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    Usually you need to right click on the fond and hit install font. I don't think just copping them works.
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    You can also design in you own weed lines. A friend has a very low end machine, and the auto weed lines that are an option in the software sometimes cuts into the text itself because the cutter doesn't track as accurate I will generally create a box around the entire design, and add lines where it will make my life so much easier to weed (ie. if there are multiple lines of text, each line is weeded on it's own, rather than trying to pull up the vinyl as one big paragraph. It doesn't cost me anything but a little more time to put the relief lines in, and smidgen of a second or two for the cutter to do them. Save my mental when there are a bunch of them to do.)
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    Font's are individual files, you just have to find the one you want and download it. There are places that sell collections of fonts and some software programs install fonts, SignBlazer has a pretty nice collection of fonts. Once the font is installed on the computer any program on the computer can access it, including Graphtec Studio Pro.