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    Update: Graphtec cutter is running great! Coral x8 I have a little learning curve with but able to navigate okay through it. Goes knight press I have but still boxed up, other projects have been priority but I will get to the point on making shirts and hoodies. Been doing some glass carving with the help of the graphtec. I want to thank you all so much for helping me get going with this!
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    .eps is probably the most widely accepted vector extensions out there, and I have yet to run into an issue about creation versions, like I sometimes do with AI I'm getting better and better at AI, but yah, at the end of the day - the layout may get saved as AI, but if I can, the artwork pieces get saved as .eps ... just in case; and it's nice that I get to tweak graphics in both AI and Corel.
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    .eps imports into flexising, Vinylmaster signblazer Corel draw Adobe Illustrator Graphtec Pro Studio (private flexi) VE-LXI (private flexi) and every other vector software I have used .. . just saying very universal and if you change software chances are it will work unless using a crafters software
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