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    Wildgoose, That does make sense being a better cutter from fighting and learning from a cheap budget cutter, not something I personally want to do lol, I do have a decent grasp on technical programs, with time and messing around with it I'll eventually figure it out ( I hope ) I will be doing my own stuff first for trial and error. I think I will go for titan 2 cutter, the more I read about it the more I think it will work for what my needs are.
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    Tech support will need to see the file in question to see what is being sent to the cutter. Please lodge a ticket at: http://future.support
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    Well it`s hard to see by 2 in x 2 in crappy little webernet image. Look at Serpentine it has a U shaped like that. I do know LGA is Air Millhouse. If you have permisson to do that work, call the and request the file, they should have that on file no matter who designed it. mark-s
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    I think i figured it out, i was reading a bunch of threads about this issue and finally came across one that explained that the point of the ground strap was to remove the static from the vinyl via the rollers, and suggested checking continuity from the ground strap to the rollers... surprise surprise, i had none... so i rigged up a ground strap for the roller, i just loosely tied the wire around the roller and then braided the wire... since its loose it doesn't inhibit the roller movement, but it does create the grounding needed, i re-cut the same design again and it worked fine. thanks for everybody who contributes on these boards, couldn't have fixed it without the suggestions here.