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    if you keep them printing like arty does that isn't a bad choice but when you leave on a transatlantic or transpacific cruise, just plan on a new printer when you get back lol
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    I used a Ricoh SG3110dn printer for eight years for my Sublimation work. As Dakotagrafx said, you could let it sit for weeks and it would still print properly. My unit developed mechanical/internal problems and I could not get it printing again. Since I am not doing a lot of work anymore, even though I enjoyed sublimation, I started looking for a less expensive alternative unit. I bought a new, simple, Epson Ecotank printer(shop around for the best price) that was cheaper than my Ricoh. I found Sublimation ink on the big site for a MUCH LOWER PRICE and have been printing various items for the past few weeks. I have been either printing a project or running a nozzle check every day just to keep the printhead ok. So far, so good.
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    That's looking really good! Thanks for keeping us updated and showing your results.
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    I cleaned up some old Koh-I-Noor Rapidographs, and these are by far the best results I've gotten so far. They're made for technical drawing, so that makes sense I placed them so the bottom of the colored rings of the handle were lined up with the top of the tool holder. All the Rapidograph tests were done at 10mm/s & 10g, using Yasutomo Sumi Ink. Here's the first 0.5mm tests I did: As a comparison, here's a test of the same file I did with the ultra-fine point Sharpie, after abusing it during lots of tests, and letting it dry out once (oops) - this may have been at a faster speed, though: Just to be fair, here's the same test with a new Sharpie, at 10mm/s & 10g - lots of bleeding compared to the Rapidograph: And finally, here's the 0.3mm tip with a 0.6mm hatching, which is super clean - this was the first test I used it on, so the beginning of the B was a little dry still: And thanks for all the advice regarding cutting! I'm going to try to mess around with cutting this paper using the carrier sheet this weekend.
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    A 45 would probably last a bit longer and as long as you're not doing super detailed work it should get the job done.