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    'magneto' font ^^^^^^ Viner Hand ITC ^^^^^^^
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    Don't forget, this is becoming even BIGGER than Xmas in terms of decorations and designs. https://www.uscutter.com/Holiday-Clipart-Package-Vector-Art-Images And search online for various dingbats (graphics) fonts that feature Halloween-themed items. BOO!
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    30" Graphtec FC has a 43" throat.
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    There a question here? Having it on the right just means that you will have your gap at the other side, the size of the cutter would still be the same.
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    I haven't made the mirror mistake yet but I have cut on the wrong side of the vinyl a few times. Took me a while to get use to cutting on the non glossy side.
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    I like that idea. There should be an accordion folder laying around here somewhere, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks! Now to find something for these longer ones.
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    I'm not a flexi person and have never used this option but it seems to be that your objects are not built properly. Your O for instance is being treated like two separate objects. You need to have made sure the O is a compound shape in that there is a hole through it rather than two circles in your case ovals that sit atop one another. I can tell you how to deal with this in Adobe but not flexi but maybe the info is enough for you to trouble shoot it.
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    For small stuff I used to use an plastic accordion folder, can lay flat and less space required
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    On the one above that your showing. Why are the vinyl rollers in the front?