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    I don't know, I do a lot of shirts and often use the shirt color in the design if it's going to avoid another layer (and color). I always talk this over with the client though so they don't have any issues. I try to keep as much "open" shirt as possible to help it breathe better. A small LC is irrelevant but on a full width it can get to be too much and feel bad and be a sweaty spot.
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    it's all good till you get the letter - so some things just better to spread by word of mouth - - - I sold my last truck with the hemi and tribal ram still on it
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    very, very cool!! I'm thinking, a wet application if necessary. Just make sure that you thoroughly clean the glass before applying, like with rubbing alcohol. Another thing to consider is how you were removing the application tape. You need to make sure that you're not pulling the tape up, but you want to fold it back on itself.
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    good looking design! can I ask why it looks like theres 4-6" of backing paper on the left side part? Im tight. lol im usually working with a 1/4 on the edge of my design depends on what type/brand transfer tape your using as far as wet appy. trust me, found that out the hard way on a commercial truck I was lettering. the vinyl basically melted into the tape. I call all those "newbie Mistakes" . most are now on the shop fridge as a dum azzz move reminder. wet apply you want paper tape. I keep all 3 types of tack . there is some clear tape that can be used for wet apply, but it still doesn't do like the paper as far as being able to spray the outer layer and it peel right off. I sell ready to go decals, all I include is instructions.