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    You should have been looking at competitor's products and offerings from the beginning. That is how 'comparison shopping' is done.
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    Just to circle back round to this: I ordered a 60 degree and 36 degree blade from Clean Cut. I have used the 36 degree and it is a direct replacement for the HP Cutter. The correct blade is the Suma-D series blade. I used the offset per the package and the offset on test on the cutter comes out perfectly. Now we will see how long the blade lasts compared to the original. Sorry HP, I'm not paying you $40 per blade.
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    Well, nobody seem to know a good answer for this and since I need to have it done by tomorrow morning, I decided just to try figuring it out myself. I did watch some YouTube videos but nobody covered the pallet seam issue. I think the main problem is that this pallet board has the edges of the boards beveled. If you flip it over the edges are not beveled and I wouldn't be having this problem. But it's too late now I pushed the vinyl down as best I could on the beveled seams, then did my basecoat, then topcoat. After it dried I peeled off the vinyl and there was some ugliness in the seams, so I got a toothpick and some gray basecoat paint and touched them up. It doesn't look perfect but it's pretty good still. I'll know not to use pallet boards with beveled seams anymore. Here's a finished pic;
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    Now we're discussing catch baskets and heat presses! I gotta get out of this thread before MY head explodes. See ya.
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    Car wraps? Highly unlikely. Car wraps are Printed. Do more research on this. The 24" Titan2 linked above will suffice for basically everything you can throw at it. Too much overthinking this. Same as most newbies, actually. We've been down this same road countless times. It's NOT a "new topic" for sure.
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    I agree, UScutter has sales all the time. You posted that on Thursday, 4th of July Sale. You either jump on it or loose it. Just like any other retail business. We jump on vinyl sales. when they have them Or any other consumables. Most of us old timers are on the email list for sales. Usually get them every week, or more often than that. They have thousands of items, they can't keep everything on sale. I can't think of another competitor, who can match a cutter to a Titan, or even close plus give you the service that UScutter does. Or on any other vinyl cutter being sold by USCUTTER. Certainly not Signwarehouse. Those buyers come here for help.
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    If you're willing to spend that kind of money. One word - Graphtec. But, whatever you decide, three words - Clean Cut Blades.
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    If you wish to upgrade VinylMaster please click on this link: Save 50% by using this Coupon Code: VMUS5019RT https://uscutter.estore.software/cart/
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    I still do the cut vinyl but on the print side it has changed so much - you can get printing done for 1/3 of what we got almost 7 years ago - too many printers out there and within that group there are about 3 main types of providers - first those that actually maintain their printers to top level performance and replace heads when nozzles start to misfire or block second those large scale operations that order pallets of media and ink and keep the machines running day and night Third - those that think it is a cool idea and buy the printer with onhand money (popular at tax refund time) - these do not take into consideration the maint, and run them until they need to buy replacement parts and bail . . . their product is always sold as "good enough" now there are some others in between but I was always in the first category and budgeted $1500 per year for maint parts and figured a new head in the mix every year or two - with longer trips now we will leave for 3 weeks at a time and you can plan on solvent heads deflecting or some clogging even with auto cleanings when it is not in constant production. with the lower prices people pay now and the level I prefer to keep my equipment at it was a no brainer to leave the printing part of the business - Too many people get into the print end because it is "easier" or sexy to have printed decals - and too many don't look at which way is actually better to produce the product once they have one - the past 2 years my cut vinyl had actually taken back over 60 percent of what I do because it was the better choice for the product. I see a lot of people make the huge investment for the printers based on an emotional drive - and don't really look at the long term economics - I have also see so many that buy a printer or open a storefront and work way too many hours just to break even with where they are sitting at home - if you are working 30 hours a week to pay for rent and equipment upkeep and depreciation how much are you really making in the end. last 2 years we did 2 different transatlantic cruises - now I have no worries about the printer while gone, maint and without the extra expenses I can gross less and net more income . . . .
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    As weird as this sounds - sometimes I need the reflective to be temporary. If anyone has tried to peel off reflective, then they should know that it comes off in small pieces and is a total pain to remove. So when a temporary application is needed, I will often pre-layer the reflective on some 651 (whatever color I have the most inventory in), and then run it through the cutter, doing two passes. The end result is a pretty thick decal, but removing it is a breeze. Ditto on the Clean Cut Blade!
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    You'll have to go a little heavier on the force. It will be a trial and error kind of thing. I have an original LP, and my usual pressure for colored 651 is about 88, for the reflective, I slow it down a little (from 60 to 40), and increase the pressure to 94. I haven't tried cutting reflective on my Graphtec yet, but I would probably do the same thing. Good luck. Let us know what works for you.
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    I have been reading along and don't have any personal experience to offer. BUT, you have been given a bounty of excellent advice from helpful experienced people... to help you in using your machine to the extent of its advertised limits. You should be thankful for their invaluable FREE advice. Good luck with your project...let us all know how it works out for you...we do care! Sue2
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    I wonder if taking the cutter off the stand and putting it on a table. and feeding the material in that way would help for this situation. Material flat behind the cutter. Cut off an X amount length. It's obvious the amount of 7 ft is too heavy for the machine. If you keep getting errors.
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    Here's what I use. RTape Conform Series 4076-RLA It's a high tack paper transfer paper.
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    wraps are generally placed on the car and trimmed there - and will require a solvent or latex printer and laminator - around $20,000 - - if you go that route just get the roland printer cutter all in one even though you probably won't be cutting any wrap material printed on it
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    dislike scalp so can't answer your question on compatibility but as a business practice I export all of my projects into an .eps file so it is compatible with whatever software I happen to be using - if you save it as a scalp file then you cannot open it in other software if you have a crash etc.
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    You probably know this but if you are doing bike graphics you will also need to choose vinyl capable of good adhesion to LSE (low surface energy) plastics. There are several product lines out there but the hapless novice might try to use regular print and cut adhesive vinyl and have disastrous results.
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    Banner tape seems the stickiest. It is sold by USCutter.
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    Put some double stick tape, or carpet tape on it. Some strips don't even have adhesive on them when they are sold.
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    Definitely get you a "CleanCut" blade. It cuts reflective so much better. Slow down as slow as it can go and you may still have to do 2 passes. I have a LP II and have spent days testing and retesting reflective. I've finally settled on: - a 60 degree CleanCut blade, - 450g of force. "Force" seems to be pretty relative and varies from machine to machine. I cut 651 at 125g but I've seen people say they use anywhere from 50 to 200. But mine needs roughly 3 1/2 times the force to cut reflective. - a speed of 100. That's the slowest mine will go. - two passes. It will cut in one pass the majority of the time, but I cut larger decals and when it doesn't complete the cut I'm wasting a lot of time and money. - weed immediately. Reflective seems to self-heal a lot quicker than 651. - be careful of fine details. Things like the dot on the letter "i" may cause you problems staying stuck to the backing paper. - Test, test and test some more.
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    I don't see why you would need pre feed with sheets.
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    I don't get it either, , If he is trying to save time with a bigger sheet, he is just costing himself time.
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    Let me first start off by thanking you for teaching our youth. I think you probably need to look into a laser cutter. Product packaging is designed , printed and cut out in mass quantities. They are cut out using die cutters which stamp out hundreds in a short period of time. With the kids, they will only be doing a few of each design. The laser cutter will work great for that purpose. Then you can put in a request for a flatbed printer to print on the cardboard stock. lol With a vinyl cutter there is software that is specific to vinyl cutting. With a laser cutter, the students can learn cad and cam software and also running G code. With this knowledge, it could lead to other careers such as CNC or architecture if a student so chooses. Autodesk has a program called Fusion 360 which I believe is free to students. However I'm sorry to say, I can't recommend any brand of laser cutters.
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    This is a user to user forum, no one here can help with that. You will have to contact UScutter. Monday. It could be your power supply. If your not getting any power at all. Does anything turn on when you plug it in and turn it on? https://www.uscutter.com/USCutter-TITAN-Power-Supply
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    I think it looks awesome. Thank you for sharing your process!