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    OK, so I walked into a local restaurant (randomly just stopped-in to use their restroom). On the front door was residue from a decal that had been scraped-off with the name of the General Manager removed. I inquired inside about who the new GM was, and could I talk to him/her. He pops out from the back and I explained that I'm a decal maker, would he like his name placed there on the door? Sure, he said, they were actually looking to have that done anyway, but hadn't gotten around to it. How much did I charge? I suggested that the restaurant just 'comp' me a dinner in barter. Very delicious! mini-Meatballs appetizers, stuffed Baked Potato, Salad Bar, Seared Fish.
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    @MZ SKEETER You're a method!! Immortalized for the eternity of the forum! Woohoo!
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    Made this for a customer 9 in X 40 in mark-s
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    Well the first step is to stop by your attorneys office and warn them you may be in a lawsuit for copyright and trademark infringement.
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    Been years since we did the show your face - we communicate all the time but nice to put a face to the screen name. a thread this morning about why we sold the printer made me think of the old thread we had here is why we sold the printer - cheap transatlantic trips - last year your could do the rome to san juan for $450pp now lets see your mug so we can put a face to the screen name
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    As a side hustle, I do rideshare driving, and I often wear a baseball hat (or trucker's hat). Hmmmmmmm, this gave me an idea. Ordered a small sheet of pink HTV, and there ya go!
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    Figure out how long it takes you to cut and weed and process 1. Figure out your costs. Now make a profit. I don't go by any ones' prices. I figure out a profit for me. I don't care what others charge. And many charge less than me. I get and keep good business by my designs and service.
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    You can make any shape a Registration Color:
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    you WILL forget to mirror at some point - it happens to everyone - and if they say it hasn't , they lied
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    As the New Year starts, this might be a good time to backup your files and computers. You would be surprised how time flies and we tend to let things slide. I am guilty as charged!! I checked my computers for backups and found that it has been almost a year since I backed them up. As soon as my computers finish backing up I will be setting up automatic backups. A Happy New Year To Everyone.
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    Whats up everyone. I just finished a big project up i was working on for myself. It was a photo of my 3 dogs. 2 have passed away since i started but the project turned out very well. But isnt done yet. I took a 4 foot piece of glass and laid each dogs photo on the glass , masked everything and sand blasted it. Im going to make a frame and put leds to it. Just been busy with other stuff. Let me know what you think.
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    Ms skeeter takes all the credit for this. This is the correct way to set your blade depth. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder.
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    This years installment to the Jack Reacher series is out today. That means I will be pretty much useless for a day or two. I'm a big fan, Lee Child is my favorite author.
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    What I sell is my secret
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    Think Haumana hit is on the artwork - here is a test print with 2 different artwork from different sites - being a dealer and with their agreement for reproducing the logo Nissan should make very good artwork available to them - I know when I was a echostar/ Houton Tracker dealer they provided all the artwork but all work also had to be pre approved before display
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    Something else you might want to consider going forward. Once you finalize your design you might consider saving it off/exporting it as an EPS, SVG, or AI file, something that is "standard" among most vector programs so that in the future if you ever do want to or need to change software you will still have access to all your old designs.
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    Cut this tiki mask from an old cutting board I found atthe local swapmeet for $1.00.Don`t know what kind of wood it is, but it was great forcutting on the cnc, very little fuzzy`s.19.05 thick.Cut with .250 ball nose bit.Very little clean up needed.7 in X 11 inTook about 1 hour.Great fun.mark-s
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    remember a titan is a stepper motor and a titan2 or 3 have servo motors - both have much improved chipsets for the usb over the value cutters. if you ask a salesman for advice he will steer you toward his highest commission as the turnover on sales staff is very high - the user forum have people with real world experience. Heard last week a salesman was recommending the cheap chinese blades over the cleancut blades - now other than 2 member I know of that would disagree try to find very many that would agree with that - that have actually used cleancut blades and cheap blades. the people on the forum including the mods are not paid and actual users of the equipment
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    Just a few more I've done. https://www.etsy.com/shop/GoCCreations
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    Just finished these today. mark-s
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    I hate when people start a thread and once they get their answer they disappear. I always wonder what the outcome was so I thought I'd drop in and close this thread with my final thoughts on my purchase (Titan 2 SE 28") and experience after about a month of ownership. Dakota and Skeeter were right about the servo motor. Holy crap. I will never go back to a stepper motor. I really like how quiet and smooth it is. Part of me wonders if the vibration and rough performance of the previous stepper motor cutter I had played a factor in some of my vinyl shift. The difference between servo and stepper is night and day. If you're looking for a cutter that is a great balance between cost, features and performance then I would highly recommend the Titan2. It was a bit mentally tough going from a Silhouette and a free MH721 to dropping $850 on the Titan 2 SE 28" but I am so glad I did. A few weeks after I purchased mine it was $100 less on some special sale so keep an eye out! With the past 2 cutters I had it seemed like it was such a chore to cut even the simplest thing (tracking issues, cutter going bonkers halfway through cut, limited vinyl size,etc,etc..I could on and on). It's nice to be able to say "Hey no problem let me cut that real quick." and know that it's going to be a simple and aggravation free experience. . The longest I have cut so far is 3ft and 15" wide complete coverage using vinyl from edge to edge. The Titan2 performs flawless - perfect cut, quiet and smooth. The vinyl catch basket is a HUGE PLUS for me. My cutter sits in an office with wood floors so naturally dust builds up that you dont notice (no matter how much you clean!) until your vinyl hits the ground. Being able to throw a roll of vinyl in the cutter and let it hang freely in the basket and know you wont have to deal with floor dust is nice! Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. It has made vinyl cutting an enjoyable experience rather than a pain in the butt chore I would hate doing. I doubt I will ever use the full width of 28" but I went with that model because you never know where you'll end up. I will be cutting a 12 ft long x 15" inch tall floor logo in the coming days. I may split it in two 6 ft pieces.. If the Titan pulls off a 6ft run flawless I may just throw a party Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions and advice. I really appreciate it!
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    I am always looking for a deal on vinyl cutters or software. I was just browsing Ebay a few weeks back, and up popped a great deal on a Graphtec FC8000-75 (30 inch) for $1000, FREE shipping. BUY IT NOW. I made sure and read the ad really good. I figured it was worth taking a chance on, for that price. It did show it powered on. I got it yesterday, It did have a small problem with it, the blade holder was not coming down to the cutting strip. So it would not cut. After taking the carriage head cover off, I noticed that the cross cutter on it was locked and stopping the blade holder from coming down. All I had to do was slide it back over, and the blade holder came down and cut just fine. It was a quick fix. This cutter is not that old, only a few years, the model was upgraded to the FC8600. This cutter came with the stand, basket and all in like new condition. After cleaning some tape off of the cutter and some dust, it was in great shape also. This cutter sold new for over $4000, so if you just keep looking, and take a chance, there are still great deals out there on used high end vinyl cutters. The deal just got better. I sent in the serial number to Graphtec, for this vinyl cutter and got the FREE Graphtec Studio Pro software which is worth over $1000. It is like Flexisign pro without RIP drivers.
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    seems our pinned guide came up missing so reposting this to help newbies understand what offset is. starting with skeeters instructions on proper blade depth first is key as too much blade will affect offset. I know we had several other great information post in the old thread if anyone has those feel free to post also
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    in my roland and graphtec I get 10 months to a year on the 60 degree cleancut - unless you are doing reflective or metallics there is no reason they should not last that long - but then again I buy them direct from cleancut. with 1/2 a credit card sticking out that cutting strip has to be cut up and would be surprised if you have not broken tips of blades I have tried many blades - the oem graphtec blades are good but expensive and last about as long - in my roland nothing else has came close to lasting as long. so to answer the question of something lasting longer I have found none - but with the amount of exposure you are using you might as well stock up on the cheap blades
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    There are many graphic installers out there that do this for a living.. Many people install their own decals. Many videos on you tube to install vinyl graphics, of any size. I started with large graphics from the git go. I use up scraps from the larger to make smaller decals, just so that it doesn't go to waste. Those decals are just my time.. I don't apply anything, I work from my home. I am probably quite a bit older than you are, I worked at a factory for 30 years and it closed. So I reinvented myself, and have been doing this for 12 years.