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    I would bet most people here muddled through the discovery phase much like you are doing now. You did good...you got it hooked up, got it communicating with your computer, got it cutting the test pattern. Now you have learned to watch the size of your graphics....yes, sometimes it imports way too big and sometimes too small. Except for practice and patience.....you're just about there! Sounds like you are wanting to make shirts with HTV.......most important thing to remember: MIRROR your text/graphic. To this day I get so involved with the layout etc............... I forget to mirror! Now, before I push that cut button, I check one last time! Good Luck. Here's a suggestion for your first shirt! I made one for myself. Sue2
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    Charge per hour for your design work and 5hey tend to be more decisive quicker
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    You are going to have to determine which program has the issue. Upload a simple AI file with something like a square or rectangle and I'll open it and see what it transfers over. I have been moving and doing a remodel/addition so I'm in and out of the forum lately but I'll try to pay attention. lol There is a quick key on the tools menu that lets you drag the art board to any size you like. AI DOES have a max size of 227 inches (I think) Also some info. What file type are you exporting as? Some programs need specific file types or versions. I am unfamiliar with Cutstudio so can't help with that program but I use AI religiously. I use SignCut Pro 1 and it likes to have older Version 8 Adobe files. It will accept other types but they often come through out of scale like you are talking about. SVG are smaller files and I tried to convert over and start using them but they were inconsistent in size so I quit using them.
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    wonky "scratching record" sounds Welcome to our world. Be thankful you own a (relatively) silent Graphtec, not the SC2. That thing'll chase me outta the room, louder than these cicadas.
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    Hello everyone. I'm evidently new here, but I thought I had already had an account here when I got my Titan Cutter last year, apparently not. Oh well, I've been doing HTV and permanent vinyl designs for awhile now, and now have just purchased a SC 631. Looking forward to gaining a lot more knowledge from these forums.
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    Good to know about having slack. I was letting the machine pull it. But, even in the image above (which was only 6 inches deep), it still got off. I do run the vinyl back and forth before cutting to make sure it's not drifting. If it does drift, it's usually because I don't have it fed in square, so I'll reset and then test run until it feeds straight. I have the blade dialed in. It's doesn't cut deep enough to cut the back, but it cuts deep enough to cut the vinyl. Any lighter and it will not cut the vinyl. Budget - I'm still small time and trying to grow, that's why $x,xxx is possibly doable, but $xx,xxx+ is out of my range just yet. I'm new to cutters, so I'm honestly not even sure what an "entry level (good)" cutter would start at. Yeah, this machine is entry level.... but the good is still questionable - although it could be operator error.