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  1. New to the sign world. Try to get a handle on my pricing. Is there a calculator or spread sheet out there? I know there are a few for cut vinyl out there was just wondering if there was anything like that for print and contour cut stuff. I did a couple of Fleet trucks a little while ago. After ever thing was all said and done found out I left ALOT of money on the table compared to there shops in my area. But the guy like how everything turned out and I know he will be back for more.
  2. Medal Of Ahner

    Flexi Sign 12 and Titan 3 68''

    Depending on what your using cutter for you and only make a 29"x29" contour cut. I have the same cutter bought last year and it has been nothing but a pain. Mine is going up for sale when my graphtec comes in. But I use flexi 12 on mine right now.
  3. Medal Of Ahner

    feed issue

    thanks guys! sorry took me so long to get back to you. markings are off on my cutter 1/8" in the front and 3/8". So I did like you said put media in and ran cutter back and forth until I got it adjusted right. Then put tape at the edges of where the media was. seams to be doing the trick so far
  4. Medal Of Ahner

    feed issue

    thanks I will give it a try in the morning and let you know what the outcome is.
  5. Medal Of Ahner

    feed issue

    so I have been using the ruler on the titan to and lining up the front and the back on the same measurement. blade depth is just enough to cut the viynl and not cut into the backer. it will walk its self a half inch in 3ft. not a big deal on small short images but with bigger images and contour cutting. Is why i need to get my alignment figured out.
  6. running a titan 68" and my material likes to walk. i have messed with the pinch rollers and cant get it right. It happens on all material any help would be great. sure does make trying to contour cut interesting.