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    So my day job is site work and excavation. We were opening up a new job last week and clearing off a field to put up some apartment complexes. I left a guy there to scrape up weeds with a large wheel loader. he calls late in the evening to tell me he ran over a rifle on the job. It was in a scabbard and had likely bounced off a truck or side-by-side at some point. Said he smashed it pretty good. I go over the next day and have a look. It's a fairly new Ruger American Predator series chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Has an upper level chinese scope and a bi-pod all in a decent scabbard. Stock is broken but just at the shoulder all there rest is fine. I say "Cool find dude. Finder keepers." He says "Oh I quit hunting a long time ago you take it." (he didn't have to ask me twice!) Had the local cops run a search for stolen or lost and no one had turned it in so they say it's mine now. Just needs a new stock. I start looking for a used one or replacement and have a hard time because its a fairly new model and specific stock for the barrel. Finally give up and call Ruger about it. They ask why I want a new stock. I tell them it got ran over (didn't tell them it was by a large piece of construction equipment) they say "we will have one out to you in 6 to 8 working days for free." Mic drop..... No way. free I say? She says yep, have a great weekend and good hunting. You better believe I will lady! Happy day indeed. I looked up the equipment and there's between $700 and $900 right there depending on actual prices vs list. Way cool. Has a little rust on the barrel as it had been laying out there who knows how long but I did the barrel re-black kit thing and it cleaned up pretty good. Somehow the scope is totally fine even being nearly squished and laying around getting wet, all the rest is in great shape. Supposed to be real nice shooters.
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    Well it has been over just over two years now since me and my wife opened up our shop. We are still doing good and it sustains itself and then some. We have met a lot of great customers and have gained a lot of loyal customers. The bulk of our business is tshirts. We do have good days and bad days but that is the nature of the beast.. I have missed being on here and trying to help out but working 40 hours and then coming home and pressing shirts keeps me busy. Hope everyone is doing well with their vinyl business..
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    Friends don't let Friends put glitter on a car. LOL
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    Finally got around to making a LED edge lit sign for myself. 8.5 X 12 RGB multi color. 1/2 in acrylic basic shape cut on the cnc machine. Etched with aluminum oxide 220 grit. Red oak base also cut on the cnc machine. Oak was clear coated. mark-s
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    put the app tape on your table sticky side up and then apply the vinyl to that - much easier
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    Well you know, new guys can mess up anything LOL.... few things I have cut today... The Anniversary was for my Parents, it was 55 yrs for them yesterday. The motorcycle was first thing i cut.
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    Heck if you know you are going to spend over $800 there I would just toss it out as a straight up trade right off the bat and see if they bite. Don't give them the actual quote. They will be happy and so will you.
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    I completely forgot to show my best work yet................ Mr. Jacob.
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    I charge based on a learned estimate of what I think it will take. In other words I estimate based on an hourly rate and give the client a hard price. He doesn't usually know what I want to make per hour just the final price and if it goes good I make more per hour. Most basic installs I figure a couple hours. Those job boxes will be time consuming possibly. Also be careful what you get yourself into because all the John Deere stuff is copyright protected without a release from an authorized dealer. If they ARE an authorized dealer make sure you get something in writing saying they are authorized to commission your work on the cut vinyl so you don't some day get your rear in a ringer.
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    that is why it is in the off topic section - we did a Rome to San juan cruise this year and in essence was the guinea pigs as I couldn't find anyone to give advice first - We loved it and I thought I would share for 2018 the same cruise is going over $100 cheaper pp than our trip so right now $534pp from Rome to spain, portugal, azores and across the atlantic to san juan. by far the cheapest way I found to see other areas we hadn't been to before. I thought I found a great deal on air but for 2018 we are going on a different cruise and found WOW air (think european sprit as in low service low price) - WOW goes from the US to Europe for $300pp - there is a LONG layover in iceland but I added a cheap hotel and should make the trip much easier and still save over $1000 compared to the cheapest I found elsewhere) Why share this - we all work hard on here and I know several have no idea they can do a trip to europe so cheap - as I had no idea until this last year. The deal on the same cruise for 2018 was such a deal I had a hard time deciding on a different one and paying a bit more, but in the end decided to see new sites. These cruises are as cheap as 7 day cruised we have taken to the carribean and you get 12 days of all the food you can eat and lots of things you normally would not see on a menu - Yeah I am a little stoked at finding these deals
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    Wow, two solutions in one thread --- nice work, gang!
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    Also, if you want to know what's in a document use the Object Manager:
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    Guess she didn't like that response. I still haven't heard anything back from her. Spoke to soon... She just texted back. Sorry meant to reply back last night. I think we have another guy that will do the shirts. I understand the liability factor. So that must mean she has been talking to someone else the whole time also. For you to find another person at 8:30pm on a Sunday night. Or either she just found someone else today. Either way I'm fine with it. He can have her!!!
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    Hello there fellow forum-ites! I have enjoyed being a member of this forum now for several years. Most of you have known me as the lead designer and production artist for a sign company. However that has just changed! My wife and I are proud to announce that we have a started our own company, Spunky Graphics, LLC. We still do vinyl work, including vehicle wrap design & installation, however as we are starting out small we are focusing our product offerings to paper products (business cards, labels, brochures, etc...) promotional products thru a local distributor rather than a national conglomerate like Kaeser & Blair, Graphic Design, Screen printing & Embroidery thru a partner as well as Web Design, SEO, and Social Media Training, & Online Profile Optimization coming soon! Our expanded vision for our company is to be a business concierge. We want to help new and existing business navigate the advertising world. We see so many business throwing away money at useless advertising and promotion that only benefit the sales person. And then of course on the flip side, businesses that don't advertise at all and need to learn how to promote badly. We want to show businesses how to track their advertising so they know whether or not its working and how to adjust. I have really enjoyed being a part of this forum and I hope to be more active in the coming future. The knowledge base and experience of many members here is second to none. So I really look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience and of course I hope to continue to do business with all of you!
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    My 5 year old daughter has "sport jersey day" next week at school. Didn't want her looking like everyone else, so I thought it would be good to make this for her. I know, she will wear it once and into the rag bin it goes. You need to watch the simpsons to know the team.
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    I don't think goo gone works well on paper.
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    to forum member @pshawny! I needed an assist with a graphic yesterday and Shawn stepped up and helped get me moving in the right direction - big time. Shawn, I owe you one buddy! Cal
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    I was bored the other day and found something at princess auto. That would be like the US northern tool or harbor freight. And I thought, HEY, that could work. So for $29 Canadian I got me a 10 roll storage rack. Not bad for a lumber storage rack.
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    I heard something go bump in the night, walked downstairs this morning and found this. Merry Christmas to me!!
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    " outline of my State " -- I sure hope you get written permission from the Governor's office for that.
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    I currently own a LP24, and this discussion is making me re-think the want (because it's definitely not a need), of a larger cutter. [In a totally good way!] I've babied my cutter as much as I possibly could, and probably took far more care in moving in from one house to another, than any other possession I own. That being said, it's over 10-years old, and it's about time that I start to think about a back-up. I was considering just one size up, but thinking about the whole cumbersome app tape of large pieces, I need to rethink this. My "go to" CYA for larger pieces is, "Professional installation not included," and most people (and companies) are okay with that. Just about everyone and their mother knows how to put on a cut vinyl decal here, since it seems to be a staple for almost everything that is motorized and moves here (cars, mopeds, golf carts, go karts, fork lifts - decals everywhere!). Thank you for this discussion, it's certainly shed some light on some aspects that did have the forethought to have myself.
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    Oh, really? Tell that to the High School Dance team that buy's two color glitter decals for their cars, 40 units @ $15.00 each, you do the math...LOL