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    Hats are fickle. I mostly use my "kids" platen as I have stated before which is called the Allstar now. It's only 2-3/4" tall so the designs have to be no more than about 2-1/2" and I try to maintain more like 2" to 2-1/4" just for easier placement. The foam hats look like they have room for taller platen. The standard platen is 3-1/2" and that seems to be just a little too tall to allow the crown to settle down on most of the hats I sell or at least the smaller one is a LOT easier to get them to lay flat. The extra platens are pretty pricey and I think you have to go directly to the stahls website to get them. AND they aren't cheap. For me the secret is the smaller designs and choosing hats that fit my press better (and steering my customers to those styles of hat). Never tried a pillow on there and I don't see how it would be very productive to try and get it all stuffed in there and settled down. I just pre press them and then vigorously stretch the hat so it lays as flat as I can get it to the lower platen. Some edges tend to roll off and as long as your design doesn't lay over the edges that won't hurt anything. Having the print loaded hold down is really nice and I would hate to try and get a consistent job without it.
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    I defer all hat questions to goose or those that do lots more than I ever did - I sold my hat press years ago. Juice wasn't worth the squeezing in my area
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    I am not sure what takes the sublimation ink off a platen - you can try the easy off or even some rubbing alcohol first - if hotronix the platen is probably covered in a coating anyways but this is how we learn, there has to be a couple of missteps in the process. we all do it and continue to make mistakes even years later. forgetting to mirror htv will be the one that returns for years
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    It BECOMES easy. In a year or two you will look back and wonder why it seemed so complicated. I'm an Adobe Illustrator guy and when I first started learning the program I thought I would never figure it out. Now it's second nature and I use it for all kinds of other things too. I am a construction manager by trade (vinyl and shirts is a side thing) and I do technical drawings and make annotations on pdf drawings and make cool presentations for my kids for school or nice personalized cards for birthdays etc... Enjoy the journey.
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    Thanks Wildgoose, I'm finding out alot real fast I thought it would Be like plug and play push the button and a decal is cut out it's not that easy sometimes. Thanks Jeff
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    I could see that happening yep. For other work like plastisol transfers and HTV the auto open is awesome on the hat press. Dye-Sub you may have to be ready to catch the handle so it doesn't jump too fast.
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    I have read the recommendation to leave the plotter with the pressure rollers up - 99 percent of the time for the past 10-11 years mine has been left down and vinyl loaded. I don't follow some directions well I guess
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    whew crazy I seen them as I'm bored a searching around. maybe one day lol good news is my hat press came today and wow the build of the hotronix is beautiful !