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    BINGO!!!! You win. That's the first thing that got my attention, when I looked at that photo. 8 different blacks, there is really like 9 or 10. Out of room on black squares., which is why those parts are missing.
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    I have a 1965 mustang that the original owner put a eelco flip gas cap on. The original rubber that is about 3/16" thick had deteriorated after all those years and is no longer available - I found some rubber that is proper thickness - designed the holes for the mounting bolt and vent hole along with proper diameter (in graphtec pro studio) and put in the cb15u blade, that I use for rhinestone template and thick sandblast mask, - cut a perfect replacement gasket. never tell a sign/decal person that something can't be found - we make em.
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    Super random - any chance those two elements are actually raster and not vector?
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    If you can't seem to break it apart like you would like, then copy and paste, then node edit out what you don't want to keep from each one. I do that frequently.
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    I had that written once, and removed it.. I try to give people a little credit that they do have it in the correct position in the carriage head, BUT the last Graphtec person that came here for help, had the blade holder in the front, cutting over the groove, and ready to throw his cutter out the window. Glad you posted it AGAIN. It crossed my mind again to post it, when the OP said he thought thicker vinyl would work better. Why? Thinner vinyl works better, not thicker. You would hope that people could see whether they are cutting over the groove or the teflon cutting strip. But I guess not, Said he been cutting for 19 years. Said worst cutter he ever ran. Blah blah blah. Nothing but user error. Those 2 holes are there for a reason.