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    I often get requests like that. If I can identify the font, then I will import the .jpg into SB, then type the text and shrink/stretch, adjust the kerning, and bold if necessary. It's a little more work, but in the end I get a much, much cleaner result. It's also a way for me to scale things - my clients will take a picture of a car door and give me at least one dim so I can scale it and then create what they want. It also makes for a very nick mock-up I do explain that if they take a crappy picture, or give me the wrong dim, than errors will fall upon them.
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    Got me curious, why the need for such precise measurement, and you realize a vinyl cutter is never going to be that accurate, hell the temperature will cause the vinyl to change size more than that. I don't know much of anything outside of scientific instruments that need to be within 1/10,000 of an inch.
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    Each cutter will be different, even the same model. Adjust to what works. Your welcome
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    Every machine is different, as well as blade/blade brands. Trial and error. My original LP offset sweet spot is .26 or .27 depending on blade/blade brand. Like Skeeter said, start with .25, then go from there.
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    there is no set in stone number. Start at 0.25mm and do test cuts with the TEST feature and see what looks the best. You must first make sure you have the blade depth set correctly. That is posted hundreds of times in this forum. Do not use the thickness of a credit card.
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    Don't bother vectorizing text, it just adds all kinds of unnecessary nodes, and sometimes does not cut (or plot) as cleanly.
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    You say you vectorized the design? It's all text, it would turn out much cleaner if you simply retyped it all. That might also improve the path taken by the plotter.
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    I have a subscription to flexi but it's not currently on and I'm not wonderful with it but I think the answer you need is probably in this section that I found on a search. The info on the top right paragraph should be the way to determine what gets cut. Sounds like if it's not selected then it will cut in the order it was created. But if selected will cut a section then move to the next. You will probably need to experiment a little to figure out what works. Good luck and maybe someone will happen along who knows for sure.