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    Need help

    Hi, I got a US Cutter SC model machine and SCAL 4 Pro....I am coming from a very easy Cricut software. Whenever i try to cut, it doesn't through all the way. Main problem is the SVG looks fine on my screen but the text looks all weird and like a blob...i dont know how to explain it. I don't know how to fix it. I went into the cut setting at first and the wrong machine was listed so I changed it to SC model....I thought maybe that was the problem, but it's not...still same issue. Can someone please help. I been at this for hours and it's driving me crazy. I can't even show you because since it didn't cut all the way through I can't weed it. Thanks in advance.
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    Need help

    Thanks but I did what I was told to do with the blade when I first got it and it is correct. I was also told to the settings to put the machine on and did that as well. My software came with my machine and it is activated and already upgraded. There are no lines through anything. I don't have a stand, it is sitting on a table. My main concern is why the words in this look like blobs when they fat letters and not like they show in the svg. craft room.svg