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    The actual cut vinyl is in the very long link sentence. Are you providing enough slack when cutting? do not pull directly from the roll. There are different factors that could cause that - blade depth, blade force, not enough slack, speed of cut, quality of machine, ...
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    LOL this is a user forum not Tinder folks
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    I don't see a reason to call me. I don't have that cutter, I am only providing info that can be found online. If it works for you ok. I am just a forum user here and I don't give my number out. . I have a Graphtec FC7000 We can talk right here.
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    If bought from ebay so not Xerox they are £49.00 for a set of 4. With a black page yield of 5500 and colour 2400. You do get a set of toners with the printer but half the size yields.