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    Whats up everyone. I just finished a big project up i was working on for myself. It was a photo of my 3 dogs. 2 have passed away since i started but the project turned out very well. But isnt done yet. I took a 4 foot piece of glass and laid each dogs photo on the glass , masked everything and sand blasted it. Im going to make a frame and put leds to it. Just been busy with other stuff. Let me know what you think.
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    Just wanted to maybe help some potential purchasers out and give a little experience on my progression of plotters over the last 2 years. As background, I have gone from a very part time gig earning a $200 a month profit to earning a living at what I do. The Laserpoint 2 was chose with SCAL 3 to use in conjunction with my MacBook Pro. My niche is chrome and reflective and it got the job done for the first 6 months of the business. I actually sold it for the same price I paid for it and it worked great but my workplace was in an unheated/cooled garage so I needed something small enough store away after using on the kitchen table. That’s where the Titan 15” came into play. The Titan 3 tabletop had enough downforce and my material worked in 15” rolls so, I was good to go. It was an improved cut, more accurate, and whisper quiet when you turn the vacuum fans off. That lasted over a year and many thousands of linear feet of reflective 3M 5100. Production was taking off and my space was at a premium, I just couldn’t do it from where I was and thus we moved to a location that had a full 40x60 basement that has now become the shop. with more room, I looked for something in the 1500-2000 range that had the downforce of the Titan but couldn’t pull the trigger on the CE-6000, I just wasn’t sure on how commercial of a cutter this would be. My friend was running some FC-8600’s and I really like those...except for the price. I ended up finding the previous model, a FC 8000-75 that fit the bill and I ended up getting it for only $500 used. $60 into it and it runs amazing! I have also switched from the MacBook over to a dedicated PC doing the design and cutting (the 28” monitor really helps compared to the 13” MacBook) and I’m running both cutters simultaneously. I do high volume, low weeding projects so I can almost keep up by myself. Overall, each cutter filled the need I had at the time at the budget I had to work with and each did good but each move was a marked improvement in accuracy and quality. The one thing lacking on the Titan was a “copy” button, something I used every day with the LP2 and the Graphtec... maybe something to consider. Hit me up with your questions
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    You only vector text as a last resort, when you can't find the fonts. Fonts don't vector smooth.
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    Cleancut is the best you are going to get. You could maybe give them a call and see what you can work out with him. He is a great guy to work with. http://www.cleancutblade.com/
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    What ever you do outside of printing and applying your own logo to his racecar/fleet/.... Do not print any other logos without written permission that they has the authority to reproduce. There have been a number of other businesses here in the forums being sued for reproducing logos that the racecar drive did not have permission to do so. good luck
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    Thanksgiving is the day you can give people the bird and they thank you for it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.
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    I know what you are trying to do. I have VM Pro on one of my workstations but am unschooled with it. I tried the "multi-line" tool and it produced a line inside but it wasn't consistent width because most S letters are not consistent width so the outline/inline follows suit. You may be able to do that and adjust the inside lines to get some consistency but it will be some node editing to get you there. I would suggest trying to find a very skinny S and do an outline to create the road rather than trying to create the yellow line inside. There are also "Inline" fonts that will have a line in the middle and you can probably deconstruct them and get the inner part separate from the rest. It won't work to slice an S and try to use one half of it because once again S's are not symmetrical nor even width. I am attaching a file with a couple S's for you. You should be able to import them into an open working file. I did these in AI where I know what I'm doing. The one that I like the best I also did a dashed line. I just free hand drew the yellow into the middle of the black on those two. The other was an inline offset that I tried to true the width up on. S Road.ai
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    We all have good things to be thankful for... thankfully. By the way, with Thanksgiving here it's now the time to put up Christmas decorations. So, here is a good way to decorate --- (FONT DINGS)
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all...
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    A special THANKS to all who take the time to help here on this forum! Sue2
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    Just my take is jp45r is only comfortable working with raster graphics and has no drive to produce the cleanest vector graphics. if he/she is only interested in producing graphics good enough for their expectations that is no skin off my teeth and makes them easier to compete against. Many of us work to put out the best work they can. You can sell products that are the best you can make them or you can sell ones that are "good enough" to sell. It's a choice and much like trying to change someones political or religious views on social media - you won't change their view unless they want to see the facts - which is seldom until it effects them in a personal way. you will notice that every single one of the "old timers" that have tried to help are the ones that have been producing clean graphics for years and make a decent living at it - those that produce a product that is just "good enough" don't last that long in a crowded market. Just my 2 cents
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    "I think I'm going to have to fire up one of our older computers to get this to work properly." Which is exactly what was suggested about a week ago, trying to help you avoid these ongoing headaches attempting work-arounds. This is the version of SBE you should be running --- http://www.uscuttersupport.com/downloads/Software/SignBlazer/signblazer_setup.exe
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    Really? What are you using to vectorize? Would love to see an example of text you traced with no problems.
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    You need a pack of blades, not just 1, if your going to run a biz. How do you know your blade depth is great? You don't know that unless you reset it. Also, if your cutting thru the paper without a cutting mat, you are damaging the blade as well as the teflon cutting strip. I would also look at the blade tip very well to see if it is nicked or damaged.
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    If you are going to have it printed anyway, then send the company a .pdf file with the entire design, lettering and all.
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    That looks a lot like Siser Brick. They have a few different thicknesses available although USCutter stopped carrying the 1000 micron and now just seem to have the 600. It's still a cool addition to create some extra pop. https://www.uscutter.com/New-Siser-Brick-Heat-Transfer-Vinyl-20in-x-1-Foot
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    And right back atcha! And thanks to all the regulars and newbies who frequent the forum.
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    Yup...that's how I did it too in Corel. I picked an S that was an even width....converted to curves and drew a yellow line where I needed it... then centered & spaced it by the nodes. S_Road-1.eps
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    The holy grail of printing, cheap print/cut combo. Still just a myth. That sticker in your picture probably comes from a print/cut machine, not a plain printer. Notice it is cut out. Further, print cut machines almost always, (can't think of a single one that doesn't,) use eco-solvent, solvent or latex inks. Cheapest one of those is about $8,600, (Roland BN-20.) Dakotagrafx ain't lying. There isn't a cheap way to do it yet that gives consistent results. Companies doing them in mass, probably offset print and die-cut. But we are talking 6 or 7 figures there.
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    Thanks everyone for the help. I just ordered the Titan 2 as they are on sale right now for $745. I am pretty stoked. Thanks again for the help up to this point, I am sure you will be hearing from me in the future. Krank
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    Just for your reference --- there is a substantial Library of vector graphics available right within SignBlazerElements. Animals, Flourishes, Arrows, Ampersands, Stars, etc etc. http://www.uscuttersupport.com/downloads/Software/SignBlazer/signblazer_setup.exe
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    If you buy any clip art be sure to read the license. Often times people will sell clip art but you're are not legally allowed to reproduce it to sell. Also, not all clip are are created equal, they might look good in a document or on the screen, but when you start looking at the actual vector lines they can be crap and will cut poorly. I only do this as a hobby and I'm a big fan of Inkscape. It is a little limited in manipulating text and fonts compared to a true sign design program, but so far it has been able to do everything I've needed. Any while learning any new program is a pain, Inkscape is pretty intuitive to me and can't be beat for the price. You can even cut directly from Inkscape, although it is pretty limited and not as straight forward as a true cutting program.
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    Did these for a customer who sponsors a little league team. He will paint them. mark-s