upgrading your equipment every 2-3 years until you have a a solid servo cutter (even then I update every 3 years) - you need to make a decent wage and not have it be more money in your pocket working at McDonald.    you can provide you product at a rate that pays you decent but still at a rate that is reasonable to the customer.   I work from home so I do not have to work 2+ weeks a month to pay someone else rent but think of the cost for those that do have a store front - I can assure you they do not work for $5/hr . . . . for very long that is

    When you say $50/hr. Does that include designing, cutting, weeding etc. The time it takes for you to drive from your home to the customer etc. Or only installing the graphic?

  5. 1 minute ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    If you look at videos, they really squeegee the heck out it, to get the liquid out from under the decal...  Pretty much squeegee it til it's dry. 

    I know but some products like the one i bought earlier are designed to reduce tack permanently so the vinyl peels off easier. Thats what the supplier told be when I complained about it taking too long to dry.

  6. 2 hours ago, Dakotagrafx said:

    personally I like it and like the clean classy look but that is just me

    Thanks, thats what I was going for. Something clean and classy that draws attention.

  7. On 4.5.2017 at 0:05 AM, MZ SKEETER said:

    Here is a Rapid Tac Norway.   distributor,   So it says...

    Sandnes Custom Service Ltd.
    Jaerveien 151
    4321 Sandnes




    icon_telephone.gif 47 91113508
    icon_fax.gif 47 40106525


    I checked their website, they dont sell rapid tac anymore <_< I found another company that sells something called Hexis Easypose Application fluid. Have you tried or heard about it? In the description it says: Reduces tak for wet application on glass. I know it sounds right, but I bought something similar from a different brand once. And it didn't work at all. It did reduce the tack but took the vinyl up to 2 days for it to dry and stick so Im very sceptical 

  8. 2 hours ago, Dakotagrafx said:

    if the milk ain't worth the squeezin then sell the cow - working for free doesn't pay the bills 

    I dont work for free, I charge a price that I just randomly come up with, I just offer a lot of my services for free. I know other companies charges a lot for those services but they can afford losing some customers, I cant. I still haven't tried charging for those services though. Maybe I should but I dont want to scare them away.


    21 hours ago, Dakotagrafx said:

    PS why 3 profiles? purple cuts, mangekyousharingan and amaterasu:huh:

    I made my accounts with dummy mail addresses to avoid spam, then I lost my login info. This one was fortunately synced to iCloud.


    18 hours ago, Go-C Graphics said:

    I'm a 1 man band.  I charge for what I do because my customers don't know how to do it or they don't want to.  

    You need to sit down and re-adjust your thinking. Hell you and @JLS Design need start talking and with both of you researching I'm sure you guys can come up with a better business plan.  

    You're working for free because you don't want to lose a customer.   They aren't customers if they aren't paying.  They are called master and you're a slave.   

    If you're serious about doing this and making real money you need to turn off the cutter, shut down the graphics program, and google the hell out of "How to run a business."

    I'm no pro but I'm learning.  I can make graphics and install them but you want to know the hardest thing about it all?  Actually learning how to run a business.  My sales are going up and my GOOD paying customers are coming back to me.  

    It just takes time.  

    Im thinking its better to make a little money than to make 0. Thats why I do almost everything for free.

    For instance the last job I did, I designed the logo for free, installed the graphics for free, cleaned his windows and removed the old vinyl for free, charged nothing for delivery.. He asked me to make him 3 posters, I dont own a printer so I offered him to design the posters for free so he could print them out at a printshop. 

    16 hours ago, slice&dice said:

    When making signs (which is all I do) my design expertise is included within the price, and I calculate in a charge of $80/hr.

    Normally, a sign requires very little effort (first or second proof gets approved) and I can live with adding a cost of only $20. for 15 mins. just to type in and arrange words in SignBlazer.




    cleaners v2.JPG

    Im afraid they will turn my offer down completely if I charge anything like that


    8 hours ago, JLS Design said:

    @Go-C Graphics is right on.  Check out my thread here: 

    I've been researching myself on pricing and rates.  The responses in my thread are pretty good pointers, and well worth jotting down.  I've learned not selling yourself short for your services that either a.) no one wants to do, or b.) no one can do.  I have a rate already set, for now, for my graphic work.  I'm self taught, so I only charge $50 for the first 3 hours, and $25 each additional.  Most of my customers are OK with that rate, and I've had several repeat customers.  Now, I'm working on rates for decals, cutting & prepping, and installation.  

    Ill check your thread 

  10. 15 hours ago, slice&dice said:

    That chicken is as big as a cow!

    I sure hope you got them to prepare a nice meal for you, in addition to being paid cash. Whenever I do work for a restaurant, I'm in the habit of asking for something from their menu. Especially pizza joints, mmmmmmmmmm.


    I know, I made it smaller at first, but then I thought, they are serving kebabs.. Who cares? It works better this way, maximum.... whats the word Im looking for?


    15 hours ago, slice&dice said:

    That chicken is as big as a cow!

    I sure hope you got them to prepare a nice meal for you, in addition to being paid cash. Whenever I do work for a restaurant, I'm in the habit of asking for something from their menu. Especially pizza joints, mmmmmmmmmm.


    They are opening tomorrow, I joked about it and then they said they will give me a free meal if I work for free, they joked too but I cant see them giving me free food to be honest :P

  11. Do you guys work alone or own a company with employees? I work alone.  I thought we could talk about our business model, what we do, and how. Share some experience etc.

    I want to charge my customers for logo design but I keep making free logos because Im afraid to lose a potential customer.

    Do you guys remove old vinyl and clean windows/cars for free?  I do it for free.. What about delivery/application ? I do that for free too.  :( :lol:

  12. 22 hours ago, MZ SKEETER said:

       Practice..There are many youtube videos out there for different products...What ever you choose,, you should have that figured in with your job cost...Vinyl. and all supplies,and your time for installing....How much money and time do you lose, recutting and reinstalling when something does not stick?  And you lose on your reputation, not being professional having to redo  jobs all the time...and not on time...

    You are absolutely right, reputation means everything and I shouldnt risk ruining it to save money that is nothing next to what I could potentially make.


    8 hours ago, darcshadow said:

    With some practice, you should be able to put a graphic that size on dry pretty easily.

    I Wish!!. I wouldn't be able to install a small 10x10 even if my life depended on it.

  13. 1 hour ago, Sue2 said:

    Does look nice and clean....

    only thing I would question is the cow...looks like a dairy cow... not a meat/beef type.


    Its called "storfe" Thats how the cows look like in Norway. They are huge and buffed in the U.S right? Ive seen them in movies :P


  14. 16 minutes ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    Just looking on Ebay  to me  $15.98 (32 oz with sprayer),  but $10.49 shipping  So  $26.47  32 oz. 

    Just found 1 cheaper, limited quantities  $20.98  Free shipping

    I have to pay 50 dollars incl shipping for right on. How long does it last though? Is it enough with 2-3 sprays on a.. lets say, 100x70 cm graphic?

  15. 4 minutes ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    Right-On sounds like what you need,  Starts bonding in 3 minutes. 

    The perfect solution for fast and effortless application of self adhesive films without air bubbles and wrinkling. Right-On allows the film to be repositioned after initial application. It offers all the advantages of soap and water, but it works faster. Spray the substrate and adhesive layer of the film, apply the film and slide it effortlessly in to position. The film begins to bond after just 3 minutes and you can even start working it into channels immediately. Right-On Spray will not affect the adhesive layer. Suitable for use on all types of wet application film.

    spot on (pun intended) Thanks I will definitely buy a couple bottles. Its almost 30 USD for 1L though :( How much do you guys pay for rapid tac? 

  16. 15 minutes ago, security802 said:

    I would switch to SPLASH or Rapidtac for app fluid, I was using the homemade and had issues same as you. Switched to SPLASH from USCutter and no issues since...knock on wood

    And 751 is cast and longer life span too instead of 651


    14 minutes ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    why? it's not the vinyl's fault.. Like you said, it won't dry...I would not put my reputation on soap, water, and alcohol...Use a professional product made for the job.  Rapid Tac and other brands are made for what you are doing. Surely they sell them there.  And I hope your using paper application tape.


    I was actually thinking about changing to 751, but they dont sell splash or rapid tac here, they sell something called right on. Pretty expensive stuff but I would gladly pay the money if it fixes my problem. Yes I am using paper application tape. 

  17. I use oracal 651 and use soap, water + alcohol as my application fluid. I have no problem installing on cars or other metal, aluminium etc surfaces. But installing on windows is hell. It won't dry, I usually have to wait 24-48 hours for it to dry. Sometimes it dries within an hour or so but not completely. If I try to remove the masking tape parts of it will come of with 0 problem but it will pull some parts of the graphic creating millions of bubbles, ruining everything. Should I change from 651 to something better? 

  18. On 3.4.2017 at 10:01 PM, Jesse.karbowski said:

    Thanks for all the help! I have some experience with Illustrator and I usually don't have an issue figuring things out on my own, but for some reason this just wasn't coming out how I was picturing it. I did end up figuring it out by using a few of the techniques you suggested and combining them. Don't mind the horrible cutting lines, i was using an old blade :P Thanks again!


    May I ask what font this is?