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    My Graphtec dropped data at 16 ft. I had to go back to 12ft. Not sure how a powered hub would work. 12 ft works great for me. Also I would want to be close to my cutter, when you hit send. Big jam ups could ruin your cutter.
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    As skeeter said, data transmission and quality does get affected by the length or distance it has to travel. It's always better to keep the cables smallest possible
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    Try the serial port on the cutter. The USB port on the MHs are just trouble.
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    I have had 3 roland eco solvents in my home - OEM inks not bad at all, aftermarket stink terribly and cause more problems. as to if it is safe I have no idea but had them for 7 years in our house running. Just keep it printing every couple of days - biggest issue is people buying them because printing is sexy and easy and not enough use they are replacing very expensive heads - and the reason we sold out last one as we started going on 3 week vacations and hope to snowbird someday - I could count on at least 1 new head after 3 weeks away, even with the printer doing it's own self cleanings 3 times a day. they don't like to sit unused and will let you know about it
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    Subject covered already; a quick Forum search produced this ---
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    I speak from true experience Kronick. I was once a newbie and argued with this very forum about a design that I actually built which was a parody of a HD logo. I literally spent a few weeks delving into the true nature of copyright and even went as far as emailing HD about my parody and explaining why I felt it was well within the Fair Use protection. They sent a Cease and Desist letter back and told me to pound sand and should I go into production I'd promptly find myself in a lawsuit. One of my good friends is an attorney and after a conversation with him I found that yes I was clearly within the Fair Use protection as an obvious parody HOWEVER they could still sue me and basically how much money did I have to fight the ominous HD corp? No where near enough. I quietly dropped the subject and moved on with my life and kept my house and cars. In truth most small operators like yourself or myself will rarely do enough business to draw the attention of a major corporation and if noticed a cease and desist letter will generally be the end of it (if obeyed) because they don't see enough potential payback for the legal fight. But if the forum somehow facilitates copyright infringement then the forum owners are liable and they DO have some money behind them so you better believe they might go after US Cutter. Thus the touchy subject.
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    Sorry Kronick she is right on the money as far as the forum stance. I'm going to leave it up simply as a reminder to others that the forum holds no illusions about the copyright laws. It is against forum rules to post copyright protected content. It is NOT necessarily against the rules to discuss the topic however so: To answer your actual question in a hypothetical; that particular design should you get access to the vector version (Shutterstock sells several options many of which are not vector format so it's quite possible that the one she purchased was just a jpg) it will be a real mess to try and cut with vinyl. At least that would be the case should you attempt to include all the highlights and shadows. Once in possession of the actual vector file you should be able to pull it apart and sort out all the elements that aren't going to be compatible. Due to the nature of that design an auto trace in any program will result in a big mess as you sound like you have found. Often the contributors to Shutterstock design specifically in ways that make auto trace impractical in order to preserve their potential revenue streams. We see a lot of folks come through who are wanting to copy protected work illegally and the forum is particularly protective of this because many of us are artists in our own right. The bottom line is that the forum can't and won't help out with things that might cause liability to fall on the people who fund this site. We kind of like it here and want them to keep it going so we act as watchdogs so to speak. If you feel offended by the way you were responded to just realize that seeing literally hundreds of different posts, most of them make similar claims that they have the license etc... but like she pointed out if that is the case then there would be no need to trace it so it naturally raises suspicion. My recommendation is to let it roll off your shoulders, move on and refrain from the subject in the future.