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    You read those same comments a lot because we start at the bottom and work up on solving issues, most of the time those simple things actually fix the problem. The most common problem we see with people that upgraded to their first graphtec is indeed using a different offset number than 0. With what you have shown it is usually too much blade expose, which of course with your years of knowledge already know about. But it is a process we start from the ground up to make sure it isn’t something simple. With your vast knowledge I am not sure what we can do to help you . . . Where did you find a new ce6000? They have been vary scarce since issues with the ce7000 cropped up. the debate on blade angle is up to the user but for me I have exclusively used 60 degree blades in all my graphtecs and my rolands for over 8 years. That is a choice that works for me.
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    Only thing I can think of is be sure you don't have the rotate option checked, although I thought when that was checked the preview rotated so I don't really know what could be happening. Personally I don't use the copies option when I need to cut more than one of the same design. I lay it out manually and try to minimize wasted vinyl. The image you have, I'd rotate it 90 then shuffle copies around so that they fit in in the area you have and reduce vinyl waste. It does take a bit of time and if you're in a large production it might not be worth it but for what I do, I don't mind taking the extra time.
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    welcome! that is how I started with scale models - 1/10 scale off road.
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    Yeah that's exactly it. If you don't want the hassle you can do your outlines with path offset rather than stroke and save some time. I actually use this Illy feature a lot (use the stroked outlines I mean) to save time when building two color designs that I want to have overlap and let Illy do the line split for the lower color and the outline fits nicely and allows for some shrinkage on tee shirt designs. So it can save time when used on purpose.
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    I just bring it up - I closed the business and this last year claimed hobby income even though I didn't meet the threshold for a 1099-k - and got hammered. figured those that skirt the rules might get a surprise. I am missing the business from the deductions aspect but we was supposed to not be around as much this last year traveling etc . . . .
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    part of the new covid relief will affect those that sell on ebay, etsy, amazon, use paypal etc. that is important to understand: SEC. 9674. MODIFICATION OF EXCEPTIONS FOR REPORTING OF THIRD PARTY NETWORK TRANSACTIONS. (a) IN GENERAL.—Section 6050W(e) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is amended to read as follows: ‘‘(e) DE MINIMIS EXCEPTION FOR THIRD PARTY SETTLEMENT ORGANIZATIONS.—A third party settlement organization shall not be required to report any information under subsection (a) with respect to third party network transactions of any participating payee if the amount which would otherwise be reported under subsection (a)(2) with respect to such transactions does not exceed $600.’’. (b) CLARIFICATION THAT REPORTING IS NOT REQUIRED ON TRANSACTIONS WHICH ARE NOT FOR GOODS OR SERVICES.—Section 6050W(c)(3) of such Code is amended by inserting ‘‘described in subsection (d)(3)(A)(iii)’’ after ‘‘any transaction’’. (c) EFFECTIVE DATE.— (1) IN GENERAL.—The amendment made by subsection (a) shall apply to returns for calendar years beginning after December 31, 2021. (2) CLARIFICATION.—The amendment made by subsection (b) shall apply to transactions after the date of the enactment of this Act. info can be found on page 182 on the official document https://www.congress.gov/117/bills/hr1319/BILLS-117hr1319enr.pdf