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    Tiling is in VinylMaster PRO and DSR and not LTR.
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    Who ever she got the substrates from should have the templates. Coastal, Conde, just to name a few. And remeber that you can't use most things from Wally World or the dollar stores, they need to have the proper poly coating in order to sublimate
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    You have to account for two distortions, and the image will always look a little off if you're not looking at it exactly straight on. First you need to account for the curve of the glass. Since glass is an inverted truncated cone use the diameter of the cup about where the middle of the design would be. Easiest way to do that would be to take a string and wrap it around the cup where the design will be, that will get you the circumference. Divide that number by Pi, 3.14, to get the Diameter to use in the equation below. H = h/w*D*sin(w/D) h - height of image w - width of image D - diameter of cup H - new height for image And here is a discussion on how to account for the tapered shape of the glass which includes a spreadsheet to do the math so you can create a template. Even with all this, there's still can be a bit of experimentation to get the design perfect but I've been pretty pleased with my results.
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    Yeah, I didn't mean servo, I intended to say solenoid.
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    Make extra dots and use them to replace any you mess up in the design.
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    first thing I see is the offset must be way way off - look at those circles in the corners
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    As a MH owner, I can say that what you are planning can be done with a MH, but if I had it do over again, I'd step up to the SC2 or better. If cost is a big factor, go with the 28" version. UScutter has a 28" SC with stand and catch basket for $450. The 38" MH with stand and no catch basket is about $380, so for only $70 you get a better cutter and a catch basket. And if you're doing long deigns the catch basket will come in very handy as well as the superior tracking of the SC2. I also recommend the 28" cutter because 24" rolls are pretty common, the next size up is only 30" and while still pretty common, is that extra 6" really worth it? Most large designs can be broken down to smaller sections which can also make install easier.
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    Well this IS Great Britain, they drive on the wrong side of the street, and eat crumpets. In the USA, we call something else logs. (I prefer not to get more descriptive, it's sorta gross)
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    Calandared like 651 can shrink or expand at a different rate than the metal substrate where. Cast is not going to shrink because of the way it is manufactured and the reason cast is recommended on the vehicles. Reading the forums for each model will give you a good idea of what others have encountered. Skeeter, myself, goose and others that have read all the post for years see the trends and troubles and what we use to make our recommendations.
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    751 is one of the "Cast" family of vinyl and a better choice for going on vehicles and metal bins. It will handle to expansion and contraction much better and last several years longer as well. 651 is a good product for temporary work but is of the "Calendared" family of vinyl which is made completely differently. What you describe is considered permanent and the added expense is nominal. On the cutter I'm with the majority as well. Yes the SC is a touch more up front but from seeing literally thousands of posts we see a lot more user complaints and problems with the MH. Will it work? Probably. There are several on the forum who either started or still run the MH. They tend to be pretty tech savvy either by nature or from forced need. You will at least get a good education. Just don't say we didn't try to steer you up one level.
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    Yes it should be fine from all our testing to date
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    You will get faster response times if you officially sign up to the forum. There is no charge.
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    You'll need to buy CAST vinyl, which is much higher cost than the regular stuff. Going over rivets with calendared vinyl is not recommended. And use the soft squeegee around the rivets --- 1/2-rounded felt squeegee.
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    My LaserPoint has a ruler, but it's metric, not that it matters. The only useful purpose for that for me, is when I'm feeding a sheet into the cutter - I jog the vinyl back and forth and see how it tracks compared to the tick marks on the ruler. That tells me how crooked I am, and which way I need to make adjustments. If there's a CleanCut Blade for the Prism, I'd look into getting a 60* and 45*, if they don't - I'd still get a 60* blade, because that will be helpful when you cut small stuff, intricate designs, or tiny text.
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    Not too many old timers on here use the MH cutter. I am giving you the basic settings to set up any vinyl cutter. I think some have the baud rate at 9600. Start slow until you learn your cutter. Your force is determined after you set your blade depth correctly. Is there tape over over the teflon cutting strip? I have heard that some cutters come with tape over them , that must be removed before cutting.
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    you could also just use a tape measure to get the approximate size that you're looking for.
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    Well it's true, in theory you can do everything from AI, although I am not finding a generic plotter plugin like what Inkscape has, which I would think would be pretty easy to make. I did find plugs for other programs like Cut Master 4. So it would seem if they are determined to us AI, they will still have to buy some sort of cutting program in order to get a plugin.
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    Looks like Infinite Stroke stretched out a bit.
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    Congrats on your purchase. Yea you need to bend those roller ears a little so they roll properly. Other than that, the stand is pretty sturdy, but IMHO should have been a cheaper option for what it is.
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    You could do other people's jobs also and get your money back. Once people know you have a vinyl cutter, you would be surprised who wants decals. I agree with the SC2.
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    A lot of images can be paired down to still produce the basic look without all the shading. You can perhaps use just a second highlight color or a shadow to get similar effect. It would help to see the logo. I have converted a couple old school logos to a more modern appearance that could be used in one, two or multiple color options. Start with the very basic lettering or design and then add some of the more complicated elements in where you can.
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    When I used it as a paint mask it was just a craft project but worked well.
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    Machine arrives tomorrow and as I said if it were not for the videos from PM-Performance I wouldn't have bought it. There just isn't enough videos and information out there about this machine. One thing I was surprised to find out reading this is that the Graphtec doesn't have a ruler either, or as many pinch rollers. As someone mentioned I don't know how many of these have been sold and for how long, so hard to judge if it will be a reliable product and performance. Great price though.
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    Welcome from accross the pond, are all of the carriage wheels locked onto the rail, sometimes they come off in shipping. There should be no clinking or clunking. Also we have seen where. People have not gotten the ridge of the blade holder under the retainer when installing it