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    FYI if anyone is running a Mac and SCAL pro. I have a very fast Imac Pro and SCAL V5.009 pro was running very slow when typing text or moving objects around the screen. The fix is to right click on the SCAL 5 app icon and select more info. Then check the "open in low resolution" radio box (under General). This only effects on screen drawing or refresh. Does not effect output. Now running like V4 and 3 did (very fast and responsive)
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    LMAO Dakotagrafx I'm a very calm person I will Keep you posted when I get the new strip. Also I did not run the cutter into the strip I did my homework before I got the cutter Thanks Jeff
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    did u pre heat? from what I got from the web site siser recommends easy weed for cotton blends. I pre heat for about 5 sec. then press for 15, but a lot of times I do 2nd press. from my understanding the most important is the preheat, gets all the moisture out of the shirt
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    White, black, red 651 - 4076rla application tape, squeegees and on the ruler that slice mentioned the safety rulers are a must for me - had a couple of cuts across the thumb before I learned there were worth it