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    If skeeter said it works, trust me. (and her) IT WORKS!
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    I gave up on inkjet printers because I never used them enough to keep the heads from clogging. I switched to this and LOVE it. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/canon-color-imageclass-mf632cdw-wireless-color-all-in-one-printer/5746102.p?skuId=5746102&ref=212&loc=1&extStoreId=1763&ds_rl=1266837&ref=212&loc=1&ds_rl=1266837&gclid=CjwKCAiAo8jgBRAVEiwAJUXKqAmLTMBs7HBBTDWrGQ8EREgrqahnKC2IFA9Qhp-ZtHuAWRs06Nw26hoCN9cQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds I never have to worry about clogged heads again. It can sit for months and still works great. Yea toner is more expensive but at my current rate it's going to be another few years before I need to buy toner.
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    The FC8600 controller works for the FC8000. Just do test cuts and figure out the blade offset. It shouldn't be that hard. This used FC8000 I got, came with a red top holder and no blue. I had some spare holders for the regular blades to use. The Graphtec Cutting Controller will not launch until the cutter is sitting there ready to cut. Maybe try roll 2, but keep in mind,( that I am thinking,) you will load it from the front to the back to cut. An option for the FC cutters is that you can put the vinyl and the rollers in the front, and feed it that way. Front to back. That is probably what roll 2 is for. I have never tried it.
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    Graphtec offset is ZERO. Always ZERO.
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    I have had Epson WF for ever but the heads clog with the pigment ink. Maybe the other brands pigment are better. We finally gave up and bought a Brother MFC-J985DW that is supposed to be a real ink miser. So far it's done great and definitely uses a lot less ink than the WF. Connects well to our mac and prints off wi-fi from all devices in the house. The only think I can find to complain about is the paper tray is a little strange to add paper the way you go about it. It's about half the size of the WF 7620 it replaced. I still have all my carts for the WF and if I get another decent transfer project I may buy another one and when done swap the ink out for some dye based so it doesn't clog again. I have two both clogged and have spent a lot of time trying to get them unclogged with no luck.
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    Looks like brush Script MT Italic to me.
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    I really like the pigment ink. Seems so much more durable.
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    You can as a last resort, put invisible scotch tape over the marks to take the shine out. Has been known to work.
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    Here are pics of the flip flops. Conde Systems sells a lot of sublimatable items. Not cheap but pretty cool.
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    Smudger Com (Regular) Find my font rules when looking for fonts in this business
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    Did these for a customer who sponsors a little league team. He will paint them. mark-s