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  1. 47 minutes ago, Dakotagrafx said:

    if it is a true uv like roland uses you will probably be good for 3+years  as long as it isn't in a wear area like the font bumper or over a door handle - just make sure he us using UV Cured ink and not UV resistant water based ink - HUGE difference - UV cured ink is made to last on vinyl - many home printers came out with uv resistant ink to make the pictures etc last longer from fading but has to be used with special coated vinyl and that is where the product usually fails.   UV Cured ink is much like solvent and latex but the printers are more expensive than solvent and bulb maintenance can be expensive from what I read a couple years ago - so not as common.  where the uv cured is popular is in areas that require a product made with less toxic materials than solvent

    I think it is true UV, but he told me it is not recommended to use laminate on UV ink. The decals are going to be put on the doors and on the rear bumper of taxi cars. So Im a bit worried it wont last without laminate but he says laminate is not recommended, Im a little confused now :huh:

  2. I need a couple of printed stickers for cars. Im going to outsource the job to a big company. They told me that they use UV printers but they dont laminate. Does anyone here know how long the print will last without laminate? I doubt it will survive the winter here or many carwashes before it will tear apart or the colors will start to wear off.

  3. 5 hours ago, Primal Decals said:

    I use the uscutter brand Greenstar paper tape , and i have no complaints when i use it on  951,751,651


    3 hours ago, Wildgoose said:

    I recomend trying out both. Next time you need some a slightly different size try another style. You will hone in on your favorites. I keep a 12" roll of either the GStar stuff which works pretty good but has slightly warbled edges when doing upside down applications) or 4075RLA and a 24" roll of 4076RLA and at the moment I have a 15" roll of the Transfer-rite Ultra 592 High tack (which has worked great) and a 10" roll of clear choice AT65. Also a little left on a 24" roll of HT55 but it's getting old and not working as well. Each has it's place and I don't like to waste the expensive wide rolls on little stuff. 

    I was wrong. Its not RLA 4075 and RLA 4076. Its RLA 4775 and Aplitape 4885. Which one do I chose? I have to choose quick before they ship my order :unsure::lol:

  4. 28 minutes ago, Wildgoose said:

    Did you buy the 4075 or the 4075RLA? Not that I know if it will make a difference with the 5600E because I have not used that vinyl. The RLA version of 4075 has a little different component that makes it stay stuck to the career sheet around the edges of the cut vinyl. Not absolutely necessary but advantageous for shipping to people. You can add a small piece of masking tape in a couple strategic locations to keep it down just as easy. The high tack of either will probably work fine on the reflective. Biggest thing I think i see is that if you are doing large format prints and such then you don't have to have as high a tack because solid pieces pull up and transfer relatively easy and the added work of pulling off higher tack is unnecessary. However I don't think the higher tack will cause an issue per-se other than harder to pull. On cut vinyl the higher tack really helps to pull up the edges of cuts and transfer properly. I am with  Dakota I feel like the transfer tape is less tacky that it was a few years ago. I keep wondering if I got an old dried out roll or something. I like REALLY high tack although if one were using the wet method this might make removal trouble. 

    I bought the 4075 RLA. The one I use now is a local brand, it works really great on large cut vinyl and also on small cut vinyl alone. Like a small sized telephone number alone. But it is a nightmare to use on mixed sizes. If I have a design with both large and small cut areas it will only pull the large cut areas. 

    I actually want to change to 4076 RLA but Im worried about it not letting go of the vinyl once applied to the surface 

  5. 4 minutes ago, Dakotagrafx said:

    heck it seems lately none of it is as strong as it used to be - personally I have never had a problem but 951 is a very small portion of what I have used 

    Do you use something similar to 951? I have ordered 4075, Im going too send it to a new (potential) customer, so I am very nervous and cant afford both 4075 and 4076. I can change my order to 4076 if 4075 isn't strong enough. 

  6. On 17.5.2017 at 1:13 AM, dcbevins said:

    How old is the blade holder?  A bad one might account for what you are seeing.  Maybe there is a bit of vinyl clogged inside it.  Hard use and one can go bad in a year.   More for light use.

    its just two months old. I dont think its the blade holder because it cuts fine in one are 


    On 17.5.2017 at 1:51 AM, Wildgoose said:

    My bet is your cutting strip is the issue or perhaps the roller track. If it will cut properly in one area of the cutting bed and not in another that sounds like your cutting strip is not even. Might not show abuse and could just be twisted slightly or such that it prevents good contact. Do a test by cutting some strips that span the whole width of your cutter. 

    I called support and told them about the problem and that I have talked to you guys and mentioned the cutting strip. They are going to send me a new one. Hopefully it will solve all my problems.

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  7. I have no idea why it happens, but I am 100% sure it is not a coincidence and not a bad file, nor is it bad vinyl. As it happens no matter what file or vinyl I use.

    I send my file to the cutter, cut it, weed it. Despite some pulls and tears, and bad rounded corners, All goes smoothly and weeds without any struggle.



    Now here is the problem

    I move the blade to the left and cut again, but this time it wont weed!!



    I tried upping the pressure but, still, no good results. The first one cuts fine though. 

    This is very weird. :wacko::blink:

    I know its not the vinyl because it happens even if I change the vinyl. Its not the file either because it happens with whatever design I use

  8. 18 hours ago, mfatty500 said:

    Try putting the transfer tape on before you weed, remove from backing paper and then weed and put back on the paper. Reverse weeding, if you will

    This didn't work for me


    18 hours ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    also wondering why you lowered the force?  Maybe now it is not cutting as well, and making you lift the parts with the excess vinyl.. 

    I read somewhere that using too much pressure might push the excess vinyl down, making it harder to weed.


    2 hours ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    Something else to keep in mind with vinyl,   don't cut up a bunch of decals ahead,  only cut what you can weed soon, as the cuts will actually self heal themselves,  then you will have a lot of problems,,   

    I didn't know about this, I was going to cut 30+ at a time, you saved me a lot of trouble now!


    51 minutes ago, darcshadow said:

    While that design is not the easiest, it shouldn't be too hard and with the amount of trouble you're having I would suspect you don't have your blade depth, and/or pressure set exact enough.

    Going back and adding in some cut lines could help a great deal as well. A cut line where the steam of the leaves would be would help quite a bit I think.

    You are right, I have played with the blade depth, pressure settings and how close the bladeholder is to the vinyl. Ive been getting much better results, but Im still not satisfied. I have come to the conclusion that A: it is either blade depth / pressure / bladeholder, or B:  it is A combined with the fact that my cutter cant cut better than this.

  9. 14 minutes ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    Doesn't your cutting software have some weeding lines feature that would help you?  Also an exacto knife  #11 blade is your friend.  That and sewing needles...are what I use.

    It looks like your just ripping the excess vinyl off.  I also use  the eraser end of a pencil to hold down small parts....Patience.  You should have tried the job first before, agreeing to do it.  To me that is not hard..I do stuff like that all the time,,,My niche' is very detailed designs.   

    I do that too, I press it down with the weeding tool I use, and it usually works, but this time, Im having some real trouble. 

  10. 14 minutes ago, Wildgoose said:

    I am assuming you are showing this in wore frame mode? 57cm is like 22 inches. You must have something set off if it's giving you troubles at that size. If I have a job with small details that I know are going to be more "fun" I switch and use higher end vinyl like Oracal 751 and it makes a lot of difference. Generally the time saved in weeding issues more than makes up for the cost in vinyl. They last longer too. 

    Fine details are one of the areas that higher end cutters shine. 

    Correct, this is how it looks like. I have a Chinese cutter. I already ordered 651 in 3 different colors, as he wants 33 stickers in each 3 colors. So Im going to use 651 for this job and then switch over to 751. What could I have sett off? "Trouble" is a big understatement5918e148e5332_Skjermbilde2017-05-15kl_00_58_53.thumb.png.4156037cc2884dd476d9655ecec0910b.pngI

  11. 44 minutes ago, slice&dice said:

    Alter the design so it's not 'open' like that.

    Also, there's no such website.


    They dont have a website yet, they are going to make a new one, I just made the logo, but I didn't know it would be almost impossible to weed .

    Do you mean alter the design like this? The hardest part is weeding the small stuff around the shield. This wont help with that5918dc246d8ed_Skjermbilde2017-05-15kl_00_36_12.thumb.png.3d8513b48575710f2032c09e3b477cea.png 

  12. Hi, I need to make 100 stickers of this design. Weeding it is a nightmare, especially the small stuff around the shield. The sticker is 57*12 CM.

    Any tips on how to make it weed better? I tried lowering the pressure setting on my cutter to 280 but that didn't help.


  13. Hi, I need to make 100 stickers of this design. Weeding it is a nightmare, especially the small stuff around the shield. The sticker is 57*12 CM.

    Any tips on how to make it weed better? I tried lowering the pressure setting on my cutter to 280 but that didn't help.


    Skjermbilde 2017-05-14 kl. 21.13.07.png