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  1. Hi, there is a Versacamm 300 for sale 800 dollars. The only problem is that it doesn't cut straight. What do you think? Can we fix it ?
  2. If you cut a and weed but wait with the application tape, lets say, you wait a couple of days or 1 week before you put application tape on. Will you struggle with the vinyl not releasing from the backing paper?
  3. I ordered 4775 RLA, ill let you know how it works. 4775 RLA is supposedly the premium version of 4075 RLA
  4. I was wrong. Its not RLA 4075 and RLA 4076. Its RLA 4775 and Aplitape 4885. Which one do I chose? I have to choose quick before they ship my order
  5. I bought the 4075 RLA. The one I use now is a local brand, it works really great on large cut vinyl and also on small cut vinyl alone. Like a small sized telephone number alone. But it is a nightmare to use on mixed sizes. If I have a design with both large and small cut areas it will only pull the large cut areas. I actually want to change to 4076 RLA but Im worried about it not letting go of the vinyl once applied to the surface
  6. What a relief Do you know if it will work well with 5600E? 5600E is a reflective film in case you didn't know.
  7. Do you use something similar to 951? I have ordered 4075, Im going too send it to a new (potential) customer, so I am very nervous and cant afford both 4075 and 4076. I can change my order to 4076 if 4075 isn't strong enough.
  8. Even for 951? Isn't 4076 too strong for 951?
  9. Should I go with RLA 4075 or 4076?
  10. its just two months old. I dont think its the blade holder because it cuts fine in one are I called support and told them about the problem and that I have talked to you guys and mentioned the cutting strip. They are going to send me a new one. Hopefully it will solve all my problems.
  11. It looks completely fine, but I could be wrong.
  12. I managed to almost fix my problem but ran into another one along the way. This is a very weird. I dont think anyone knows how to fix it but it definitely deserves a new thread so I made another one.
  13. I have no idea why it happens, but I am 100% sure it is not a coincidence and not a bad file, nor is it bad vinyl. As it happens no matter what file or vinyl I use. I send my file to the cutter, cut it, weed it. Despite some pulls and tears, and bad rounded corners, All goes smoothly and weeds without any struggle. Now here is the problem I move the blade to the left and cut again, but this time it wont weed!! I tried upping the pressure but, still, no good results. The first one cuts fine though. This is very weird. I know its not the vinyl because it happens even if I change the vinyl. Its not the file either because it happens with whatever design I use
  14. This didn't work for me I read somewhere that using too much pressure might push the excess vinyl down, making it harder to weed. I didn't know about this, I was going to cut 30+ at a time, you saved me a lot of trouble now! You are right, I have played with the blade depth, pressure settings and how close the bladeholder is to the vinyl. Ive been getting much better results, but Im still not satisfied. I have come to the conclusion that A: it is either blade depth / pressure / bladeholder, or B: it is A combined with the fact that my cutter cant cut better than this.
  15. I do that too, I press it down with the weeding tool I use, and it usually works, but this time, Im having some real trouble.