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    Another thing you can try ... install the Lynx software on to your Win10 machine. There are some pretty old software out there that (by some miracle) can run on Win10. It's an oddity, but it's worth a try. I mean SBE runs on all kinds of versions of Windows
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    Thank you. I read back through some older posts and found where you mentioned that about the stopper. Read some more and realized I had the blade holder flange on top of the clamp instead of seated in the groove. FINALLY. CUT. SOME. VINYL. Thank you for the help, I can start working on orders.
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    Make sure the blade holder is properly seated in the retainer arm. Don't slide that far-right pressure roller over so far, it needs to be positioned with the grit rollers beneath (the farthest-right position will miss the lower roller, the manufacturer should have put in a stop-screw on the back rail to prevent that, but they didn't, so the user has to pay attention to avoiding that spot).
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    Grasshopper you have learned well....LOL Good Job Scott mark-s
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    Actually mark is the expert but I have studied his teachings
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    r's are different - I am calling custom artwork
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    When weeding, remember a basic rule ---- for Numbers, go in the direction of the digits (left to right). For Letters, go in the opposite direction of the text (right to left)