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    good morning. I own the SC2 unit. (34") -- when it is at the farthest right position, 3/4" gap exists between the head and the end cap. This is due to the travel sensor. You can access it under the top rail. (remove both endcaps, then take out screws holding the top rail in place, and tilt it back). It is rather easy to take a phillips screwdriver to your SC2 and see if there's a way to slightly alter that stop-point sensor to allow for a 1/4" more travel. Let us know what you discover.
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    OK I solved the problem. I thought that maybe during the manufacturing process they aren't removing small particles/debris from the cutter carriage and this is why it feels gritty and not functioning properly? I got my air compressor out and after removing the cover from the carriage I blasted the electromagnet and the travel up and down is now silky smooth and the test cuts are perfect. If you don't have an air compressor I think a can of aerosol keyboard cleaner (compressed air) would work also. I thought this might help others that may encounter this problem in the future. Thanks again to those of you that are so willing to help out here!
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    This isn't our first rodeo either, but thank you for assuming so. No one here assumed that you were a newbie (to forums), we just ask questions in an effort to assist. Every forum has their own 'culture' for lack of better terms, and part of the culture in this forum is that most contributors try to be helpful. As I stated before, someone can post an inquiry in a specific bulletin board, but it doesn't mean that someone else with a different model can't try to help you. If you only wanted to get responses from members who only own SC2's, then would this forum then get ripped on because you didn't get a response for days, or even weeks? You only want a definitive answer, go straight to the manufacturer and submit a support ticket to USC.
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    according to their specifications on the sales page for the sc2 it will cut 24" wide with a 28" material width
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    You really don't want to cut ALL the way to the edge anyway. If the blade drops off the edge of the vinyl as could happen if it tracks off any at all which it will you could have all kinds of bad things happen. If you need to cut wider you better go for the next step machine that can handle 30" material and then you will have plenty of room.
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    Wow. Well, thank you for at least allowing the volunteers on this forum a shot at possibly trying to assist you. Have you tried to submit a trouble ticket to USC? Not all of us own SC2 machines, but we try to help where we can, and as fast as we can. Shame on us for asking questions in an effort to try to help you. Whether you realize this or not, not all issues on the SC2 will be isolated to the SC2, however, we all try to come up with possible answers. Please accept my humble apology for wasting your time by mistakenly suggesting you move the pinch the roller - because you know, it actually works on other cutters. And sometimes, our non-specific machine suggestions and advice, actually help people with other models of cutters. May the odds be ever in your favor for your future cutting endeavors.
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    And the pure theater of the moment is the only reason you're not already banned as a spammer.
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    Thanks. You do realize that this is Sure Cuts A Lot (Scalp) that is already sold here? Right? It comes with the cutter for a Mac. https://www.uscutter.com/Sure-Cuts-A-Lot-Pro-5-Vinyl-Cutting-Software
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    I would be surprised if it wouldn't cut it - just remember reflective eats blades
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    No problem. We were all newbies once
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    Haumana. I will try this Thanks so very much thank you to all. I am still a newbie still trying to learn every thing at once Thank You all again I hope soon I can help others
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    No, I do not have one. I am just on here about daily for 12 years. Seen all kinds of vinyl cutters. What are you trying to cut vinyl edge to vinyl edge?
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    sure looks like the carriage housing is almost hitting that right side in your picture - that would stop the blade holder from moving right more
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    stickermule.com just sayin'
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    There are FREE heart vectors many places on the internet. Google is your friend. Search Heart vector FREE
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    the link that skeeter provided has a lot of your answers - if you don't make enough to buy a solvent than latex may be your answer - you can get one and a laminator for around $10K - remember with latex hp you will also need to have a dedicated 220v run for it and also for the hardhats use convex material and laminate. with all that said the best way for someone doing short runs is to farm out the decals to someone with the right equipment. as my wife is recently retired we sold our last solvent printer and now farm out the short runs we still do
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    Glad to hear you were able to get it work smoothly again. Thank you for posting how you resolved it. It will most likely help others in the future!
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    You can flip over the strip.
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    Did you buy your machine secondhand and had to buy your own software? Like skeeter said it come free with purchase of a new mh. sounds a lot like a canned sales speech except for using the term “printing” incorrectly
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    If you charge for the design time and they own it nothing stops them from using aunt sue. But if you do it free and provide a nice clear image without a watermark aunt sue just does an auto trace and you get nothing for your time. Everyone learns the hard way early on
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    Also be aware, the MH is advertised as not MAC compatible. I believe there are some users that have gotten it to work, and in theory, if you use the serial port it shouldn't matter what your os is so long as you have a program that can send the proper commands. Inkscape can be used to cut, although it's not ideal. I used it for quite a while without much issue. I still use it for design and usually cut with VM.
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    Something else you need to decide. Who gets the design? Are they buying the design/artwork? Or are you going to just keep it?
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    Get that press out of the box! Heat press is really fun. ...and here are your first two shirts for yourself...I personally have one of each!
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    This one is not "DIY" but it's honestly the best $250 you'll spend in this business.