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    Here's one of me & the wife from late last summer.
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    Few years old, I don't have any recent photos. ha!
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    My Turn!!! Me and the Wife.
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    Thank you.. I kinda figured you wouldn't think I would post one. LOL!!! So I did...
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    A couple of years ago.
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    Y'all asked for it. me and my kid in 2016 Florida.
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    Mmmmmmmm... (Taking a lunch break while Lyft-ing)
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    OK, so I walked into a local restaurant (randomly just stopped-in to use their restroom). On the front door was residue from a decal that had been scraped-off with the name of the General Manager removed. I inquired inside about who the new GM was, and could I talk to him/her. He pops out from the back and I explained that I'm a decal maker, would he like his name placed there on the door? Sure, he said, they were actually looking to have that done anyway, but hadn't gotten around to it. How much did I charge? I suggested that the restaurant just 'comp' me a dinner in barter. Very delicious! mini-Meatballs appetizers, stuffed Baked Potato, Salad Bar, Seared Fish.
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    The wife, I and both kids this Christmas. Emptynesters now, so it was nice having them home!
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    I'll play... This is from last summer on a camping trip.
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    And remember, you did ask. Newer one from 2 years ago.
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    This is several years old but reasonably accurate.
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    @MZ SKEETER You're a method!! Immortalized for the eternity of the forum! Woohoo!
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    Been years since we did the show your face - we communicate all the time but nice to put a face to the screen name. a thread this morning about why we sold the printer made me think of the old thread we had here is why we sold the printer - cheap transatlantic trips - last year your could do the rome to san juan for $450pp now lets see your mug so we can put a face to the screen name
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    As a side hustle, I do rideshare driving, and I often wear a baseball hat (or trucker's hat). Hmmmmmmm, this gave me an idea. Ordered a small sheet of pink HTV, and there ya go!
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    Figure out how long it takes you to cut and weed and process 1. Figure out your costs. Now make a profit. I don't go by any ones' prices. I figure out a profit for me. I don't care what others charge. And many charge less than me. I get and keep good business by my designs and service.
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    You can make any shape a Registration Color:
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    you WILL forget to mirror at some point - it happens to everyone - and if they say it hasn't , they lied
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    As the New Year starts, this might be a good time to backup your files and computers. You would be surprised how time flies and we tend to let things slide. I am guilty as charged!! I checked my computers for backups and found that it has been almost a year since I backed them up. As soon as my computers finish backing up I will be setting up automatic backups. A Happy New Year To Everyone.
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    Whats up everyone. I just finished a big project up i was working on for myself. It was a photo of my 3 dogs. 2 have passed away since i started but the project turned out very well. But isnt done yet. I took a 4 foot piece of glass and laid each dogs photo on the glass , masked everything and sand blasted it. Im going to make a frame and put leds to it. Just been busy with other stuff. Let me know what you think.
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    Personally, I stay away from little decals. The money is in big decals. But you have to have a good cutter to do them. I can make 1 decal that takes me less time and more money than what your doing to do with that 100 piece order. But I only sell online.
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    Life is a game. Money is how we keep score. Ted Turner
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    My first cutter was a LaserPoint 2 from US Cutter...that was in 2010...it did the job well and I learned vinyl cutting on it. Forward a few years and I found a used GraphTec CE6000-60. Last weekend I was really impressed again with what this machine can do. My sister found a design online that she wanted on a t-shirt...it had a lot of tiny dots, florals & curls. I had to trace the graphic, cut & apply. I was worried about the tiny detail in the floral graphic....BUT the GraphTec did an amazing job without a problem. Check out the attached photo...that's the tip of an Exacto knife. Sue2 Sue2
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    Just wanted to maybe help some potential purchasers out and give a little experience on my progression of plotters over the last 2 years. As background, I have gone from a very part time gig earning a $200 a month profit to earning a living at what I do. The Laserpoint 2 was chose with SCAL 3 to use in conjunction with my MacBook Pro. My niche is chrome and reflective and it got the job done for the first 6 months of the business. I actually sold it for the same price I paid for it and it worked great but my workplace was in an unheated/cooled garage so I needed something small enough store away after using on the kitchen table. That’s where the Titan 15” came into play. The Titan 3 tabletop had enough downforce and my material worked in 15” rolls so, I was good to go. It was an improved cut, more accurate, and whisper quiet when you turn the vacuum fans off. That lasted over a year and many thousands of linear feet of reflective 3M 5100. Production was taking off and my space was at a premium, I just couldn’t do it from where I was and thus we moved to a location that had a full 40x60 basement that has now become the shop. with more room, I looked for something in the 1500-2000 range that had the downforce of the Titan but couldn’t pull the trigger on the CE-6000, I just wasn’t sure on how commercial of a cutter this would be. My friend was running some FC-8600’s and I really like those...except for the price. I ended up finding the previous model, a FC 8000-75 that fit the bill and I ended up getting it for only $500 used. $60 into it and it runs amazing! I have also switched from the MacBook over to a dedicated PC doing the design and cutting (the 28” monitor really helps compared to the 13” MacBook) and I’m running both cutters simultaneously. I do high volume, low weeding projects so I can almost keep up by myself. Overall, each cutter filled the need I had at the time at the budget I had to work with and each did good but each move was a marked improvement in accuracy and quality. The one thing lacking on the Titan was a “copy” button, something I used every day with the LP2 and the Graphtec... maybe something to consider. Hit me up with your questions