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    Here is a screen shot after fixing the perspective. You won't likely find the font for the CHIEF, it's probably custom or so old they didn't have computers back then. You can hand trace this out and get good results. Very few auto trace result look good enough on fonts.
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    Hope everyone has a GREAT and safe holiday,
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    I actually install a lot of signage from flat metal, formed plastic letters, lighted channel letters, back lighted box signs and everything in between my average rate averages between $40.00 to $60 per hour I give bids in advance so the price is included in the price the person gives.
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    It takes a bit of work on your part, it works.... mark-s
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    Did you buy it used? Most new machine purchases come with a RIP so you can print. There are a LOT of things that are not immediately apparent when stepping into the commercial print world.
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    so are you designing in DSR and then exporting the file as a .eps to be imported into versaworks and do the printing and cutting from there? as far as I know vinylmaster is not a RIP program which is needed for your printer. if you are new to this your wide format roland is not like using a desktop printer
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    I have used clear application tape as a backing for some small projects at home where I needed to cut paper, even paper app tape should work maybe do two layers. I have a cricuit cutting mat too and I know hat you mean about them being so sticky they cause problems. Scoring blade - no idea other than sanding a tip off a cheap blade maybe?
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    It looks like a variation of State Secret, or Upbolters New.