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    It wasn't just you, it had expired, I have just updated the link in the other thread, and I'll link it again here in case anyone else finds this thread. Here is the link to the newest version of Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Pro for Mac.
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    Jet aircraft are quieter than MH's. lol
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    I use a 30" cutter and I would never want one any wider....I have a 30" 8ft table and it works perfect for masking. I only cut vinyl. A lot of my jobs are pretty detailed and the Graphtec does a great job for that.
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    My Titan 3 is a good cutter too. Quieter than my MH721.
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    I do love the Port and Company.
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    worse thing that happens is you throw away an expensive printer on an experiment - guess it depends on how much you do - my sawgrass ricoh printer sits for months unused and never has problems so it is worth it to me to know it is always ready to rock and roll when called into action.
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    As a side note, if you have your other cutters blade depth at a credit card thickness, you will want to fix them with my instructions, that is way too much blade exposed. You should barely see and feel the blade tip, You only cut with the very tip of the blade. And start your blade offset at around 0.25mm and work in small changes to get the offset correct.
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    US Cutter Support has fixed the issue. Thank you Greg. Thank you everyone who tried to help.
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    Thanks guys. That’s great info for me. I’m just getting going and I want to buy the right equipment so I can grow with it. I had wondered about what you said Dakota about breaking up larger jobs in segments. I have been leaning towards the graphtec. There seems to be a lot of instructional videos out there which I will need. I fairly new to this so there is a big learning curve ahead. So a user friendly machine is important. Hopefully I can turn it into some decent income. Thanks again guys you info is greatly appreciated.
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    if you have never done vinyl graphics you really can't related to how hard it is to weed and then mask anything over 30" wide - I owned one 50" and several 24" after that. almost all signs can be cut and applied in segments a 24-30" plotter can do and much easier to handle. I also owned a 54" roland printer and then 2 30" rolands - great print/cut machines and I always kept my graphtec around for the vinyl side even though technically the print cut machine would have functioned as both it would not do as good of a job on small detailed cutting. when you make the leap on the printing side have $15K-$20K ready to start and keep it busy all the time - solvent printers do not like sitting and will remind you with requited replacement heads and other maint items as when the heads clog there is no cleaning them like a water based desktop printer you might be used to. I always budged about $1K a year for maint on the printers
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    I have both installed Graphtec Studio is not like Pro. It looks nothing like it.
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    teeny-tiny lettering is best done with a 60* blade. Get yourself a Clean Cut Blade, I promise you won't be sorry - and it will last a really long time (with proper use and maintenance). I know you said that you fiddled with the speed an pressure, but something that small, make sure you slow the cut speed down. I'm not sure how much you slowed it down, but when I had to cut really small and/or intricate stuff on my LaserPoint (which is also a stepper motor), I would slow the machine down to 20 (when I normally cut at 60+). patience is hard to come by, but is required to try and dial your machine in for certain jobs. when you do get it dialed in, make sure you write down the settings as a reference for the next time. good luck, keep us updated.
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    If your going to run a business, use the correct products or your going to lose your customers real fast. Uscutter sells R-tape paper transfer tape.
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    No mention of which tape you are using. You should squeegee the transfer tape real well on top. But tape face down and peel the backing away from the decal. It makes a huge difference. Never lift the decal from the backing. I only use Main Medium tack paper tape. Many of my decals are very detailed also.
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    Maybe it's me, But it says the Token is expired for that fix link for the update.