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    A few weeks ago my wife's old desktop quit working. Thankfully, I keep up with our backups. After many tests I determined that the mother board was bad. I spent the next weeks shopping around for another unit with what she wanted for the right price. Today, during our weekly travels, we stopped by a local Thrift Store. They were having a huge sale so we started looking around. The first room I went in had a computer in it's original box, with a keypad and mouse. When I asked them if it worked I was told that if it was in a box, it was not tested. I took a gamble and bought it. Long story short, when I got home I hooked it up and it worked. It was not even password protected. It's an HP, Quad-core, 1TB hard drive, 6GB Ram, Light scribe DVD, and Windows 7 that was upgraded to Windows 10. Here's the kicker.The price sticker was $10.00. With the sale discount, they told me it would cost, with sales tax, $2.68. Yes, two dollars and sixty eight cents. Gotta love those Thrift Stores
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    MZ Skeeter... no worries... case closed. I got my logo and shirts are being print. FYI this is the design .. Me with a shark
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    The car club I am in, Pentastar Pride, is having their annual car show in July. The guy that owns the trophy shop that had been making their awards retired and closed up shop. So, someone had the idea to do Parking signs. My wife mentioned that I have plotter, so, I kind of got volunteered. I am doing them in trade for advertising of one of my websites. I had some nice stickers made up that I put on the back that say "This Award Sponsored By (My Website Address)". A couple of the club members are going to come over and help finish getting the vinyl onto the signs. I found the sign blanks on ebay for a really good price. They are 8"x12". The car show is a Mopar Car Show, but they decided to not turn away other makes. There will only be one "Best In Show" and that will go to a Mopar. There will be 20 1st and 2nd Place awards and they will go to Mopars. The black "Award Winner" signs will go to non-Mopars and there will only be one award per category. The proceeds raised from the car show is going to Alzheimer's research, so I really don't mind donating the cost of materials and about half the labor. That means that the club will have that much more to donate.
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    bundles usually benefit the seller more than the buyer - build your own package getting just what you need. you can select good quality products and not end up with items that will sit around unused from a "package" just my 2c
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    This is a sign I created for a friends Small Engine Repair business.
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    I put up some 631 waves on a textured wall with no problems and pealed them off easily a few years later. Although I could see how a skinny design might have trouble sticking to a textured wall. Surface area plays a really big role in how well something sticks and how easy it is to remove.
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    I suspect you still have too much blade exposure. The circles that cut all the way through are most likely a combination of too much blade and a double line in the design. With a double or more line, it looks fine in the design but the cutter will go over the line 2 or more times. That with a combination of too much blade exposure would easily cut through the backing paper. When you peal your designs off the backing paper, looks closely at the paper. Is there only a light indentation, or is the paper scored/cut?
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    KDM - I agree with haumana, that you are to be commended for giving AI a shot. Regarding the cut of that design, though, gets back to what Mz Skeeter was trying to help you with. AI does not tell your machine how to cut, or how deep to cut - or anything other than where to cut, from this point to that point. If you have a second layer in your design, the machine is still only being told to cut from point A to point B a second or third time. If your blade depth is set correctly, a second cut or even a third cut on the same path will not cut through the backing paper. That is from the voice of experience... I usually always do designs with the pen tool first, and that is one of the reasons why.
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    I did some designs in 651 just testing them and threw them up on my painted eggshell paint, They peeled right off years later, Didn't hurt the paint. but most 651 is gloss.. You really want a matte to keep the shine down.
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    Seems from the photos that your blade is cutting right through the backing paper -- it should not do that.
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    I talked with Bill a lot outside of this forum, we were friends. So many times I want to send him an email telling him something funny. Or to have him block a bad buyer on Ebay. Or him talk about what he found with his metal detector. Then he would be ready to take off fishing. He would say, "Well someone has to do it" Your deeply missed by me and many others Bill.
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    Mac? Did someone say Mac? Hahaha. You first need to determine how to you want to run your Windows on the Mac - As a stand alone, Mac or Win; or to just fire up Windows while keeping all the Mac stuff functional. My cutting software of choice is SBE, so that's the environment I cut from. I also run a version of Quicken that Intuit will never release for Mac, Inkscape (because even though it will run on Mac, PC does it way easier), and some other software I use to print on CD/DVDs and PVC ID Cards. So I do get my use out of the Windows side too. Bootcamp is free, and is already in OSX, just a matter of deciding how to partition to make room for windows. You can choose which environment to boot up when you fire up the computer - Mac or Win. I had someone who absolutely struggled with Mac, so I setup Win via Bootcamp, and then designated that to the primary partition to start up. She was the only one in a government agency that had a Mac laptop running exclusively on Windows Another option is VMware Fusion or Parallels. It's not free, but well worth the money if you need to run Windows within the Mac environment. I do it often, and it does it very, very well. I currently run a MacPro Tower, with 2 quad cores, what RAM I could afford when I configured the machine, and 4 HD's. The first is dedicated to OS, the second is dedicated with running my windows via Parallels, and the 3rd and 4th are strictly data storage. If you have any other questions, ask - hopefully I can help.
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    Sounds like the first thing you should do is to back your files, fonts included
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    My "CUSTOM" and yours is different. I have over 1500 designs advertised.. If they want that design changed in size, (if I can) It is a "CUSTOM" order. I won't do little stuff, so some stuff I won't do. I keep my designs BIG.. that is where the money is. There is plenty of vector clipart out there that can be resized, Buy with a license to use it. And good clean vectors are not cheap. But they save you time and money. A business does not have to give you any number, Many businesses are run under sole proprietors,, and under their SS # and unless they are real dumb, no one is going to tell you their SS number. I am NOT an employer. I run my businesses by myself, just like most sellers on Ebay, Amazon, Facebook and other small businesses. EIN is an Employer number. We don't have employees. So where is your EIN number? LOL While your not working, you might want to check out tax laws. The Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or the Federal Tax Identification Number, is a uniquenine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to business entities operating in the United States for the purposes of identification.
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    Well I found a spot for all my stuff. I can store my extra blades, squeegee, Exacto knife, pick, and tape measure in the bin I screwed to the cross member and upright. Then I drilled some holes in the cross member to hold up to four carriage holders, a pen holder, and a scissors. I also mounted a tape dispenser on the other side just in case.
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    You can loosen the pinch rollers, but more often then not people that do that cause more problems than they solve. The marks should work themselves out when you apply. If not, maybe hit it with a little heat to work them out after applying.
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    You have to ask permission. You cannot recreate any ones design without permission PERIOD. Actually Homeland Security, has showed up at many flea markets, convenience stores, tables at sports games etc. It is considered counterfeiting now. Go look online. These companies are fed up with the theft of their logos. People making money off their name. They will search online sites, They have lawyers on the payroll, that is all they do. It's against the law to speed also, but people do and they get caught, given enough time. Go do searches online, You will see busts and a lot of them. A few on here got caught at flea markets. And they will tell you it's not worth it!!!
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    All I'm pointing out is you may end up in litigation. Not my problem if you continue to do it as long as you don't upload copyright protected work onto the forum. Just know that Monster, Disney, Harley and many of the other big names in the world pay many thousands of dollars a year to employ people who actively search out violators and then they prosecute them. Not saying you will get caught but I wouldn't recommend taking chances. I wholeheartedly suggest contacting Monster and ask them if you can run their logo. They may say you're good. I have built logo's for people who were sponsored by various companies. They almost without exception have came with instructions on size, placement and required free space around them from other logo's, color options etc... Very specific use rules.
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    I buy the off brand inks for my daily printer. Just for printouts like receipts or other text, and drafts of a project mostly. Some times I am not sure if I come out ahead as it clogs more so more cleaning cycles. But the regular cartridges are 4x as much. That makes up for a lot of cleaning cycles.
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    I kept an eye open for a few months till I found a great used neolt floor rotary trimmer years ago - love it and wife loves it. got it for under $200 shipped - safer and catch basket for all the waste
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    No, and I didn't have the heart to ask for my senior discount.
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    I just printed for the first time in months myself and the sg800 printed perfect. I recently built a large cnc router so i got sidetracked on sublimation for awhile. Coming from the epson world i was very impressed that it printed well being idle so long. If it was an Epson it would have been another boat anchor lol
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    I have never heard of standard ink, inkjet htv. All the printable vinyl I am aware of uses solvent or eco-solvent ink. Those machines run 9k-200k. There are transfers for standard desktop inkjets. but are not vinyl. They are not great I find. Mileage varies. The cheapest entry into full color that still looks good is what Dakotagrafx said, sublimation. It just works on polyester. I would just get a dedicated sublimation printer if I did this, and not try to run sub inks through my daily printer. Maybe look into ordering plastisol transfers for the shirts such as https://www.fmexpressions.com/landing/full-color-program/ among many.
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    sublimation printing is the way to go on stuff for the coffee shop - will require special printer, special mugs and tumblers and a mug press or cactus wraps. personally I wouldn't plan on printed vinyl or even cut vinyl holding up in that kind of use but if printed either latex or eco solvent printed
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    Kudos for trying to trace! I have to admit that I'm an absolute "short cut" kind of person, and am always perpetually grateful for Inkscape I think tracing your own artwork is very admirable. I, on the other hand, have zero creativity and have to rely on others - thank goodness I'm surround by a bunch of right-brainers! Anything original, that's done on old school paper is awesome! I have done my fair share of tracing (what Inkscape isn't able to vecotrize for me), and I kind of suck at it, but at some point, I get tired of tweaking the nodes and just send it to cut to see how good (or bad) it looks. Many of the custom hand-sketched stuff comes out decent, and the results may not be perfect, but the customer is usually just super stoked to see their creation turn into something they will undoubtedly end up plastering everywhere they possibly can. If they complain, I will generally spend more time to clean it up and smooth it out, but most times, they're just grateful that they found someone to do it in the first place. Let me justify the "less than perfect" results by saying that most times it's for family, friends, and/or friends of friends, and I do preface it with, "it's just a rough cut, and it can be smoothed out," and let them decide whether they want to chase down that rabbit hole to pay me for more tweaking time. I will generally provide a few sample at no cost because a lot of times, I do it in my spare time and cutting is not my 'day job.' If it's a company/corporate gig, then yes, I will spend copious amounts of time editing if necessary, and a proof goes out for final approval before I go into mass production. Pat yourself on the back, because I wouldn't have put forth the effort that you did to create original artwork! (seriously!)
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    It doesn't look right to me.. Either you made a lousy design or the N is cut wrong. The corners are not sharp/ square. They are rounded on each side. Bottom of N top of N. (Is that the way it is supposed to be?.) The white design zoomed up looks like the vinyl is cut too deep and the vinyl is lifted up everywhere. The X left upper corner is not right, It goes further into the background vinyl. A properly set Graphtec cuts better than that. No way should the cutter be cutting thru the vinyl like that..thru the design, and cutting thru like that will put gouges in the cutting strip.
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    What's she in for this time? LOL You might want to clarify this for our other forum members
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    If you are legitimately trying to run a business it's the last thing you want to tie into. There is no way the little bit of income you would generate would be worth the penalty. Might as well sell drugs. My wife claims I'm a lot like a drug pusher. I do a shirt order for someone and throw in a cool hat with their logo on it and 8 out of 10 want more within a week. Or if I do a sign job (which I very rarely do anymore) I throw in a free tee with their logo and the same thing happens. If you start doing fan gear for the NFL and college teams word will spread like wildfire and it won't be long before the wrong person finds out.
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    Many rolled the dice as some still do today at fairs, swap meets, etc. Here is a good read to help understand:
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    Now my rig is just a glorified email station. Hahaha. I cut over and setup my Mac when my last PC bit the dust. I was tired of replacing the HDs and/or entire box every few years. I bit the dust and forked a lot of dough for the Mac. Then again, at that time I was deeper in web design, and some light video editing - it was easier for me to use Macromedia and Adobe Suites with Mac. I have to say that I do not regret it, and have been running this setup for almost 10-years and it's still going strong. I've done a few upgrades here and there - like when I had to replace the OS HD, I swapped it out with an SSD so not it boots fairly quickly. I love that since convincing a lot of my customers to go Mac, there are less service calls I need to do. Basically I'm putting myself out of business, since I do mostly computer software/hardware, desktop/laptop, PC/Mac stuff. Oh well, more time to read!
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    New thing I been doing, made this for my Daughter's band teacher , Corp of cadets logo her her school.
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    Mahalo SkareKrow! At this point I will take anything that get's close to it, but I'm coming up bingo with it.
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    Komica Text is not Exact but very close.
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    You need to find a niche of your own to sell in. Its all about what gets you the best money for your time. Sure, you can sell 100+ decals a day and spend all day making those decals because of the weeding and prep work and time involved in packaging and shipping. Or, you can find a niche (possibly bigger items) that you can sell 3 a day, it takes you 2-3 hours to make and get packaged. I teach at the college level and if Im not making more money in my side business (vinyl) then I'll just work extra hours in my day job. The niche Im in I make 100$/hr easy but I only put in about 10 hours a week total. Make these cutters work for you...they are money making machines but you have to go about it the right way. Make small decals for friends....you wont make any good money trying to do it for a living. Find a niche (top dollar with little effort).
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    631 is considered removable wall vinyl. It is a matte finish and has a low tack so that it can be removed from drywall without causing damage. 651, does come in matte, but most colors are gloss. It has a higher tack, have never tried, but I don't believe it could be removed from drywall without causing damage to the drywall. The type of paint can have an impact on how well vinyl will stick. Stain resistant or easy clean paint can some times be hard to get vinyl to stick. If that turns out to be the case, scuffing the wall where the vinyl will hang can help get the vinyl to stick.
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    Problem solved! Scott, sell your stuff to Julian! Yah ... printer in the bedroom ... no-go. Hahaha. You can get some reclaimed quality time and floor space
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    You see some guys that have mad knife skills. That can take a knife in hand, swish it faster than the eye can follow and make a perfect cut. They do amazing things with window tint. I am not one of those guys. I mention it because laying down vinyl dry with out bubbles is a like mad skill. I still get bubbles sometimes, but not nearly as many as when I first started. I've seen others that are near flawless. It is hard to define as one thing. You just become aware of when a bubble is going to hit. Some of it is your squeegee technique. Many of those bubbles in your picture I suspect will air out and flatten given a day or two. If you have a huge bubble, poke it with a needle and press it down to get the air out. But yes, wet install can reduce bubbles, or allow you to chase them out with a squeegee easier. But I hate wet installs. You will get better with each one you do.
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    hmmm?? @Wildgoose not sure I knew u was a crawler. 40s and tons.... now we talkn. jeep motor or v8 swap? I build them from mild to wild. my new crawler is sitting in pieces at my barn. linked yj frame, don't rem if its a cj or yj tub, but a cj hood and grille. a set of cucv tons and an old school 4 bolt main sbc hoping it cranks out over 450hp, may end up with an ls 6.0 by the time it gets built. prob run a set of 42-43 stickies. whats funny is the rig ive been wheeling until I moved south and these health issues started kicking my azz is a 94-95 yj hp 44, 9" rear chromos and locked, sitting on 37s pushed by the mighty 4 banger. should c some of the big boys faces when I raise the hood after wheeling with them all day. lol
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    Just always remember that the forum is just a bunch of users trying to help out. With the exception of a few actual tech helps that are on occasionally (most common is the Vinyl Master guys). The rest of us are just regular end users like you guys perhaps with a little more experience in some areas but not always. Even us Mod's are voluntary and try to help out in our spare time with varying success.
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    @Scratchthejeepguy awesome idea. I think its awesome for a newbie to come up with some cool ideas like this. I too r a "newbie" don't rem if ive had anything to add or not yet. I rem what a big deal it was to me when I had the answers for the guy that has took me under his wing and taught me a lot, plus spent a lot of time off the forum working with me teaching me this biz. again that's what I feel like a forum is for. and again sorry if I derailed your post yea man, been lying low I guess. . Ive had a few issues here, most with the actual company , 2 were warranty/service issues, a couple with ordering/shipment. then just a few on here. I tried to get a resolution with the co. but no luck. the issues on here ive debated about posting something up. but I'm not 1 to stir a huge forum mess where u get all types of keyboard warriors , and opinions fired up n to a huge mess. but it has caused me to lose interest. the bad is I feel this is the best forum for what we do, especially the best for others helping out others whatever way they can. def a lot of knowledge on here. Ive looked up and joined prob most of the vinyl and t shirt forums out there on the web.
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    Plasma tables are fun. A LOT more messy than a vinyl cutter, that's for sure! The reason I got the vinyl cutter was because I had customers want me to do very fine lettering or details on metal signs that the plasma cutter just couldn't do. I'm excited to make some cool stuff with it! As far as Jeeps... I've had over 30 open top Jeeps in my life, currently have 9. Mostly Willys. 1 MB 3 CJ2A 2 CJ3A 1 CJ5 1 CJ7 1TJ
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    Most companies in the RC business will allow you to use their logos. I have gotten permission from various companies to copy and use many various logos. All it takes is an Email to them to ask if you can use them. I print out their reply and save it in my file folders as proof that they gave me permission.
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    On my desk that i built for all my Vinyl needs I have a small 3 drawer thing that sits on the desk the top drawer holds my Zacto knives and my squeegees and the 2nd drawer has my pen for the SC2 and my Scissors in it. My vinyl is on the PVC stand I built on the right of the table and the Transfer tape is on the end of the table also, mounted it with PVC and works great just grab the end and pull it however long i need. this set up has worked well for me since Valentines day.. I also have LED light stripe i put under my cutter cause its just to dark hard to see where to cut the vinyl when its on the roll i don't have a picture. not sure how Primal did his I'm into Radio control and use LEDS on my planes to fly at night. so just used a stripe that would go the whole width of the machine and i power it with one of my 3 cell lipos for one of my airplanes. My cutter is on the other wall on other side of the room so having any tools hooked to it wouldn't work for me but all depends on how you have your stuff set up.
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    The text on my logo for t-shirts is 7mm. I took the advice offered here and used one of the cheap 60* blades I bought on Amazon. That, coupled with the fact my 30* blade was starting to get dull after about 100yds of vinyl cut...made for an AMAZING cut! I had the hardest time finding the lines to weed without my loupes. Everything pulled out perfectly and the little 7mm letters were perfect. I can't imagine a clean-cut blade! Thank you all again for your experience and continued great advice. I am now over 100 shirts, and 50+ transfer decals in (including back window marketing), and I feel like I am really starting to find my groove the business, and I am starting to learn the quirks of this Titan3 and SCAL4. I've grown to like it now...(Even though I do the difficult stuff in AI).
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    Oracal 651 believe it or not !!! The last vinyl made it 6 years !!