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    FILE menu -- Print. (all versions) (or, click on the Printer icon within the upper toolbar, or Use CTRL+P key combo) Simples.
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    Paper tape is better IMO. I know you can't see through it to layer but overall application success is better. That's a large graphic so there will probably end up having some bubbles trying to get it stacked prior to application and then potentially along the edges where the two layers meet there often ends up a small line or rill of bubbles following that edge. If you have a simple application surface like a sign you can just install it in two layers but some things like race car bodies make that really hard to do. Good squeegee control is the key to reduce bubbles. Again, that is hard to employ when layering pre-install but still relevant. Search videos of actual pro's doing it, they make it look easy but there is a lot of skill you don't see if you aren't watching closely. You can use a pin to puncture and then deflate bubbles but if there are a lot it turns into a lot of work. If this is for a client it looks unprofessional. If it's for your own use the small bubbles will often disappear over time. My first big job was on my own suburban window and one side had a whole bunch of tiny bubbles because I sucked at the squeegee. A few weeks later they were gone from the heat and cool of day to night expansion and contraction. In my early days I had a few go a little rough. I made an excuse and told them if they didn't go away in 30 or so days I would replace the logo. They never needed to but I don't think I came across as a very experienced installer. I watched a lot and read articles about proper installation and things got better with time and practice.
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    like this just make 3 layers with 3 sets of registration marks - I would just change the top layer registration marks to another color so it is easier to follow along - other than that I think you just didn't work it down a little at a time while you peeled the backing - it takes practice
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    Well, as long as this thread is *bumped* again, I figured it's worthwhile to offer a direct link to the USCUTTER sales page for short-flute (landscape orientation -- wider than tall) blanks https://uscutter.com/short-flute and while we're at it, here's the link to the wire stakes --- https://uscutter.com/stepstake-2-wire-stake-for-4mm-corrugated-plastic-signs-case-of-50 Ur Welcome.