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    Haumana and Darcshadow thank you both for the great awesome help I did get INkscape to work finally. Thank you so very much. Also Haumana and Darcshadow thank you for the vector thank you so very very very much thank you I have been playing around with Inkscape and wow so interesting i am learning more and more
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    I was bored and felt like playing around with this. I vectored it and removed the distressed look. The text at the bottom auto vectors pretty good although it would still be better to type it back out, I believe the font is Bebas Neue, https://www.whatfontis.com/index.php?p=redirect&id=3849 HAMS.eps
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    I don't know why but the image you posted, while it doesn't show up in the reading view, if you click on it, it does actually open. The distressed look is not going to be easy to recreate at the size needed for a mug, I'd suggest not even trying, just do the font without the distress. The steps to auto trace this in inkscape are as follows; 1 - open png image in inkscape 2 - In Inkscape, select image, then click Path->Trace Bitmap 3 - the default settings should work well enough for this image. A few notes, outside of the diamonds this is all text and would be best to recreate it rather than trace. The diamonds are just straight lines so I'd redraw those rather than trace. If you do go the auto trace route, the white of the logo goes out to the very edge of the image, that'll cause some issues when autotracing. Edit the png image first to add a bit more black around the edge so that the white doesn't touch the edge.
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    If you got to the part of tracing the bitmap, then the only that might not be working, it to separate the vector image from the raster image. You can recolor one, then just slide it off. Make sure you look at the bottom, so you know which on with the vector (path), and which one is the raster (image). Then just delete the image, and do a save as. Inkscape vectorizes best when it's in black and white. Let us know how it goes, and make sure you show us your handy work!
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    SHOUTY caps off please. If your boss has access to the original clipart, I'd go that route, because the logo on the website you sent probably won't be a good enough resolution to be vectorized well. Get to learn Inkscape, it's an open source application that has a decent vectorizing engine. Get the logo, convert it to black and white, then try to vectorize it. If I may ask, are you creating a mask for it to be sandblasted on to glass, or were you going to just apply vinyl to glasses? I'm going to do you a solid and do a basic vectorization, but still encourage you learn how to do it successfully on your own. Any imperfections and clean up is something that you will need to do it on your own. If you want to know how I got from point A to point B - 1. Grab the best logo image there was on the website, which was at the bottom of the site 2. Converted it to black (instead of white) 3. drag and dropped it into Inkscape and vectorized it 4. Saved it as an .eps file HAMS logo.eps