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    One of my other favorites. mark-s
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    Did these for a customer who sponsors a little league team. He will paint them. mark-s
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    Had a few minutes to kill... hope this is of some help; DNA_Portrait_03c.eps DNA_Portrait_03c.svg
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    Etch and cut the acrylic with the CNC. Also cut the wooden bases. mark-s
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    Some designs I`ve been working on with the CNC machine. mark-s
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    Been making cell phone holders with the CNC. A bit of work, but great fun. Also made a fake cell phone to use as a jig to set up the stands. I love my CNC. mark-s
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    A few weeks ago my wife's old desktop quit working. Thankfully, I keep up with our backups. After many tests I determined that the mother board was bad. I spent the next weeks shopping around for another unit with what she wanted for the right price. Today, during our weekly travels, we stopped by a local Thrift Store. They were having a huge sale so we started looking around. The first room I went in had a computer in it's original box, with a keypad and mouse. When I asked them if it worked I was told that if it was in a box, it was not tested. I took a gamble and bought it. Long story short, when I got home I hooked it up and it worked. It was not even password protected. It's an HP, Quad-core, 1TB hard drive, 6GB Ram, Light scribe DVD, and Windows 7 that was upgraded to Windows 10. Here's the kicker.The price sticker was $10.00. With the sale discount, they told me it would cost, with sales tax, $2.68. Yes, two dollars and sixty eight cents. Gotta love those Thrift Stores
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    here are a few signs made with the CNC. The signs one was the first one made on the CNC then hand painted. American made was the 2nd one I did, got smart and masked off for each color very little touch up. mark-s
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    Hi, and welcome. I make signs all the time that are 4x8. The key is designing things to fit your vinyl. For instance -- 28" x 88" is a good workspace for one section, and 14" x 88" for another. (30" and 15" material) In this example, the phone # would be one cut, and the rest of the text another cut. (two different vinyl roll widths)
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    CNC machine did all the hard work, I just trimmed it. A bit more sanding then clear coat. Took 4 hours on the CNC. From 1 X 12 pine, the carving is 13.5 X 9.75. mark-s
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    put the app tape on your table sticky side up and then apply the vinyl to that - much easier
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    Just finished these today. mark-s
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    Dad and uncle's soon to be open brewery is in an old water treatment building. Been making all the vinyl for it over the last few months. Gave me a reason to upgrade from my 16" MC to a 36" SC2. Even reverse weeded to use as stencil to paint the logos onto an old tank he set up in the front. The little water tower is a replica of the town's. That one is about 2" layered, that was fun.
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    Ahhhhh, the age-old question of how to develop a file-storage heirarchy that is comfortable and accessible. Several options -- by date, by job title, by customer. Also, keeping in mind that VinylMaster files are in a proprietary format, you might want to EXPORT each design as an .eps that can be utilized at some point in the future by a graphics editing program other than VM.
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    MZ Skeeter... no worries... case closed. I got my logo and shirts are being print. FYI this is the design .. Me with a shark
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    Don't care how she got it. I was exactly what I needed and I appreciate the effort she put into it..
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    Here is an edge lit example of one I did for my day job boss.
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    Here's a quick, 2 color redraw... Perhaps it can Help you. It's far from perfect but the Price is Right ! NFDA_02b.svg NFDA_02b.eps edit: "Norwich Family Dental Associates" that appears below your posted image looks to be either Times New Roman (bold italic) or the similar, Adobe Caslon ?
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    The car club I am in, Pentastar Pride, is having their annual car show in July. The guy that owns the trophy shop that had been making their awards retired and closed up shop. So, someone had the idea to do Parking signs. My wife mentioned that I have plotter, so, I kind of got volunteered. I am doing them in trade for advertising of one of my websites. I had some nice stickers made up that I put on the back that say "This Award Sponsored By (My Website Address)". A couple of the club members are going to come over and help finish getting the vinyl onto the signs. I found the sign blanks on ebay for a really good price. They are 8"x12". The car show is a Mopar Car Show, but they decided to not turn away other makes. There will only be one "Best In Show" and that will go to a Mopar. There will be 20 1st and 2nd Place awards and they will go to Mopars. The black "Award Winner" signs will go to non-Mopars and there will only be one award per category. The proceeds raised from the car show is going to Alzheimer's research, so I really don't mind donating the cost of materials and about half the labor. That means that the club will have that much more to donate.
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    KDM - I agree with haumana, that you are to be commended for giving AI a shot. Regarding the cut of that design, though, gets back to what Mz Skeeter was trying to help you with. AI does not tell your machine how to cut, or how deep to cut - or anything other than where to cut, from this point to that point. If you have a second layer in your design, the machine is still only being told to cut from point A to point B a second or third time. If your blade depth is set correctly, a second cut or even a third cut on the same path will not cut through the backing paper. That is from the voice of experience... I usually always do designs with the pen tool first, and that is one of the reasons why.
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    bundles usually benefit the seller more than the buyer - build your own package getting just what you need. you can select good quality products and not end up with items that will sit around unused from a "package" just my 2c
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    Create a circle the size you need... Type the needed Text in your Desired Typeface and enlarge to fit comfortably over your Circle. Select your Text then Distortions>Globe. Convert Text to Paths (Curves). Use Node Edit Tools to Nudge Text into Circular Shape. Punch & Trim Tools may also be helpful in Shaping Text.
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    You set up like you would with any cutter...It's just a more accurate cutter.. Hopefully you learned the basics with your old cutter. There are not any settings set in stone for any cutter. But with the Graphtec you don't have to tinker to get it to cut correctly every job. Pretty much set and forget.. The only thing I change is speed once in a while. You start with the correct blade depth. That is how you set force, just like you would on your old cutter. The Graphtec has more features, yes, but easy to learn, read your user manual. Starting now.
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    So I decided to start trying out going mobile with my hobby. I’m a semi driver and I got a cuter in the truck also. But when I start jobs at home n need to weed n tape. I can also continue my work when I’m stopped. Here’s basically my work space. Lol What I’m workin in is a sign for a business The sign is over 6 ft long