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    I suggested you drop Inkscape for cutting with your vinyl cutter. It is still a great design program. Many people are still using Signblazer, with old and newly purchased vinyl cutters. I have stayed with Flexi starter, because it came with my Seiki vinyl cutter and I like it real well. After I upgraded to a Graphtec, I upgraded my Flexi software and have been using this combo since 2008.
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    I just got a gopro camera setup because I wanted to start making videos. I had a trailer install yesterday and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use it. It's nothing crazy. I'm a SUPER newbie and just starting off. Let me know what you think? https://youtu.be/I38Hl1U7Sb8
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    Hi i have the same Titan 3 and the same material 3m 3931 for me the setting that works is pressure 650- 675 and a 60 deg blade. Instead using a lot of material just use a piece and the test button until you get a perfect cut and the depth that you need and go from there . The second option would be to cut twice( 2 passes on the same path) .
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    while signblazer still works and several still use it - once you are familiar with the plotter corel with the cutmaster plug in from graphtec will be much more capable after the learning curve to learn corel - signblazer will get you going and is easy to start with.
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    That looks about normal for regular HTV. If you use a stretchy version like US Cutters Easyweed Stretch it will help with the wrinkles. Easyweed is also a little thinner than some other brands and has a better hand. (feel)
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    If you think you'll be cutting mostly text or designs that were provided to you, then SBE will work just fine. It looks a bit dated, but it's more than functional for cutting. If you think you'll want to do more design work on your own, then Corel or AI would probably better. Do not discount Inkscape, it's great program, and it's free. If you're not sure what you really need, then stick with the free for now, until you get a feel for what you actually need before just plunking down some money.
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    What happened to FREE Signblazer ? Get what you can afford that works with your machine.
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    People are still using Signblazer on Windows 10. You would have to try them, I don't know. I only use Flexi software with my Graphtec. Vinyl Master Cut is cheap enough to buy for cutting.
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    Obsolete? Not hardly, I have been running mine since 2008. There are many great softwares that are FREE to use on the Graphtec and get away from inkscape. Graphtec has software on their site for Free as well as Signblazer is free. Mz Skeeter is not a fellow, I am a woman!!