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    This is a Dollar Tree aluminum water bottle I sandblasted a few years ago. 150 grit AO @ 45psi.
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    So a long while back I made a trip to Denver to grab a heavy duty walking foot sewing machine I bought at an auction. Jburns had helped me out by actually picking it up and taking it to his house for me. (you're a stud Jason btw) So while there he talked me into taking a Gerber Edge printer and Gerber enVision plotter off his hands at a very attractive price that I just couldn't pass up. I have had them sitting in the garage for a long time trying to get around to working with them. Finally got some time and pulled them in and got them running. I am an apple computer guy so I ended up having to go fine a decent used windows machine that had the right connectors to run the older edge printer. This took about a week because the first try had an aftermarket plug in that was problematic. Once I got a box with a native 25 pin and serial port the two machines hooked up without incident. I currently have an active Flexi 19 license on rent so I have the RIP to print and the production manager to also do the contour cuts. It's been at times a little frustrating and still occasionally has issues but overall I have a new toy! I'm going to give it whirl and make some hard hat decals and see how it goes. It's a bit cumbersome in my dinning room added to all the other stuff I have there but it's pretty cool to be able to print stickers. I have talked myself out of a Summa DC5x several times due to space and cost etc... this was a good opportunity to test the market with much less expense and commitment. My wife will soon be asking me to "stage" it back in the garage and bring it in when I actually am dong a print job but it's fun to have around.
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    You shouldn't have any problems cutting that , unless you have too much blade exposed. Or the tip is broken off the blade. Blade not freely moving. a drop or 2 of light oil in holder. Make sure no pieces are stuck in blade holder. How big is that design? Maybe the file is not good. Post the file in an .eps so we can look at it. Show pictures of how it looks like, after you cut it. Is the carriage head wheels firmly down in the track, make sure they are, Make sure no cracks in the blade holder, part of the carriage head. Speed only cuts faster. It also tears up faster. Go the slowest speed. Make sure you set the blade depth as has been posted hundreds of times on here and is posted above. Vinyl is only 2-3 mil. thick. You only cut with the very tip of the blade. Force is determined by the blade depth. Not any number. Even same models can be different. Use the test feature on your cutter to do your set up.
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    Merry Christmas to everyone! Or, the same in whatever you believe in. All the best.
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    Oh yeah it does it good. I do these from time to time. You can blast etch through about anything. I typically see the anodized aluminum but have etched all sorts of stuff with good results. The hardest thing so far was a porcelain tile which was hard enough I had to use real blast resist. Bottles and such vinyl works fine.
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    i wish i could just find the product she uses, even if i don't or can't use it . it has become a mission to seek it out!
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    depending on the overall size of this graphic, you might want to warn advise the customer that the thin lines in the text will probably start peeling - that it will most likely peel easier than the rest o the stuff. I try to steer my customers away from stuff like that, or at the very least, give them a heads up about it - and the fact that I do no warranty stuff like that. I also typically don't do the "installation" part of the job, but will give them instructions on prepping the surface properly.
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    Definitely adjust the kerning or make sure you weld anything that's overlapping.
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    It's usually a little more helpful if we see the actual error that was cut (rather than the graphic of what you're trying to cut). Go through the suggestions that Skeeter recommends and keep us posted on the results.
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    Since it is not text, just move the 9 to the right and draw a rectangle the size you want.
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    Here's hoping that EVERYONE has a great but safe HAPPY NEW YEAR. Actual typo with NO alcohol involved!
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    If you don't have the pinch rollers an equal distance on the edge of the vinyl, short distance can be bad also. The vinyl has to feed straight. This will also happen if you are pulling vinyl from the roll while cutting. How did you set your blade depth?
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    If you decide to keep the trailer, I highly recommend that you put your equipment on a UPS back-up. You're going to want to protect it from brown/black outs, and the subsequent surge when the power kicks back ok.
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    Florida, hmmmmm, I sure hope that trailer has full A/C !! You wanna really know if this will work or not? See if a Costco 30"x96"' banquet table fits in there allowing you room to maneuver.
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    This was my first legitimate year in business. I mainly did a lot of vehicle graphics, custom shirt and hat printing. Those were probably my top two biggest services. I created a couple websites for clients worth around $4000 or so, but my bread and butter come from vehicle graphics and apparel printing. I actually just started partnering with a local IT company who has a 64" printer, screen print and the whole 9 yards. They rarely do screen printing so they're letting me operate my business out of part of the shop... I work from home 90% of the time. Some installs I have to go to the customers shop or house but I dont mind. I guess the real question though, is did I jump the gun too quickly and purchase the trailer? Even though I purchased it already, they are pretty easy to sell here where Im at. So maybe I should have just focused on taking that $2500 and using some of it towards some advertising or possibly better tools or equipment. And now I don't down US cutter at all, but I have been using the US Cutter 24" model that was around $300 and I have a standard 15x15 heat press from Pro World, and an Epson sublimation printer, all 3 have made my yearly gross about $45,000 my first year in business. And this is a side job for me as well.
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    Sounds like a good time. You will need a reliable power source as well so you don't fry something. That trailer is pretty small to try and use for all your equipment AND prepping a vehicle graphics project. I'm just trying to envision the workflow with a decent sized vinyl project and trying to weed then mask anything of size inside a trailer out of the elements (wind mostly) Personally I would spend money on getting high quality equipment so your work is easier and more precise. You'd be surprised at the difference in accuracy when layering complicated cuts. I have pretty much stepped away from signs and vehicles and do almost exclusively apparel now. The revenue stream is much more steady and it's something that fits with a home based in the evening type side job. Only so many people want/need vehicle or sign work but everyone, literally everyone wants a tee shirt. With the right equipment you can do sports team uniforms and all sorts of stuff. You can also work well into the night when the big orders come instead of having to try and schedule time during the day to go do an install. Our little side business that started in 2010 almost exactly like yours now grosses over 80K each season, still as a part time gig. My wife is a stay at home and helps press shirts while I'm at my day job. I guess to answer your question with a question, how will the trailer make you money and how much will it add to your overall revenue. How long for ROI and if it takes off will you be needing to upsize? At what point do you think you will outgrow the budget equipment you have been using? Sorry not to actually give you an answer but you can probably read between the lines and see my thoughts. Good luck in your quest though!
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    Yes, as long as you are using a Windows cutting software.
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    Serpentine (Bold *Oblique) find my font to the rescue
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    First suggestion is use skeeters advise on setting your blade depth, too much exposure is like sticking an ice pick thru a paper and trying to move it. Part 2 is make sure the roller is directly over the knurled roller on that side. Does that roller spin freely when raised?
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    make sure your top object is no longer a jpg image. You said you traced it out. Then make sure the image you want to trap inside the shape is below the layer your trace is. In vector art there are basically layers of things. You can move them up or down in the stack of things. I would add some solid fill to the trace to make sure that it is covering the lower layer. I am an Adobe Illustrator guy and not very good in VM so am not a lot of help. Most vector programs can do this but each calls it a different thing and each goes about getting from point A to point B a little differently.
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    My nephew spent 8 or 9 years over on Oahu. He has since moved back to the states and made us some poke at a family function last night. First time I have tried it. I think the one with the sauce he called tsunami I can't remember the other.
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    cell phone is only for text, calls, and looking at emails. all real business stuff gets handled on a puter.
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    Pretty sure after 11 years they got it worked out. Nice plug for your company. Maybe ship out a bunch samples for us to test!
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    I don't even use a cell phone, everything is on my computers. I use emails. onsite messaging.
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    Same here. There is nothing I can do with a mobile device anyway. Need the computer to set things up. With a call or text I just tell them to email what they are looking for and will get back to them when I get to the computer.