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    Love the new bundles you're putting together! I'd like to see more "New" bundles like a vinyl cutter with heat press with cap capability and vinyl or a sublimation printer with heat press with options...Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing more bundle offers.
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    It doesn't look like SCALPRO has the ability to export files as .eps, but it does have the ability to export them as .svg, which is what I'd recommend, since it is also widely used. I agree that it is definitely a good practice to keep files in a format that can be used in a wide variety of programs, in case you ever want to cut it or edit it in a program other than the one you made it in originally.
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    what I am seeing is the offset is way off - does scalp set the offset for your plotter or is that internal on you plotter?
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    Sorry about that. . . the one they used to sell looked identical and it projected two lines at right angles.